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The green-eyed monster doth raise its head…
(not actually talking about Jadeite).

大阪さんをたすけなきゃ! (Act 16 - I Must Save Miss Osaka!)
Episode Number: 16
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 24, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: ?
Equivalent Anime Episode: err… most of them?
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Usagi gives the re-cap, this time with a heart-shaped inset!
Usagi: “...Mamoru Chiba might be all right after all.”
<shakes head>
Usagi: “The one I like is Tuxedo Mask!”
Usagi: “by the way, where is everybody?”

Cut to ANT-LION BERET sink-holing Mako!
Rei and Ami accelerated split-screen transform!
Sailor Mercury grabs Mako while Sailor Mars fireballs the youma.
ANT-LION BERET dodges the fire by ducking into its burrow and vanishing.
(It occurs to me that if the youma ever bothered to report back, the Sailor’s cover would be blown.)
The two Sailors drag Mako out of the sinkhole, which then fills in and vanishes.
Sailor Mars: “I no longer sense its presence.”
Mako: “I think we’ve found out what happened to the missing people.”
Sailor Mercury nods.


At the Crown Karaoke Centre, Rei updates Usagi on what’s been going on.
Mako: “...now what’s been happening with you, Usagi.”
Usagi: “err...”
Usagi (thinks): “I can’t tell them I was with Mamoru.”
OOC: Me: “Why not?”
Usagi: “Because they’ll tease me!.

Usagi makes up a tale woven from half-truths about how she was with Naru and the others when a Youma attacked.
Mako sneezes, she’s apparently caught a cold.
Mako: “I blame the youma.”
Ami (coming back to Usagi’s story): “Is Naru ok?”
Usagi: “She’s fine.”
Ami: “oh. thank. goodness.”
Usagi: “You were worrying about the others!”
Ami smiles – it doesn’t reach her eyes.

Later that night…
Usagi lies in bed, she just cannot stop thinking about Mamoru.
...not matter how much she tries!

Next morning, walking to school.
Usagi: “I ended up dreaming about him.”
Usagi: “Maybe I keep thinking about him because it’s my fault he was injured.”
Usagi: “That’s just good manners to worry.”

Usagi doesn’t notice Ami walking behind her…
Ami, OTOH, notices Usagi, smiles, and hurries to catch up…
Ninja Naru out of nowhere!
Naru, of course, wants to know how Usagi’s date with Mamoru went.
Ami just stops, her smile fading.
Usagi and Naru argue, playfully.
Then Usagi spots Ami, and runs to drag her into the group.
Naru… does not look happy.
(Flashback to her confrontation with Ami two episodes ago).

At which point Usagi gets tangled up in her own web of lies.
Usagi: “Naru, Ami was worried about you.”
Naru: “Why would she be worried about me?”
Usagi: “oops.”
Usagi drags Naru off to perform urgent damage control, leaving Ami alone.

In school, English lessons, with Miss Haruna (whom we haven’t seen for a while).

(Ok, that looks reasonably harmless)
The class exercise is for the pupils to pair up and act out the conversation (in English).

Ami looks towards Usagi.
(Was Naru watching Ami, she was definitely looking that way)
Naru turns to Usagi and suggests they pair up.
Usagi suggests a group of three, including Ami.
Ami points out that the conversation is for two, she’ll join with whoever is left over.
Naru: “Can I talk honestly.”
Naru: “You want to be in Usagi’s group.”
Ami: “But you asked first.”
Naru: “Do you have to use such a self-sacrificing tone?”
Naru: “It makes me look like a bad person.”
Ami: “It’s not like that.”
Usagi jumps in to act as peacemaker.
Usagi: “Ami’s a good person.”
Naru: “Why are you always taking her side nowadays?”
Usagi: “Err..”
At which point Miss Haruna steps in.
Haruna: “’Allo, ‘allo, whats all this then?”
Haruna puts her foot down, and assigns pairs.
Naru with Kaname.
Ami with Momoko.
Usagi with Hikoemon Yamamoto (who has a really deep voice).

Haruna: “You may complain (and knowing you lot, you will), but after this we’re having a quick test.”
Whole class: “WHAT?!”
Usagi, who’s grasp of English is about as bad as ever, breaks off to reassure Ami about Naru.
OOC: A!Usagi: “She sounded perfectly fine to me!”
M!Usagi: “Me too.”
A!Mina, A!Rei, M!Mina and M!Rei collectively facepalm.

Naru, however, saw the exchange…

We cut from this to…. THE DARK KINGDOM!
While Miss Haruna is having to manage unruly bickering schoolchildren,
...Queen Beryl is having to manage unruly bickering heavenly kings.
Nephrite is grovelling over his latest failure, and Kunzite is rubbing it in with the success of his energy farm.
Queen Beryl: “Energy farm? Explain!”
Kunzite: “It’s quite simple, instead of the inefficiency of farming free-range humans, I’ve gone for a battery-farming approach.”
Kunzite: “Humans are captured, and placed in a controlled enviroment, where they live out their normal, hum-drum lives while we slow extract their energy at a renewable rate.”

(Scene of people wandering through a shopping mal in a zombie-like state).
Streams of pink life energy are extracted from the prisoners, and sucked into the ventilation system.
...where ANT-LION BERET directs the flow.


Kunzite looks suitable please with himself.
Kunzite: “I could use Nephrite as a servant.”
Nephrite :mad:: “Kunzite! Just try going further.”
Kunzite (reaching for his sword): “Any time!”
Queen Beryl: (rolleyes)
Queen Beryl: “Kunzite, proceed with your plan.”
Queen Beryl: “BUT Nephrite is NOT your subordinate.”
Queen Beryl: “He serves me
Queen Beryl: “You are both equal in my sight.”
Queen Beryl: “remember your place.
Nephrite salutes.
Kunzite (reluctantly) salutes.

Cut to… Ami walking.
She spots Naru coming the other way!
Ami (thinking): “What do I do?”
...a sinkhole opens in front of Naru.
(Nerik takes a pause to find ‘Naru in danger’ counter, gets distracted re-reading the whole thread)
Naru is targeted: 4
Ami desperately tries to grab Naru’s hand…
...but she’s too late! Naru is dragged into the pit!
...the sinkhole closes up.
...leaving just Ami.


We continue where we left off…
Usagi and Rei run up (probably alerted by Rei’s youma-sense).
Usagi collapses to her knees.
Usagi: “Naru!”
Ami… just watches her.
Rei… watches Ami.
(I think Rei might have some idea what’s going on with Ami.)

Then… their Lunaphones ring!
Luna: “I’ve found where the missing people are!”

They run to a shopping mall (or whatever that place is), meeting up with Luna.
Rei… senses something…
...there’s a barrier here.
They spot Naru wandering, zombie like, at the top of an escalator.
Ami and Usagi run to her.
Rei: “Watch out!”
Usagi runs head first into the barrier!
Usagi: “Owie!”

Luna explains the situation.
Ami: “How cruel.”
Luna suggests that if they all three combine their power, maybe they can break the barrier.

Triple split-screen transformation!

They try a combined power attack…
On three...

