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LPers that actually enjoy the games they play?


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Not much for Horror but Gopher does LPs of runs in a number of. Bethesda games. I like him as he tends to get and stay in character during his play throughs.
He's a good choice. Gopher got genuinely invested during his run through of the Witcher 3.

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I don't watch Christopher Odd anymore, nothing big I was just following too many people, but he definitely is a guy who likes what he plays, or maybe just plays what he likes. Either way he's generally enthusiastic about them.
Yeah, Chris does enough stuff and long enough stuff that it can be a full-time job just keeping up with him. I've got saved to-watch of things he did a year ago. And I have comparatively a lot of time (but I also watch some of Marbs and Splattercat's stuff, so...)


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He doesn't really do much horror, but Kikoskia is a semi-obscure LPer who is classy, witty, charming, and generally upbeat. He doesn't mistake vulgarity or over-the-top reactions for humor like some YouTube personalities, nor does he bother with gimmicks; he just plays a game and talks. He's also cursed a grand total of four times, in thousands of videos.

With some notable exceptions like Action 52 and Daikatana, he plays games he enjoys. He's been doing it for nine years now, so there's quite a backlog.


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Kikoskia is even positive about the Barbie games he plays for jokes. He points out that these are meant for young children and finds qualities to praise about them.

He also roleplays over some of the some of the more story light games, like Dungeon Crawlers. I'm genuine amazed at how he can keep up the patter for six different characters while still playing the game in real time.


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I used to watch Cryaotic back in the day. He seemed like a genuine and pretty chill guy. He didn't upload anything in the last 3-4 months so I'm not sure if he still does that, but I know he's active on Twitch.


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Although he doesn't do horror, and mostly does long-term RPGs, gloriously blind, I can't recommend Start to Finish Games enough, especially if you're looking for someone easy to listen to, who is enthusiastic and thoughtful, and really enjoys the games that he plays.


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This combination of things in a video LP sounds like the opposite of enjoyable.
It depends on what you're looking for. Seeing someone get surprised by plot twists, or try to predict the course of the game and either succeed or fail spectacularly, can be great fun. Certainly watching someone play a long game is a time investment, but if you've got the free time it can be worth it.

I've been watching a duo that calls themselves the Bittersweet Gamers for a while now, and they favor long, story-based games. They've done Persona 5, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, and the first two Dangan Ronpa games, and they're working on Steins;Gate Elite right now. I think they mostly fit the bill -- they get enthusiastic about the games, they get effusive in how much they like their favorite characters, and they generally get very excited about new discoveries or information that lets them theorize about the mysteries of the games' stories. About the only caveat I've got is that they tend to be vocal about when they think things don't make sense, or developments contradict their theories, and they can take some time expositing on how they have to be right about it -- but at this point it's almost a running gag that once they're done with a rant like that, they'll advance one line and find the game itself addressed those concerns perfectly well.
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