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Low Fantasy Campaign (Blade System)


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I am looking to run a low fantasy campaign. If you want The First Law or Game of Thrones rather than Drizzt or The-Party-Of-Five-Boys-of-Destiny-Use-Lots-of-Magic-and-Are-Awesome, this is the place. As it will be using the Blade of The Iron Throne system, the exact nature and plot of the campaign will be determined mostly by character and player motivations, but certain constants will hold

The System

Blade is a comparatively non-complex (if you understand dicepools and target numbers, you understand about 90% of the mechanics) system aimed at creating a playstyle more appropriate for Sword & Sorcery or Low Fantasy worlds than the host of D&D/Pathfinder/Exalted/etc. systems out there. It has one of the best combat systems ever written, turning fights into fluid and natural things that rely a lot on how players handle them rather than "stand next to each other and roll d20s till one side falls down", a solid "low magic" system which allows for thematically appropriate sorcery without making it common or the only source of tactical variation, and as mentioned above, a character driven plot (and, XP, natch) system.

It is also only $5.95 if after spending a few sessions with a loaner PDF you want one of your own.

The Setting

This is low fantasy. The stuff of grim legend and norse saga, human motivations, human consequences, and largely human interactions. Intrigues at court, squabbles over who owns this block of the slums, wars fought with gold and spies as much as armies and heroes, the avenging of murdered family, expeditions that uncover things that were better left buried...plus different expeditions who kill those explorer fools who bothered with all that work, hawkers selling "precious artifacts" to the gullible. Only some times it really is a world chaning artifact...It'll pay for drinks and company in town, right?

PCs are "Hollywood human"; more than capable from the get go of dispatching a thug without warming up on giant rats, but there will never come a time when killing Grendel or fighting a master swordsman is a non-event. Combat reflects this, and is appropriately deadly; PC's may have the skill to kill a few soldiers, but if seven Lannisters surround Styrio the Waterdancer, odds are he is going to die - die hard with a broken blade lodged in someone's throat, but die none the less.

Similiarly, Magic is not the stuff of daily utility for extradimensional backpacks or planning to have "two webs, one invisibility, and uh, a featherfall for the next fight", but instead is curses and witchfire and midnight communes with otherworldly intelligences. It is dramatic, terrifying, and ultimately means letting in alien forces beyond the ken of your average man.

As for monsters, goblins and kobolds need not apply. If there is a monster, it is central figure to the story arc and it will be a heroic effort to handle it. Think Dracula or Ahab's whale, not "preliminary encounter three."


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The game will be played via an internet chat client at designated sessions, with the backside coordination and information hosted on a forum over at RPOL. If you're interested, you can PM me or post here.
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