(This reminds me of the various ‘Sailor Power Attack/Sailor Planet Power Attack’s combined attacks they used in both the manga and the anime.)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and all three are sent flying.
Sailor Mercury: “We need to keep trying!”
They try again, and again the backblast sends them all flying.
Sailor Mercury just keeps trying.
Sailor Mars: “What’s wrong, you’re letting this get to you!”
Sailor Mercury: “I have to save Miss Osaka!
Sailor Moon: “Ami… you’re amazing… Even after that fight, you’re still trying your very hardest...”
Sailor Moon: “I don’t know what I’d do if it were me...”
Sailor Moon: “Wait a minute… I’ve got a great idea!”
Sailor Moon runs off.

Leaving Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury to have a heart-to-heart.
Ami’s feeling guilty for letting Naru get captured in the first place.
(Although I don’t think there’s anything she could have done really, it all happened rather fast).
...also, she’s been feeling rather jealous of Naru’s friendship with Usagi.
(Which, I think, explains some of what’s been going on with her over previous episodes).
...and now she’s suffering guilt…
...at some level, she wanted Naru to disappear.
Sailor Mercury: “I didn’t know that I was such a horrible human being.”
Sailor Mercury: “Even if Usagi think’s I’m kind...”
Cut to… Sailor Moon running through the streets.
Sailor Mercury: “...I’m the worst!”
Sailor Mars put her foot down (literally)
Sailor Mars: “That’s it?”
Sailor Mars: “That’s nothing!”
Sailor Mars: “Everyone has a dark side.”
Sailor Mars: “Myself included.”
Sailor Mars: “What’s wrong with a little jealousy.”
Sailor Mars: “It’s not your fault that you couldn’t save Naru.”
Sailor Mars: “As it’s you, I guarantee it!”
Rei’s pretty much running at maximum intensity here.
Sailor Moon returns, with Sailor Jupiter.
Sailor Jupiter: “You should have called me in at the beginning.”
Sailor Mars: “It’s OK to turn your back on Usagi’s idealism.”
Sailor Moon: ?
Sailor Mercury (smiling): “Nothing.”
Sailor Mars (turning): “Everyone, look.”

Sailor Moon: “Let’s finish this with one shot!”
Sailor Mars: “One!”
Sailor Jupiter: “Two!”
Sailor Mercury: “Three!”

(Hey, we’ve got four Sailors in one scene!)

Unfortunately, with the barrier broken, the energy drain goes out of control!
Drained, all of the trapped prisoners collapse!
...including Naru!
The Sailors run off in search of the youma.


Unfortunately, the youma finds them.
Attacking from behind, the youma runs in…
Punches Sailor Jupiter in the face!
Punches Sailor Mars in the face!
Kicks Sailor Moon in the face!
...all three stricken Sailors go down…
...leaving Sailor Mercury.

(Yeah, that expression and pose clearly say ‘bring it’)
OOC: Sailor Mercury: “I have just come to terms with the fact that I have issues...”
Sailor Mercury: “Which I’m going to have to work out...”
Sailor Mercury: “on your hide.”

Sailor Mercury dodges the youma’s attacks…
...there is an exchange of blows…
...then Sailor Mercury leaps over the youma, giving it an en-passent boot to the head.
...then obliterates it with Mercury Utility Fog Aqua Mist.

The other three Sailors stagger to their feet.
Sailors Moon and Mars: “You did it!”
Sailor Jupiter sneezes.
(Looks like Sailor transformations don’t cure illness in this version).
Sailor Moon: “Are you all right.”
Sailor Jupiter: “I’m done.” <starts laughing>
...which sets off Sailors Moon and Mercury.
Sailor Mars watches Sailor Mercury laughing, and smiles.

Luna: “Before you all start celebrating, we’ve got a whole lot of energy drain victims here!”
Sailor Moon pulls out the Moon Stick…
...and basically casts Mass Restoration

The various victims recover, getting to their feet and looking confused.
Naru recovers, getting to her feet and looking confused.
Naru: “What am I doing here?”

(You might think that the episode would end here… but no...)

Later at school…
...cooking lessons.
...making cookies (this should be a popular lesson)
The students are instructed to get into groups of two.
Usagi: “What?! Again!”
Usagi: “What should I do about Naru and Ami?”
(Which shows that she’d noticed something of what was going on with those two… or Rei told her.)
Ami, however, has her own idea.
Ami: “Miss Osaka… I don’t want to fight… But I don’t want to hand over Usagi as a group partner to you.”
Ami: “You see, I’m not that kind.”
The two girls lock gazes…

Naru: “heh, well, I’m the same way.”
Naru smiles.
Naru: “Shall we.”
The two start baking cookies together.
Usagi stares, then similes, then she realises…
Usagi: “Who can I partner with?”
Teacher: “Me.”
Usagi: “What!... ok.”

Later, with the cookies backed, the girls are labelling them to give to others.
Ami (and I had to look this up) is giving hers to her mother.
Naru teases Usagi that she is giving hers to her boyfriend.

...maybe (although Usagi denies it).
Usagi: “It’s just a ‘thank you’, for the other day.”
Naru and Usagi playfully fight over the left over cookies…
...but outside, lightning flashes, ominously.

...and that is not the only place ominous lighting is striking!

(That place is underground! Where is the lightning even coming from?!)

Queen Beryl, noticeably perturbed: “What’s going on?”
Nephrite likewise is looking anxious.
Kunzite (wearing a cheese-eating grin): “Is it not obvious?”
Kunzite: “It is a sign or resurrection.”
Kunzite: “From the Great Evil.”
(I think this is the first time the Great Evil has been named).
(Also, looks like Kunzite's scheme did deliver results)
OOC: Nephrite: "Oh, marvellous, he's going to be even more insufferable now."

THE DARK KINGDOM! is racked by an earthquake!
Nephrite rushes to Queen Beryl’s aid…
The scene is illuminated by a pulsing purple glow…
...and, in time with the pulsing, unearthly moans are heard.

Queen Beryl (uncertainly): “Queen Metalia?”

Elsewhere in THE DARK KINGDOM!,

There stands a shrine of rough-cut stone…
...or maybe a grave.

Within two of the niches lie stones.

The stone in the glowing niche falls out, glows, and expands into a statue of a kneeling man.

A wave of colour washes over, as stone turns to flesh and cloth.

Jadeite is back!

(Ending here? Still no.)

The lightning continues to strike, transitioning to Usagi, carrying a bag of cookies to Mamoru’s place (address provided by Naru last episode).

Mamoru lives in a tower block.

Usagi: “Wow! I wonder if his parents are rich?”

Usagi’s heart: “ba-dump”

Usagi: “Why?”
Usagi: “The one I like is Tuxedo Mask.”

She then spots Mamoru…
...arm in arm with an unknown girl.

Mamoru spots Usagi, and starts…
...then he and his companion walk on.

Usagi (thinking): “I see. He has a girlfriend. Well, it’s not like we were seeing each other or anything.”

A cold wind starts to blow.
(Oh, I’m sure that’s not symbolic of anything).

Usagi heads home, looking… less than happy.


Next Episode…

Sailor Mars: “Run! You can’t take it on!”
Minako: “Watch me.”

Well, that (sort of) answers the question of what’s eating Ami…
...and I don’t think the situation re. Her and Naru is resolved, just out in the open (-ish).
Does Mamoru’s mystery girlfriend have anything to the promise he mentioned on the phone in the previous episode?

