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Love Fest for Rolemaster


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Ah memories of my Archanist slowly turning himself into a human supernova when his spell failed...hideously.

Marius B

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Rolemaster and Spacemaster are great. RM is probably my favorite fantasy RPG (specifically RMFRP/RMSS, not 2e).

I still want to get Castles & Ruins, and those last few companions that I missed.

Sadly, ICE seems to be concentrating more of their energy on HARP.


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Any love for Spacemaster?
Absolutely. I really liked how the character's skills actually got used in StarStrike for the ship to ship combat. I've had some wicked fun campaigns in that system and much prefer it to the other choices out there.

I'm thinking about converting Blue Planet to Spacemaster but just haven't had the time.


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RM (classic/2nd ed) was my first RPG system. During that first school holidays we played every single day. I've since ran it (as RMFPR/SS) for "modern" gamers, and it's been a sort of play off between "OMG this is awesome" and "OMG it's going to take me an hour to level".

For the moment I've put my RM books asside in favour of D&D 3.5 (the E6 variant at that). But they're still calling me... no E crits in D&D...


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Loved Rolemaster ever since I saw it grafted, at gunpoint, onto AD&D back in '81. I dug the granularity of skills.

This century, I love GURPS more. It takes the same sort of granularity, and integrates it fully with powers and stats to produce holistic character balancing.


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An open-ended, wraparound, E Crit, of slaying demons from beyond the Pale. Nothing like it. :)

Any love for Spacemaster? Yup. An open-ended, wraparound, E Crit...etc.. :)


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Massive love for RoleMaster. Some of my best games were run using that system, though my players got tired of it after a while. And in creating an automated character sheet for my games, I learned a LOT about using Excel. :)

My last game crashed when an NPC I spent quite a while detailing (he was supposed to be a major player in upcoming events) was one-shotted by the party's elf. He sees a flash of movement, shoots his nocked arrow despite not being able to see well (and not even knowing who/what he was shooting at), open-ends and scores a D crit despite massive penalties. These days I'd just handwave most of the NPC stats, so such an event wouldn't hurt as much. But man, that night I just wanted to cry.

My favorite line from that game: "Aww, don't worry, the goblin only scored an A crit, it won't hurt you much...ooh, I rolled a 66...hmmm...he...ummm...severed your jugular...."


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Rolemaster was the RPG I most loved to play. But the need for a calculator and all those attack tables made it too awkward to GM when my players were more casual. I wish I had a chance to play it with more dedicated players.
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