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The green-eyed monster doth raise its head…
(not actually talking about Jadeite).

大阪さんをたすけなきゃ! (Act 16 - I Must Save Miss Osaka!)
Episode Number: 16
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 24, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: ?
Equivalent Anime Episode: err… most of them?
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Usagi gives the re-cap, this time with a heart-shaped inset!
Usagi: “...Mamoru Chiba might be all right after all.”
<shakes head>
Usagi: “The one I like is Tuxedo Mask!”
Usagi: “by the way, where is everybody?”

Cut to ANT-LION BERET sink-holing Mako!
Rei and Ami accelerated split-screen transform!
Sailor Mercury grabs Mako while Sailor Mars fireballs the youma.
ANT-LION BERET dodges the fire by ducking into its burrow and vanishing.
(It occurs to me that if the youma ever bothered to report back, the Sailor’s cover would be blown.)
The two Sailors drag Mako out of the sinkhole, which then fills in and vanishes.
Sailor Mars: “I no longer sense its presence.”
Mako: “I think we’ve found out what happened to the missing people.”
Sailor Mercury nods.


At the Crown Karaoke Centre, Rei updates Usagi on what’s been going on.
Mako: “...now what’s been happening with you, Usagi.”
Usagi: “err...”
Usagi (thinks): “I can’t tell them I was with Mamoru.”
OOC: Me: “Why not?”
Usagi: “Because they’ll tease me!.

Usagi makes up a tale woven from half-truths about how she was with Naru and the others when a Youma attacked.
Mako sneezes, she’s apparently caught a cold.
Mako: “I blame the youma.”
Ami (coming back to Usagi’s story): “Is Naru ok?”
Usagi: “She’s fine.”
Ami: “oh. thank. goodness.”
Usagi: “You were worrying about the others!”
Ami smiles – it doesn’t reach her eyes.

Later that night…
Usagi lies in bed, she just cannot stop thinking about Mamoru.
...not matter how much she tries!

Next morning, walking to school.
Usagi: “I ended up dreaming about him.”
Usagi: “Maybe I keep thinking about him because it’s my fault he was injured.”
Usagi: “That’s just good manners to worry.”

Usagi doesn’t notice Ami walking behind her…
Ami, OTOH, notices Usagi, smiles, and hurries to catch up…
Ninja Naru out of nowhere!
Naru, of course, wants to know how Usagi’s date with Mamoru went.
Ami just stops, her smile fading.
Usagi and Naru argue, playfully.
Then Usagi spots Ami, and runs to drag her into the group.
Naru… does not look happy.
(Flashback to her confrontation with Ami two episodes ago).

At which point Usagi gets tangled up in her own web of lies.
Usagi: “Naru, Ami was worried about you.”
Naru: “Why would she be worried about me?”
Usagi: “oops.”
Usagi drags Naru off to perform urgent damage control, leaving Ami alone.

In school, English lessons, with Miss Haruna (whom we haven’t seen for a while).

(Ok, that looks reasonably harmless)
The class exercise is for the pupils to pair up and act out the conversation (in English).

Ami looks towards Usagi.
(Was Naru watching Ami, she was definitely looking that way)
Naru turns to Usagi and suggests they pair up.
Usagi suggests a group of three, including Ami.
Ami points out that the conversation is for two, she’ll join with whoever is left over.
Naru: “Can I talk honestly.”
Naru: “You want to be in Usagi’s group.”
Ami: “But you asked first.”
Naru: “Do you have to use such a self-sacrificing tone?”
Naru: “It makes me look like a bad person.”
Ami: “It’s not like that.”
Usagi jumps in to act as peacemaker.
Usagi: “Ami’s a good person.”
Naru: “Why are you always taking her side nowadays?”
Usagi: “Err..”
At which point Miss Haruna steps in.
Haruna: “’Allo, ‘allo, whats all this then?”
Haruna puts her foot down, and assigns pairs.
Naru with Kaname.
Ami with Momoko.
Usagi with Hikoemon Yamamoto (who has a really deep voice).

Haruna: “You may complain (and knowing you lot, you will), but after this we’re having a quick test.”
Whole class: “WHAT?!”
Usagi, who’s grasp of English is about as bad as ever, breaks off to reassure Ami about Naru.
OOC: A!Usagi: “She sounded perfectly fine to me!”
M!Usagi: “Me too.”
A!Mina, A!Rei, M!Mina and M!Rei collectively facepalm.

Naru, however, saw the exchange…

We cut from this to…. THE DARK KINGDOM!
While Miss Haruna is having to manage unruly bickering schoolchildren,
...Queen Beryl is having to manage unruly bickering heavenly kings.
Nephrite is grovelling over his latest failure, and Kunzite is rubbing it in with the success of his energy farm.
Queen Beryl: “Energy farm? Explain!”
Kunzite: “It’s quite simple, instead of the inefficiency of farming free-range humans, I’ve gone for a battery-farming approach.”
Kunzite: “Humans are captured, and placed in a controlled enviroment, where they live out their normal, hum-drum lives while we slow extract their energy at a renewable rate.”