But… Queen Metalia is, if not awake, definitely stirring in her sleep.
The Dark Kingdoms numbers are back up to 3 (out of 4) Heavenly Kings, which is as high as it’s ever been.
...oh, and we might well have a ‘new and improved’ Jadeite.
(Also, is anyone else getting the impression that Kunzite knows more about what’s going on than anyone else in the Dark Kingdom?)

Bag of Magic Food

Still captured by Lothor
Validated User
Whew, yeah, now I think the show's starting to deliver the layers of drama I remember it for! I'm not sure that I ever did fully grasp Kunzite's motivations, honestly. I do recall one blogger using the Mars/Mercury conversation in this episode as an example of how much Miss Dream mangled the translations sometimes.

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Whew, yeah, now I think the show's starting to deliver the layers of drama I remember it for!
You are not kidding…

Usagi is conflicted…
…and Minako continues to be unimpressed.

...also, questions of a religious nature.

(Warning, many feels ahead!)

レイのめのまえで美奈子が変身! (Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!)
Episode Number: 17
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 31, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: nope.
Equivalent Animé Episode: 26 – but I’m seriously reaching there
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Luna gives the re-cap.
Luna: “Ia! Ia! Metalia fhtagn!”
Luna: “Oh, and Usagi’s been distracted by a boy, or something.”

<sad music plays a lot this episode>

Mystery Girl: “Do you know that girl, it looks like she’d come to see you.”
Mamoru: “If she had, she wouldn’t have left without saying anything, right?”
Mystery Girl: “True.”
Mamoru (thinking): “She came to see me? No way.”

They drive off on Mamoru’s motorbike…
...past Usagi.
...the scene repeats twice…
...in slo-mo…
Go on show, rub it in!

Usagi wanders the streets, unhappy.
Usagi (thinking): “He means nothing to me, nothing.”
She starts eating the cookies.

Her disconsolate reverie is interrupted by a news flash!

Minako Aino is missing!

Not to worry, Mina fans, she’s just recharging in preparation for her new album.

Later that evening, at a hotel, somewhere

Minako is having a drink of water, while Artemis monitors the news.

Artemis: “Looks like we’ve given them the slip.”
Artemis: “Minako… are you alright?”
Minako: “I’m all...”
She clutches her head and collapses on the sofa.

(Ok, that is worrying)
(Do Sailor powers have unfortunate side effects in this time-line?)

Kunzite: “We are one step closer to resurrecting Queen Metalia!
Queen Beryl: “Well, keep on doing what you’re doing.”
Kunzite: “I don’t need to follow your orders.”
Kunzite: “But I will, but only for Queen Metalia’s sake.”
Queen Beryl: …
Nephrite: “You scoundrel! Do you say you’re not working for Queen Beryl?!”
Kunzite: “She has you, doesn’t she. Why don’t you do something a little bit useful for her?”
Before a fight breaks out, all three are interrupted by…
Jadeite: “Queen Beryl! I apologise for being dead my long absence.”
Queen Beryl smiles.
Queen Beryl: “Your timing is impeccable.”
Queen Beryl: “You are working for my sake.”
Jadeite: “Even if it costs me my life again.”

Meanwhile, at school, the class is split, one half is to make a one-piece dress, the other half, (which includes Naru and Usagi) is to knit a scarf.
Teacher: “...try and think who you will give it to.”
Naru: “Usagi will give it to that Chiba guy, of course.”
<flashback, Mamoru and mystery girl>

Cut to… Sailor Command Centre.
Usagi is looking unhappy.
Ami is making a red scarf for her (yet to be seen) mother.
Ami: “It’s her favourite colour.”
(We now know more about Ami’s mum than in any other version of the show)
Mako: “Usagi, who are you making yours for?”
Usagi: :(
Usagi thinks of Mamoru.
Suddenly, her face lights up with a huge grin.
Usagi: “Tuxedo Mask, of course.”
Usagi proceeds to go hyper.

(Sailor Storage Lockers)

Usagi rushes out.
Mako: “What was that all about?”
Ami: “Dunno.”
Mako decides that someone needs to keep an eye on Usagi.
Ami reveals that Rei isn’t coming in today, as it’s the anniversary of her Mother’s death.
...so Rei’s at church.

(The gravestone reads ‘RISA HINO 1963~1995’)
(Which gives us Mama Hino’s name, and the fact that she died aged 32. Had she lived, she’d be about a year older than I am.)

Rei lays a bouquet of white flowers on the grave.

A priest offers his condolences.
Then critically fails his diplomacy check.

(Ok, that definitely looks like a Roman Catholic priest – which raises questions).
(The last like I experienced this level of theological dissonance was the Masaki family (and guests) saying grace).

Rei’s predictably angry response is that her father only had time for work even when her mother was dying.)
(Dammit, she looks like she’s near to tears).
The priest, perhaps realising his goof, pats her reassuringly on the shoulder and beats a hasty retreat.

The church bells ring.

While, in the church, another girl kneels in prayer.

...Minako Aino.

As Minako prays, she is being discussed elsewhere…
In THE DARK KINGDOM!, Nephrite and Jadeite have apparently put aside their rivalry to present a united front against their true enemy…
Nephrite is bringing Jadeite up to speed.
Nephrite: “Ok, Sailor V is the Princess and she has the Illusionary Silver Crystal.”
Jadeite: “If we had that, we could resurrect Queen Metalia immediately.”
Nephrite: “Unfortunately, we’ve lost her trail.”
Nephrite: “With the result that Kunzite acts so smug.”
Nephrite opines that maybe Kunzite seeks to take Queen Metalia’s power for himself.
Jadeite: “This shall not be!”
Jadeite: “I will continue to gather energy, Queen Metalia exists for Queen Beryl alone!”

I'm not sure that I ever did fully grasp Kunzite's motivations, honestly.
Well, Nephrite thinks he might be angling for some sort of coup, but frankly, he’s a bit too open in his contempt for the rest of team Dark Kingdom. Another possibility, which matches his observed behaviour so far, is that he is a true believer, who’s only interest is in resurrecting Queen Metalia, without regards for whatever plans the rest of the Dark Kingdom has.
Now, I wonder, what does Queen Metalia think of all this?

Mako manages to catch up with Usagi, but is not making any headway in convincing her.
Mako: “Tuxedo Mask is an enemy.”
Usagi: “So, why does he keep saving us?”
(If you ask me, Usagi’s grin is… just a little bit forced?)
Usagi goes shopping for wool, imagining giving Tuxedo Mask a scarf made in each colour.
Pink… nope
Light blue… nope
Yellow… nope
Mako: “Rei says she has a bad feeling about him, and thieves are no good.”
Usagi: “Yes, this is no good, let’s go somewhere else.”
Mako: “Are you listening?”
Usagi: “I’m listening”
(She’s just not taking any notice).
Usagi finally decides on white wool for the scarf.
Mako: “You’ll just be sad in the end.”
Usagi: “Foood!”

Back at the church.

Minako finishes praying, and leaves…
...walking straight past Rei.
The priest calls for aid, Mina goes to assist, Rei, overhearing him, joins them.
The priest has found abandoned dog.

(I do hope the doggy doesn’t turn out to be a youma… The Thing style.)

