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LPers that actually enjoy the games they play?


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So, I've been looking around for new LPers because I've realized that it really annoys me that so many of the people that I watch don't seem to actually enjoy the things they choose to play. They'll start it up, and basically be complaining from the title screen. Specifically, I've been hoping to see more decent horror game LPs, but this is a problem with basically everything.

Anyone have any recommendations for people that are having fun and want to play the games they play? Bonus points for people that cover horror games a decent amount.


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I can't help you with horror games as such, but I might have some otherwise.

Stephen Georg (sometimes co-starring his now-wife Mallory), plays a bunch of things, definitely enjoys them. And sometimes plays horror games, though I haven't seen any of those LPs.

Also MasaeAnela, I'm advised. I forget what LPs she has.


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I'd recommend Marz; I watched her playthrough of Bloodborne, but she's also done Last of Us and seems to be working through the RE2 remake (I haven't watched those because I don't tend to watch playthroughs of games I haven't played). She can be a bit jumpy, but she's doggedly determined and genuinely savours her victories. Although that might just be the Bloodborne effect.

8 Bites — mostly Ana, with support from her boyfriend Gus — also cover a lot of horror games. I got into them watching Monster Hunter World, but they've also done Bloodborne, RE2, and a bunch of other horror-looking games that I don't know anything about like Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, Undead Nightmare, etc.

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I heartily recommend Cryoatic's work.

Cry is just a lovely, lovable dude who loves games and gets really invested in the characters. His live plays are less fun for us because the stream audience is often shitty and he reflects that. But his recorded LPs are amazing.

Obvious horror recommendations would be his LP of SOMA, which is amazing, together with a bunnnch of other stuff. He got his start on Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


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I highly recommend Materwelonz. She tends to enjoy what she plays, though there's been the occasional game that just didn't click for her. She tends to be a very through player, you can count on her to do most side content, actually read journal entries. Series recommendations her Spider-Man was pretty good, her Undertale was great, her Life is Strange is amazingly exhaustive. Her I've actually lived in Hong Kong LP of Sleeping Dogs is good even if it suffers from being early in her career.

You won't get a lot of horror from her, though she is trying to overcome her 'fears'. She's come along way from getting jump scared by the title screen of Until Dawn.


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Our own Ultimate Chicken and Count Zero are doing a let's play of Super Robot Wars V right here. Ultimate Chicken does his via posts, Count Zero tries to voice-act the lines on Youtube, but both love geeking it out over the various mecha shows that the game is based on.


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What about specific series? For example Splattercat likes the game Jalopy, and did a full play through that he really seemed to enjoy, that's the only game I think he really loved.


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Have you checked out Loading Ready Live's youtube channel for Let's Nope? They generally have a good time playing horror games, and I find it mostly positive.


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CJacobs does very high quality LPs of games, and seems to have settled into action rpgs as his niche. He's a very upbeat guy and positive about just about everything, though he's not afraid to point out problems with games when he finds them.

I'd recommend his Bloodborne LP as a good starting point. His love of that game infuses it with a happy sort of energy.


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Jon from Many a True Nerd does on the whole, especially the Fallout series which he's done several series of. "One Life To Live," "Kill Everything" "No Kill" all different kinds of runs. He's even put out 'Fallout 3 Is Better Than You Think' and a similar video for Fallout 76 so clearly he has a lot of love for the series.
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