(Scene of people wandering through a shopping mal in a zombie-like state).
Streams of pink life energy are extracted from the prisoners, and sucked into the ventilation system.
...where ANT-LION BERET directs the flow.


Kunzite looks suitable please with himself.
Kunzite: “I could use Nephrite as a servant.”
Nephrite :mad:: “Kunzite! Just try going further.”
Kunzite (reaching for his sword): “Any time!”
Queen Beryl: (rolleyes)
Queen Beryl: “Kunzite, proceed with your plan.”
Queen Beryl: “BUT Nephrite is NOT your subordinate.”
Queen Beryl: “He serves me
Queen Beryl: “You are both equal in my sight.”
Queen Beryl: “remember your place.
Nephrite salutes.
Kunzite (reluctantly) salutes.

Cut to… Ami walking.
She spots Naru coming the other way!
Ami (thinking): “What do I do?”
...a sinkhole opens in front of Naru.
(Nerik takes a pause to find ‘Naru in danger’ counter, gets distracted re-reading the whole thread)
Naru is targeted: 4
Ami desperately tries to grab Naru’s hand…
...but she’s too late! Naru is dragged into the pit!
...the sinkhole closes up.
...leaving just Ami.


We continue where we left off…
Usagi and Rei run up (probably alerted by Rei’s youma-sense).
Usagi collapses to her knees.
Usagi: “Naru!”
Ami… just watches her.
Rei… watches Ami.
(I think Rei might have some idea what’s going on with Ami.)

Then… their Lunaphones ring!
Luna: “I’ve found where the missing people are!”

They run to a shopping mall (or whatever that place is), meeting up with Luna.
Rei… senses something…
...there’s a barrier here.
They spot Naru wandering, zombie like, at the top of an escalator.
Ami and Usagi run to her.
Rei: “Watch out!”
Usagi runs head first into the barrier!
Usagi: “Owie!”

Luna explains the situation.
Ami: “How cruel.”
Luna suggests that if they all three combine their power, maybe they can break the barrier.

Triple split-screen transformation!

They try a combined power attack…
On three...

(This reminds me of the various ‘Sailor Power Attack/Sailor Planet Power Attack’s combined attacks they used in both the manga and the anime.)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and all three are sent flying.
Sailor Mercury: “We need to keep trying!”
They try again, and again the backblast sends them all flying.
Sailor Mercury just keeps trying.
Sailor Mars: “What’s wrong, you’re letting this get to you!”
Sailor Mercury: “I have to save Miss Osaka!
Sailor Moon: “Ami… you’re amazing… Even after that fight, you’re still trying your very hardest...”
Sailor Moon: “I don’t know what I’d do if it were me...”
Sailor Moon: “Wait a minute… I’ve got a great idea!”
Sailor Moon runs off.

Leaving Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury to have a heart-to-heart.
Ami’s feeling guilty for letting Naru get captured in the first place.
(Although I don’t think there’s anything she could have done really, it all happened rather fast).
...also, she’s been feeling rather jealous of Naru’s friendship with Usagi.
(Which, I think, explains some of what’s been going on with her over previous episodes).
...and now she’s suffering guilt…
...at some level, she wanted Naru to disappear.
Sailor Mercury: “I didn’t know that I was such a horrible human being.”
Sailor Mercury: “Even if Usagi think’s I’m kind...”
Cut to… Sailor Moon running through the streets.
Sailor Mercury: “...I’m the worst!”
Sailor Mars put her foot down (literally)
Sailor Mars: “That’s it?”
Sailor Mars: “That’s nothing!”
Sailor Mars: “Everyone has a dark side.”
Sailor Mars: “Myself included.”
Sailor Mars: “What’s wrong with a little jealousy.”
Sailor Mars: “It’s not your fault that you couldn’t save Naru.”
Sailor Mars: “As it’s you, I guarantee it!”
Rei’s pretty much running at maximum intensity here.
Sailor Moon returns, with Sailor Jupiter.
Sailor Jupiter: “You should have called me in at the beginning.”
Sailor Mars: “It’s OK to turn your back on Usagi’s idealism.”
Sailor Moon: ?
Sailor Mercury (smiling): “Nothing.”
Sailor Mars (turning): “Everyone, look.”

Sailor Moon: “Let’s finish this with one shot!”
Sailor Mars: “One!”
Sailor Jupiter: “Two!”
Sailor Mercury: “Three!”

(Hey, we’ve got four Sailors in one scene!)

Unfortunately, with the barrier broken, the energy drain goes out of control!
Drained, all of the trapped prisoners collapse!
...including Naru!
The Sailors run off in search of the youma.


Unfortunately, the youma finds them.
Attacking from behind, the youma runs in…
Punches Sailor Jupiter in the face!
Punches Sailor Mars in the face!
Kicks Sailor Moon in the face!
...all three stricken Sailors go down…
...leaving Sailor Mercury.

(Yeah, that expression and pose clearly say ‘bring it’)
OOC: Sailor Mercury: “I have just come to terms with the fact that I have issues...”
Sailor Mercury: “Which I’m going to have to work out...”
Sailor Mercury: “on your hide.”