Minako and Rei rush to assist.
...at which point, Minako recognises Rei.
Minako (thinking): “Sailor Mars?! What’s she doing here?”
Rei (thinking): “Why is this girl looking at me like that?”


They bring the dog indoors and try and warm it up.
The priest gets called away by a nun, the two girls volunteer to looks after the doggy.
Mina strokes the dog.
Rei watches Mina.

Cut to… pigeons!
(Mako, don’t feed the pigeons!)
(Usagi, please don’t choke on your sweet potato.)
Mako: “Are you ok.”
Usagi: “YesPleaseShowMeHowToKnitIListenedButIDidn’tGetItAtAll!”
Mako: “Ok, but not for Tuxedo Mask, it’s for the school assignment.”
Mako: “Do you really like Tuxedo Mask… you… didn’t seem certain, earlier.”
Usagi starts having Mamoru flashbacks.
Usagi rushes off, scattering the pigeons.
Mako: “What’s gotten into her?”
Mako: “She even forgot her wool! Usagi, are you even motivated to do this?!”

Back at the church.

While caring for the doggy, Rei notices something.
She looks at a magazine, then looks at Minako.
Rei: “I’ve finally worked it out.”
She picks up the magazine, on the cover is a picture of Minako.
Rei: “...I was sure I’d seen you before.”
Minako giggles
Minako: “This is the first time I’ve met a girl who doesn’t know me.”
Rei: “I don’t watch much TV.”
Rei: “But one of my friends is a huge fan, she even got your autograph in hospital.”
Minako: “I remember.”
OOC: I can’t help but think that Minako’s probably thinking ‘couldn’t you guys keep her slightly better focused?’.

Cut to Sailor Command Centre, where Usagi is belting out C’est La Vie at maximum volume.
Watched by a slightly concerned Mako and Ami.

Back at church…

Minako continues to stroke the doggy.
Rei: “I suppose even performers come to church alone.”
Minako: “It gives me time to think about various things.”
Rei: “Various things?”
Minako: “Various things.”
Minako looks pensive, Rei watches Minako, intently.
The doggy’s stomach rumbles.
Rei: “I think he’ll be alright.”
The two girls share some throat lozenges Minako found in her pocket.

Outside, the priest gets jumps by a youma.

(Well, at least I was wrong about the doggy.)
Youma Incident: 13
Tentative Nomenclature: Well, it ain’t Boxey. Zorrina, perhaps?
DarkWatch Reporting Name: MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER
Capabilities: Light-rapier, Lasers, Rapier Missile.
Rei senses something amiss, and rushes outside to investigate.
Rei (as she leaves): “Just a moment...”
OOC: I just need some air, and totally am not going to transform and fight a supernatural gribbly.

Minako, of course, figures out what’s likely going on immediately.

Rei finds MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER standing over the unconscious priest, and transforms.
...and promptly chucks a fireball at her.
MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER dodges, and runs off.
Sailor Mars pursues it.
Minako runs after both of them.
Artemis: “Minako, You shouldn’t fight right now!”
(Ok, why not?)
Minako: “But...”


Usagi, Ami and Mako are out walking.
Usagi boasts that this scarf will be ideal for Tuxedo Mask.
Mako points out that’s she’s barely started it.
...when all their lunaphones ring.
Luna: “Alerts and alarums! Youma sited! Sailor Mars is engaging! Near the Church!”

(Serious mode engaged.)

The three rush off towards the church.

Usagi out-paces the other two (even Mako)…
...turns to call to them to hurry up…
...and ploughs (predictably) into Mamoru.
...who is still with Mystery Girl (I do hope we get a name for her).

...at which point, everything grinds to a halt.

Usagi looks at Mamoru
Usagi looks (distinctly unfriendly) at Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl looks at Usagi

(Mystery Girl)

Ami and Mako look at all three of them.

Mystery Girl suddenly spots that Usagi’s dropped her knitting.
...picks it up and hands it back to Usagi!
Mystery Girl: “I’m sorry, it must be important to you.”
Usagi looks at Mamoru…
...looks at Mystery Girl

Ami and Mako continue to look at the three of them.

Usagi grabs the knitting, blurts out ‘I’m sorry.”
and runs off.

Ami and Mako run after her.

Mako: “We’re in a bit of a hurry.”

Mako: “Usagi! you’re running the wrong way!

Ami gives up the chase with a forlorn ‘Usagi’.

Mako finally catches up to Usagi.

Usagi: “His girlfriend… she seems really nice…”
Usagi: “I tried… but I can’t keep him out of my mind.”
Usagi (thinking): “The one that I like...”
<image of Mamoru, looking baffled>

Back in the Church, Sailor Mars chases MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER onto the stage, and into the hall.
MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER draws a rapier, and battle is joined.
Sailor Mars throws another fireball, which MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER again dodges (fortunately, the FX budget does not cover destructible terrain, or the Church would now be on fire).
Battle is joined, kicks vs. sword.
MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER’s sword carves lines of glowing purple in the air.

...and fires a frikkin’ LASER BEAM!
Sailor Mars is down!

Minako arrives on the stage, taking in the situation in an instant.
Artemis: “Wait, Minako! You can’t...Minako!
Minako: “Stop. Right. There!”
Sailor Mars: “You can’t take it on! Fly you fool!”
...ok, that’s the fanciest transformation sequence yet.
Lots of gymnastic moves and effects!

Sailor Mars: 8o

Sailor Venus: “The Illusionary Silver Crystal is over here!”

Sailor Venus: “If you want it, come and get it.”

Sailor Mars: “It can’t be…”

As the two Sailor engage MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER in battle the show decides that it is the perfect time to cut to Usagi and Mako.

The Church bells ring.
Usagi gloomily looks at her knitting.

Ok, enough of that, back to the action.

The two Sailors circle round MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER, who is mostly keeping her attention on Sailor Venus.
Sailor Venus attacks with her crescent cutter, which MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER parries.

(Interesting, that effect resembles the Moon Tiara Action attack from the animé. It looked rather better in motion.)

Cut to…

Usagi walks sadly down a road.
...also, night has fallen.
(How long is this fight going on?)

...back to the fight!

(Hang on, who’s that in the background? I didn’t even notice him the first time I watched this!)

Jadeite: “What an unexpected catch… I’ve found the Princess.”

Sailor Venus nimbly leaps over MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER, blows her a kiss…

...then blasts her with a Crescent Beam!

MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER is staggered, then throws her rapier at Sailor Venus.
The rapier glows purple, misses and embeds itself in the wall behind her…
...then it explodes.

Sailor Venus is sent flying.


Sailor Mars runs to her aid.

Sailor Venus: “Follow the Youma.”
Sailor Mars: “But what about you, are you ok.”
Sailor Venus (angrily): “What are you doing? You’re letting the Youma get away.
Sailor Venus gets to her feet, imperiously.
Sailor Venus: “I’m disappointed. You haven’t grown as a Guardian at all!”
Sailor Mars looks shocked…
...then defiant.

(Sailor Stare-off)


Next episode…
Five Sailors vs. Two Heavenly Kings (and a Youma)
Minako: “Half a year left?”
...that’s ominous.

Ok, as I mentioned, so many feels.

The Usagi and Mamoru situation is now just a bit messy.

Rei and Minako are clashing head on - and I don't see either of them backing down.

And what is wrong with Mina? simple exhaustion due to her double life of pop idol and superhero?

Jadeite is back! And he and Nephrite have decided to bury the hatchet (preferably in Kunzite).

And, in the background, Queen Metalia stirs...

OOC: L!Sailor Mars: “We were given priority orders to protect you.”
L!Sailor Venus: “Well, maybe you should have been instructed to obey me!”
L!Sailor Mars: “Well, you’re definitely royalty of some sort.”
L!Queen Beryl: “I’m glad I’m not the oily one with bickering subordinates.”
L!Kunzite: “...about that ‘subordinate’ thing.”

And, in a universe next door.
OOC: a!Haruka: “Well, at least we weren’t that bad, were we?”
a!Ami, a!Mako, a!Rei, a!Mina: “Yes, yes you were.”
a!Haruka: “When.”
a!Mako: “Jigsaw cat-thing daimon? you left us out to dry!
a!Michiru: “But you handled that fine.”
a!Rei: “The only way we survived was Sailor Moon pulling yet another power upgrade out of her Décolletage.”
a!Haruka: “See, you were fine.”
a!Ami: “And that was only episode 2.”
a!ChibiUsa: “And you tried to kill Hotaru!”
a!Haruka: “Ok, you’re annoyed, how can we make it up to you.”
a!ChibiUsa: “I’ll probably never forgive you.”
a!Mina: “Helicopter rides! LOTS of helicopter rides!”
a!ChibiUsa: “...but that would be a start.”
a!Usagi: “What’s a Décolletage?”
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Mars & Venus continue to butt heads…
and we get two disturbing developments…

...the clocks are ticking.

(Also, we finally get a name for Mamoru’s mystery girlfriend).

ついにそろった5人のセーラー戦士 (Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together)
Episode Number: 18
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 7, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: 8 – but I’m stretching
Equivalent Animé Episode: 33 – but only in the broadest sense
(Data taken from wikimoon)

No real re-cap, just a reprise of the battle at the end of Episode 17.


...and the argument continues.

Sailor Venus: “That youma’s going to cause more damage – and you let it get away!”
Sailor Venus: “If you’d shown better judgement...”
Sailor Mars: “You say that, but what about you?”
Sailor Venus: “As you are now, you can not win.”
Sailor Mars: “Well, maybe if you’d fought a little better...”
Sailor Mars: “We were ordered to protect you...”
Sailor Mars: “...but I didn’t hear anything about babysitting.”
Sailor Venus: “I do not intend to be protected by you lot.”
Sailor Venus leaves in a huff.

Later, in a taxi, Artemis talks with Minako.
As she had been keeping her true identity a secret from the Sailors, why did she reveal it now?
Minako: “I messed up.”
Minako: “...and Sailor Mars is really irritating!”

Suddenly, her vision goes blurry as she clutches her head.
Artemis: “Minako? Minako!”


Kunzite continues to be a jerk…

Kunzite: “Jadeite… you were supposed to gather energy.”
Jadeite: “I’m not done yet.”
Jadeite: “I’m planning to gather energy gradually.”
Nephrite: “Also, we’ve found the Princess!”
Nephrite: “...and the Illusionary Silver Crystal she carries!”
Nephrite: “For Queen Beryl.”
Queen Beryl: “I’m trembling with anticipation.”
Queen Beryl: “If you two work together, you cannot lose.”
Kunzite (dismissively): “Honour-less weaklings flock together.”
Queen Beryl: “Kunzite… shut your mouth!

While at school…

Teacher: “Miss Tsukino… that’s more a handkerchief than a scarf.”
Naru senses something is wrong.
Naru: “Aren’t you going to give that to that Chiba guy?”
Usagi: “No… he has a girlfriend.”
Naru: “no way!”

Later, at Sailor Command…

Mamoru continues to be a subject of discussion, this time with Ami and Makoto.

Usagi admits that, all along, she’d be knitting the scarf for Mamoru.

(Imagine scene of Usagi giving Mamoru a rather larger scarf than the one she’s knitted so far.)

Usagi: “So, whenever I tried knitting, I’d end up thinking of him, get sad, and not knit.”
Mako: “I thought you hated him.”
Usagi: “So did I.”
Usagi: “Then I realised...”
Mako: “...and then you found out he had a girlfriend.”
Usagi: “...and she’s pretty and kind!
Makoto tries to convince Usagi not to give up, and Mamoru is a much better boyfriend candidate than that Tuxedo Mask person.
...if only she knew.
Makoto declares her intention to dig up some information of Mamoru’s girlfriend, and cannot be dissuaded.

Cut to… St. Juban’s Church.
Rei arrives by bike, with a large sack of dog food.
A taxi pulls up.
Minako gets out.
Minako and Rei exchange a glare.
Minako notices the sack of dog food.
Minako gets back in the taxi.
The taxi drives off.

Rei vs. Minako: 1 point to Rei.

Rei feeds the doggy (who she calls Tarou), who continues not being a shape-shifting monstrosity.
The priest is grateful as well.

Minako arrives burdened with four large boxes of canned dog food!
...high grade stuff!
The priest thanks her in English

Rei vs. Minako: 1 point to Minako.

Minako calls the dog Ricky.

The priest mentions that they still need to find the doggy an owner, he’s planning to make an announcement during morning Mass.
(Which confirms that the Church is Catholic.)

Rei has an idea, she’ll make some posters.

Priest: “Good idea!”

Rei vs. Minako: 1 point to Rei.

Later, outside St. Juban's.

Rei: “For a princess, you’re a bit childish, acting so competitive...”
(Pot… meet Kettle).
Minako: “I hate to lose.”
Minako: “Any sign of that Youma.”
Rei: “I don’t know, I couldn’t find it.”

Rei: “Why wont you work with us?”
Rei: “We kept searching for you because we didn’t know your identity.”
(I get the impression that Rei has not shared her discovery with the other Sailors.)
Minako: “It was necessary.”
Rei: “In that case, why don’t you just hide somewhere, leave the Youma to us.”
Minako: “I wish I could leave it to you...”
Minako leaves, Rei glaring after her.

Rei vs. Minako: 1 point to Minako.

And, atop a skyscraper, MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER paces menacingly!

Mako’s method for digging up into on Mamoru…
...pump Motoki.

...turns out Mamoru’s mystery girlfriend is named Hina, and she’s from a very prestigious family.

Motoki: “You just asked me out to pump me for information, didn’t you.”
He sits down, dejected.
Mako tries to make it up to him by offering him a large tray of buns.
He isn’t interested.
...and some high-grade turtle food.
He perks up immediately.
Verily, the way to a man’s heart is through his turtle.

Motoki jumps to a conclusion.
Motoki: “You don’t have a thing for Mamoru, do you?”
Mako: “No! I’m just doing a friend a favour (whether or not she wants me to).”
Motoki: “I’d suggest you tell your friend to give up. They’re engaged.”
Mako: :oops:

Later that night, we cut to the couple under discussion.

Hina wants Mamoru to take her to Mass.
She’s been past that Church many times, and she want to get Married there.
Hina: “When we were kids, we always played make-believe that we were married.”

Cute flashback; Mamoru and Hina as children.

Mamoru seems… conflicted.

Mamoru (thinking): “I cannot betray Hina.”