Sailor Mercury dodges the youma’s attacks…
...there is an exchange of blows…
...then Sailor Mercury leaps over the youma, giving it an en-passent boot to the head.
...then obliterates it with Mercury Utility Fog Aqua Mist.

The other three Sailors stagger to their feet.
Sailors Moon and Mars: “You did it!”
Sailor Jupiter sneezes.
(Looks like Sailor transformations don’t cure illness in this version).
Sailor Moon: “Are you all right.”
Sailor Jupiter: “I’m done.” <starts laughing>
...which sets off Sailors Moon and Mercury.
Sailor Mars watches Sailor Mercury laughing, and smiles.

Luna: “Before you all start celebrating, we’ve got a whole lot of energy drain victims here!”
Sailor Moon pulls out the Moon Stick…
...and basically casts Mass Restoration

The various victims recover, getting to their feet and looking confused.
Naru recovers, getting to her feet and looking confused.
Naru: “What am I doing here?”

(You might think that the episode would end here… but no...)

Later at school…
...cooking lessons.
...making cookies (this should be a popular lesson)
The students are instructed to get into groups of two.
Usagi: “What?! Again!”
Usagi: “What should I do about Naru and Ami?”
(Which shows that she’d noticed something of what was going on with those two… or Rei told her.)
Ami, however, has her own idea.
Ami: “Miss Osaka… I don’t want to fight… But I don’t want to hand over Usagi as a group partner to you.”
Ami: “You see, I’m not that kind.”
The two girls lock gazes…

Naru: “heh, well, I’m the same way.”
Naru smiles.
Naru: “Shall we.”
The two start baking cookies together.
Usagi stares, then similes, then she realises…
Usagi: “Who can I partner with?”
Teacher: “Me.”
Usagi: “What!... ok.”

Later, with the cookies backed, the girls are labelling them to give to others.
Ami (and I had to look this up) is giving hers to her mother.
Naru teases Usagi that she is giving hers to her boyfriend.

...maybe (although Usagi denies it).
Usagi: “It’s just a ‘thank you’, for the other day.”
Naru and Usagi playfully fight over the left over cookies…
...but outside, lightning flashes, ominously.

...and that is not the only place ominous lighting is striking!

(That place is underground! Where is the lightning even coming from?!)

Queen Beryl, noticeably perturbed: “What’s going on?”
Nephrite likewise is looking anxious.
Kunzite (wearing a cheese-eating grin): “Is it not obvious?”
Kunzite: “It is a sign or resurrection.”
Kunzite: “From the Great Evil.”
(I think this is the first time the Great Evil has been named).
(Also, looks like Kunzite's scheme did deliver results)
OOC: Nephrite: "Oh, marvellous, he's going to be even more insufferable now."

THE DARK KINGDOM! is racked by an earthquake!
Nephrite rushes to Queen Beryl’s aid…
The scene is illuminated by a pulsing purple glow…
...and, in time with the pulsing, unearthly moans are heard.

Queen Beryl (uncertainly): “Queen Metalia?”

Elsewhere in THE DARK KINGDOM!,

There stands a shrine of rough-cut stone…
...or maybe a grave.

Within two of the niches lie stones.

The stone in the glowing niche falls out, glows, and expands into a statue of a kneeling man.

A wave of colour washes over, as stone turns to flesh and cloth.

Jadeite is back!

(Ending here? Still no.)

The lightning continues to strike, transitioning to Usagi, carrying a bag of cookies to Mamoru’s place (address provided by Naru last episode).

Mamoru lives in a tower block.

Usagi: “Wow! I wonder if his parents are rich?”

Usagi’s heart: “ba-dump”

Usagi: “Why?”
Usagi: “The one I like is Tuxedo Mask.”

She then spots Mamoru…
...arm in arm with an unknown girl.

Mamoru spots Usagi, and starts…
...then he and his companion walk on.

Usagi (thinking): “I see. He has a girlfriend. Well, it’s not like we were seeing each other or anything.”

A cold wind starts to blow.
(Oh, I’m sure that’s not symbolic of anything).

Usagi heads home, looking… less than happy.


Next Episode…

Sailor Mars: “Run! You can’t take it on!”
Minako: “Watch me.”

Well, that (sort of) answers the question of what’s eating Ami…
...and I don’t think the situation re. Her and Naru is resolved, just out in the open (-ish).
Does Mamoru’s mystery girlfriend have anything to the promise he mentioned on the phone in the previous episode?

But… Queen Metalia is, if not awake, definitely stirring in her sleep.
The Dark Kingdoms numbers are back up to 3 (out of 4) Heavenly Kings, which is as high as it’s ever been.
...oh, and we might well have a ‘new and improved’ Jadeite.
(Also, is anyone else getting the impression that Kunzite knows more about what’s going on than anyone else in the Dark Kingdom?)

Bag of Magic Food

Still captured by Lothor
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Whew, yeah, now I think the show's starting to deliver the layers of drama I remember it for! I'm not sure that I ever did fully grasp Kunzite's motivations, honestly. I do recall one blogger using the Mars/Mercury conversation in this episode as an example of how much Miss Dream mangled the translations sometimes.
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