Meanwhile, Usagi (in her pyjamas) is knitting.

Flashback; several of her encounters with Mamoru.
Usagi: “Why do I like that guy?”

Elsewhere, in a hotel room, Minako is working on a huge doggy poster.

Artemis: “Aren’t you having rather a lot of contact with Sailor Mars?”
Minako: “I’m not making friends with her! The opposite in fact!”
Artemis: “I think you might be getting a bit carried away.”
Minako suddenly realises something…
Minako: “...why did the youma attack that priest?”
Artemis: “Could have been just a random youma attack.”
She looks at the poster, where she had written, in large, friendly letters, the word ‘Mass’.
It was then that she realised...


Sunday morning, St. Juban’s Church.

The worshippers arrive, Mamoru and Hina among them.

Rei is putting up ‘have you seen this doggy’ posters.

Luna: “We couldn’t find that youma at all.”
Rei: “It’s probably lying low for a while.”
Then she notices…
Rei: “Hey!”

Minako putting up a much bigger poster.

Rei vs. Minako: 1 point to Minako.

Minako goes straight to the point.

Minako: “Why did the youma attack the priest?”

She taps the word ‘Mass’.

Rei gets the point immediately…
...so does Luna.

(Well, it looks like Rei did tell Luna about Sailor Venus’ ID – or maybe Luna already knew?)

Rei: “Luna – call the others!”

The worshippers file into church.

Mamoru and Hina are sitting at the back.

Hina: “This place has a great atmosphere!”

At Sailor Command, Mako discusses the Hina and Mamoru situation with Ami, and is wondering how she’ll break the news to Usagi.

Usagi is lying in bed, listening to the beat of her heart and thinking of Mamoru.
Hang on, that’s not a heartbeat, that’s her lunaphone!
Luna: “All points Sailor bulletin! St. Juban’s Church! Emergency!”
Mako and Ami also get the call.

At St. Juban’s Church, the priest is giving the sermon...

Priest: “Come, let us prey.”
No… that’s not a typo.
The priest’s eyes flash purple...

MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER manifests, the priest slumps to the floor, and MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER starts draining energy from the congregation.

Mamoru recognises the danger, manages to wake Hina, and they run for it.
...with MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER in pursuit.

Usagi runs pell-mell towards the church, meeting up with Ami, Mako and Rei…
...then she sees this:

The four Sailors transform on the run...

While, in the church, MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER corners Mamoru and Hina on the stage.

The youma fells them both with a swipe of its rapier.

Hina is out cold, while Mamoru, still conscious, glares at the youma with a hate-filled grimace!

...which turns to surprise as the four Sailors rush in.

Sailor Moon is shocked to see him.

Mamoru passes out.

Sailor Jupiter blasts MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER with a Flower Hurricane

MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER manages to deflect the attack.

Jadeite: “Do not interfere!”

His attack sends all four Sailors flying.

Jadeite: “I was revived in order to defeat you.”

Then they notice he is not alone.

Nephrite: “The princess should be with you.”

MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER joins the two heavenly kings.

Battle is joined – it is not going well for the Sailors.

(Remember, when they last fought him, Jadeite was winning in a 1v2 fight, and was only stopped buy an unexpected heart attack, while Nephrite could hold his own in a 1v2 battle, and now they have a youma back-up).

The Sailors are on the floor, with Jadeite and Nephrite advancing menacingly, when…

Sailor Venus: “Stop right there!”

The opening music plays as everyone looks at her.

Sailor Mars: “Why?”

Nephrite: “Princess! we’ve been looking for you!”

Sailor Venus jumps down, exchanges a meaningful look with Sailor Mars, and a less meaningful look with the other Sailors, and the five form up.

Battle is joined.

After the Sailors dodge the Heavenly King’s blasts, Sailor Venus runs for the door, with MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER in hot pursuit.

Sailor Mars: “You three take care of the rest.”

Sailor Mars runs off after Sailor Venus and the youma.

Jadeite and Nephrite attempt to pursue Sailor Venus, but their way is suddenly blocked by Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Jupiter: “You aren’t going anywhere.”
Nephrite: “Curse you meddling kids!”


Sailor Venus runs into the Church Nave, MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER close behind…
...the is an exchange of energy blasts.
Sailor Venus is hit, she goes down!
Sailor Mars arrives, and distracts the youma long enough for Sailor Venus to regain her feet.
Sailor Mars: “Princess, we should co-ordinate our attacks.”
Sailor Venus just nods.
She then somersaults over the youma.

Sailor Mars winks at her.
Sailor Venus returns the wink.

Simultaneously blasted by fire and whipped by a ‘Love-Me Chain’…


Back in the hall…

...the other three Sailors are not doing to well.

Nephrite: “The likes of you are no match for us.”

Sailor Mercury: “If we concentrate all our power in one place.”

The three try a combined triple attack…
Nephrite shrugs it off.

Sailor Jupiter: “Where were you aiming.”
Sailor Mercury gestures (left shoulder)
Sailor Jupiter gestures (left shoulder)
Sailor Moon: “I thought you meant...” gestures right forehead.
Sailor Jupiter: “Lets try that again, without the oops.”

Combined triple split-screen attack!

Nephrite goes down.

Jadeite suddenly realises the odds are no longer quite so much in his favour.

Nephrite (who’s still alive): “Damn you...”
Jadeite decides that discretion is the better part of valour.
Jadeite: “Never mind them, we’ve got the energy.”
With a swirl of his cape, the two vanish.

Sailor Moon turns towards the stage.

Back in the Nave...

Sailor Mars: “Didn’t I tell you not to come. We will protect you.”
Sailor Venus: “I said that wasn’t necessary.”
Sailor Mars: “If I hadn’t come, you could have been in danger.”
Sailor Venus: “Irrelevant. You are not to be apart from Sailor Moon and the others at any time.”
Sailor Venus: “That is my order as Princess.”
(Interesting how she specifically mentions Sailor Moon there).
Sailor Venus: “Got it?”
Sailor Mars gets it, but she’s not happy about it.:mad:

Back in the hall, Mamoru and Hina lie unconscious on the stage, holding hands.

Sailor Jupiter (hesitantly): “Usagi… you should see this.”
Sailor Moon smiles, sadly.
Sailor Moon: “How sweet.”
Sailor Moon: “Falling in love… It’s a great thing, isn’t it.”

She kneels, and heals the two with a golden glow.

(That’s not her usual power colour.)

Mamoru slowly regains consciousness…
...the first thing he does is check on Hina…
...when he turns back, the stage is empty.

The Church bells ring.

Mamoru and Hina rush into the nave, where the congregation are coming round.

(The priest may be wondering where he can find a good exorcist.)

Later that night, it seems that doggy has found a home, and is being collected by a father and child.
Rei thinks on her order from Sailor Venus.
Rei (thinking): “If she’s the Princess, then why is she acting so conspicuously?”
Rei (continuing to think): “It’s as if she’s a decoy.”:unsure:

(Yes, isn’t it.)

The subject of her ponderings is, again, changing hotel rooms.
...staying one step ahead of THE DARK KINGDOM!
Artemis is finding it tough.
Minako: “But seeing Sailor Moon… it might not be like this much longer.”
Artemis: “I hope so...”
Minako: “When that time comes, I’m so looking forward to Mars’ reaction.”

Then… Artemis drops the bomb...

Artemis: “Minako… The reason you don’t get close to other people...”
Artemis: “...isn’t the mission.”
Artemis: “It’s so nobody will be sad...”
Minako: “Half a year left?”

(Is Mina implying… what I think she’s implying?!):eek:

With that shocking revelation, we cut to Usagi, who’s knitting the scarf, which has now reached quite respectable proportions. (She’s now likely to keep going and we’ll and up with something like the fourth Doctor’s scarf, but in white.)
She smiles a sad smile.

While, in THE DARK KINGDOM!, there is an ominous rumbling…
...and a sound, like listening to a sea-shell, but… off.

Queen Beryl: “I can feel it!”
Queen Beryl: “The power of Queen Metalia!”

Behind her throne, this appears!

Kunzite: “The Gate of Darkness?”
Queen Beryl: “This is surely… the Gate that leads to Queen Metalia!”


Next episode: Valentines Day.
(Let us hope there is not a massacre).

Ok, looks like there’s a reason for Minako keeping herself aloof.
Rei may have figured out part of what Minako’s up to.
...and Queen Metalia is waking up.
...and there are 30-odd episodes still to go!

Bag of Magic Food

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Yes, I might have planned to watch episode 8 of Sailor Moon Crystal in between episodes 17 and 18 of this! Eh...

So Sailor Moon's romantic rival is not Hino but Hina, yet could the "hi" refer to the sun either way?

...Now who has more points between Rei and Minako?

Rei: “For a princess, you’re a bit childish, acting so competitive...”
(Pot… meet Kettle).
Minako: “I hate to lose.”

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Ok, sorry for the hiatus, too many bank holidays at once!

Hina is a heart-breaker.
We get to see yet another facet of Minako’s personality.

うさぎのドキドキバレンタイン (Act 19 - Usagi's Heartpounding Valentine)
Episode Number: 19
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 14, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: we’re off the rails again, but Act 10 for the first bit (first glimpse of Metalia)
Equivalent Animé Episode: likewise, but Episode 25 for the prelude (same reason)
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Brief re-cap, in THE DARK KINGDOM! – the Gate of Darkness is open!

We continue…

...through the Gate of Darkness!

(Ok, that’s quite impressive!)

to find… well, see below… (I have a limited image budget, ok, and most of that’s going on humorous cat pics.)

Queen Beryl: “Jadeite, Nephrite… You have done well.”
Jadeite: “So, we’ll just keep doing...”
Nephrite: “...what we’ve been doing.”
The pair bow, then leave.

Kunzite: “The Princess… she’s rather good at hiding, isn’t she.”
Queen Beryl: “Even if she puts up a fight… Nothing will change.”
Kunzite: “So?… She’ll just disappear… again.”
Queen Beryl: “Kunzite!… Have you forgotten...”
Kunzite: “what?”
Queen Beryl just glares at him.
Kunzite: “Jadeite and Nephrite are in high spirits… for now.”
Kunzite: “I’ll restrain myself.”
He leaves.
Queen Beryl (to herself): “Princess! I will not permit your interference… next time.”

The camera pulls back from Queen Beryl and the Manifestation of Metalia.

(Ok, I’m getting the same ‘gigeresque’ vibes I got of the anime Dark Kingdom – which is a good thing.)

(Did they blow the episode’s FX budget on that shot?)

Cut to… a hand reaching for a suitcase…

It’s Minako…

...who promptly collapses!

(OK, getting seriously worried about that girl).

Artemis (likewise worried): “...are you all right?”
Minako: “We… we have to move again.”

Meanwhile, at Hikawa Shrine, Rei consults the sacred flame.
She remembers her confrontations with Sailor Venus.
Rei: “Why does the Princess fight alone?”
...her hands clench.

While, at the Tsukino residence, Usagi, finally, finishes the scarf.
Her smile fades as she contemplates her finished work.


In Sailor HQ, Ami is knitting… something pink.
Mako: “Didn’t you finish that already?”
Ami: “Yes. But I kind of like knitting… so this time, I’m knitting some mittens.”
Mako: “I see… for your mother?”
Ami: “...well...”
(I’m going to bet they’re for Usagi.)
Mako wonders who she should give her knitwear to.
...she doesn’t think the colour suits anyone.
Mako: “I only brought it because Usagi’s over-excitement pushed me to.”
The conversation turns to Usagi’s scarf… and who she’s going to give it to.
...or not.
Mako: “Tomorrow is Valentines.”
Ami: “Usagi said she’d be fine just knitting it.”

Cut to scene of a sad Usagi walking home with a rather large bag.

...back to Sailor HQ…

Where Mako and Ami continue to discuss the situation re the Usagi-Mamoru-Hina triangle.

Oh, apparently Mamoru and Hina are getting married soon!

Mako: “We should tell her (Usagi)...” (but we wont).
Ami: “Likewise, Usagi asked me to not tell Rei about her liking that Chiba guy.”
Mako: “Yup. Rei has opinions on men… where is she?”
Ami: “She had to talk to Luna about something.”
Mako: “Why could they do that here?”

At Hikawa Shrine, Rei is questioning Luna about the role of the Sailor Guardians… and the Princess.”
Rei: “You said that we were to protect the Princess...”
Rei: “...but she said that wasn’t necessary.”
Rei: “She’s been acting rather strange.”
Luna: “I’ve been thinking about that as well.”
Luna: “I can’t freely contact Artemis (who is with the Princess).”
Luna: “For the time being, should we just follow their orders?”
Rei: “I won’t just do as I’m told without explanation!”
Rei: “Especially for that Princess!”
Luna: “Did you talk to the Princess like that?!”
Rei: “Sort of.”
Rei: “Anyway, I feel something is wrong here, I need to talk to the Princess again.”
Luna: “It’s impossible… we don’t know where or who she is...”
Rei: “...”
Rei (thinking): “I know.”
(You know Luna, maybe you should ask the pop-star who seemed to know far too much about what was going on last episode?)

Cut to…

...Photoshop Elements product placement!
(Also, Apple product placement.)

Minako is updating her home page…
Artemis is worrying about her condition.
(Also, looking out the window, it’s night-time).

Minako: “I’m fine… if the Enemy don’t find me, they’ll concentrate on Sailor Moon’s group.”
Artemis continues to worry… until Minako distracts him…
Minako: “It’s a day early, but Valentines chocolate!”

It… is not chocolate…

...it is a Jack-in-the-box!

(I’m not sure of what though, it moves to fast to get a clear view, its just a grey blur – maybe a NakoNako?)

Artemis: “OHHWAARRGH!”
Minako: “Just kidding.”
Mina: “Here’s the real one.”


(It looks like, at heart, this Mina isn’t so different – I’m getting the impression that Artemis has to put up with this sort of thing a lot.)
(I wasn’t kidding about the cat pics)
OOC: M!Artemis and A!Artemis: “Welcome to the club.”

(However – isn’t chocolate really bad for cats?)
(Hang on – how is an animated plush cat even going to eat chocolate???)

Night-time – Usagi’s room.
Usagi sadly contemplates the scarf and thinks of Mamoru.
Usagi: “It suits him too well...”

(Random observation – she wears her transformation brooch even when she’s sleeping – just in case).


Next morning… the Tsukino’s breakfast room…

...now, what is wrong with this picture.

Usagi checks her eyes.
...the girl is still there.
OOC: Usagi: “Either I’ve woken up in a parallel universe, its a youma, or its my time-travelling daughter from the future.”

...it turns out that the girl, named Hikari, is the daughter of one of Ikuko’s friends, Nozaki.
Usagi: “Ah! You’ve gotten so big.”
Ikuko: “I’m looking after her today, can you play with her, Usagi? Shingo got shy and ran off.”
Usagi: “Fine by me.”
(Ok, that kid is just ever so slightly creepy… maybe she’s possessed?)

Later, in Usagi’s room, what does the little girl want to do.
Hikari: “I want a consultation.
Usagi: ?
Hikari: “Have you ever fallen in love?
Usagi: “Huh?”
Hikari: “I am worried about Valentine’s day.

On the subject of Valentine’s day, Kamekichi receives a gift (of turtle food) from his girlfriend, delivered by Motoki.
Motoki: “Why does my turtle get something while I get nothing?”
Just then, Ami arrives, reaches into her bag, and produces…
...her all-year pass.

Motoki slumps.
Motoki: “No sense of social obligation.”
Kamekichi just glares at him.

While, in Sailor HQ, Mako and Rei are arguing.
Mako: “I’m not done with you.”
Rei: “I said there’s nothing to talk about.”
Rei leaves as Ami arrives.
Ami: “What’s the matter.”
Mako: “She knows something about the Princess...”
Mako: “...but she won’t say what.”
Mako: “We’re keeping too many secrets from each other.”
Ami: “But… we’re keeping a secret from Usagi.”
Mako: “That’s different.”
Mako: “Thinking about Usagi gets me down… I’m going home… I’m just not in the mood.”
Mako leaves.

Motoki is feeding Kamekichi some of his Valentines Day gift, and grumbling about how some turtles get all the love, as Mako is leaving, he sneezes.
Mako pulls out her scarf.
Mako: “I made this in home economics, but it doesn’t suit me, do you want it!”
Motoki: “YES! Are you sure?”
Mako: “Think of it as a ‘thank you’ for talking to me about all that stuff the other day.”
Motoki: “Yes! Kamekichi look! I’ve got a scarf!”
Mako (as she leaves): “It must be nice to have no worries.”
OOC: Kamekichi: “Kid, I think you might be reading a bit to much into that.”

Meanwhile, Usagi is out walking with Hikari…
It turns out that there is a boy at her school that she likes, named Daichi.
Hikari want to give him chocolate…
...special chocolate that will make him like her.
Usagi: “That might be a bit difficult...”
...but it turns out that Daichi likes another woman…
Hikari suddenly points.
Usagi looks where she’s pointing…
...and sees Mamoru, and Hina, in a shop.
Usagi: “Lets go.”
Hikari: “That is her… She is the one Daichi likes...
Usagi: !
Hikari: “Her name is Hina… She is Daichi’s tutor.
(Hina is turning into a right heart-breaker…)

Mamoru and Hina exit the shop.
Hina: “Hi! It’s Daichi’s friend, Hikari, (to Usahi) oh, hello again…err...”
Mamoru (prompting): “Usagi Tsukino.”
Hina makes small-talk, and gives Usagi and Hikari each a lollypop.
Mamoru and Hina leave, arm in arm.
Usagi goes to eat her lollypop, when she notices that Hikari has given her to a passing small(er) child.

(Ok, new theory, Hikari is a terminator… it’s not as if ‘killbots from the future’ aren’t a thing in this setting.)

Usagi hastily re-packages her lollypop.


Usagi is looking for affordable Valentines Chocolate… Hikari just buys the most expensive one in the shop.
Hikari: “I saved up my New Years Day gift money.”
(To be fare, her speech sounds rather more normal in this scene).
Later, the two walk down the street.
Usagi: “...you said you wouldn’t loose to Hina.”
They discuss possible Valentine’s Day gifts.
Hikari: “They say that women who give knitwear at the beginning are too intense. I heard it on TV.”
Usagi: “I guess I’ll go and get some chocolate as well!”
The two head back to the chocolate shop.

Across the street, Rei listens to a news report on a shop TV.

The news is a fluff piece about entertainers updating their websites for Valentines…
...featuring the update to Minako Aino’s website.

(Yes, the NakoNako’s are animated).

Commentator: “...she’s in her favourite spot, conceptualising her next song...”
Rei: “She’s at it again… acting so conspicuously.”
Rei: “...its like she wants them to find her.”
Rei: “...I need to find that place.”

Nephrite: “The Princess! I’ve found her!”
Nephrite (to Jadeite): “I’ve got a favour to ask.”
Jadeite just smiles an evil smile.

Back to Usagi and Hikari, Usagi having blown her allowance on chocolate.
Usagi: “Go for it, Hikari, you’re much cuter than Hina.”
Hikari: “You’re much cuter than Hikari as well!”
Hikari points: “It’s this way.”

However, outside the house is a motorcycle.
On the motorcycle is a rather bored-looking Mamoru.

Hina is leaving, there is a small boy who I assume is Daichi holding a gift-wrapped box.
Hina (to Daichi): “You can’t just play games all the time.”
She friendlily boops him on the head, then she and Mamoru drive off.

Usagi: “He sure is cool.”
Then she notices that Hikari is trying not to cry.
Usagi: “I know how you feel… but you’ve been through so much to get to this point.”
Hikari: <sniffle>

Daichi notices them there and runs up.
Daichi: “Hikari, what’s the matter?”
Hikari just backs away.
Usagi: “Wait… Hikari… you weren’t going to lose… right?”
Usagi: “You can’t give up.”

Bouyed by Usagi’s support, Hikari stills her tears.
Usagi: “We’re here to give you some Valentines Chocolate.”
Daichi: “Thanks!”
Daichi to Hikari: “Do you want to eat at my house, I’ve got a new game.”

The two girls exchange a smile, Hikari wipes away her tears, and the two kids run off.

(She still could be a terminator though, well, I’m sure if its important it will come up again).
(And having a kill-bot for a friend will help Daichi grow up in this monster-infested world.)

Usagi watches the two leave, then she looks at the chocolate she brought.
Usagi (sadly): “I… can’t.”

In a park, Rei is looking through what appears to be a catalogue of auditoria…
...she spots the one in the background of Minako’s picture.
Rei: “Found it!”

Back to Usagi…
...walking home, sadly.

Her reverie is interrupted by a high-pitched scream!

...as a youma goes on a rampage on a bust shopping street.

(Looks like we are getting a Valentines Day Massacre after all).

(Image recovered from bystander’s phone 16:14:26 14/02/2004)

Youma Incident: 14
Tentative Nomenclature: Cyranna
DarkWatch Reporting Name: MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2
Capabilities: Rapier, vanishing act.
Usagi: “They’ve never attacked so wildly before.”
(Well, there was the time Nephrite sent the possessed Mr. President on a rampage to try and draw the Princess out).
(Fortunately, MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2 doesn’t use its sword, preferring to just pick people up and throw them… one handed.)

Usagi just transforms, right there and then.

(To be fair, any witnesses are likely distracted by the crazy thing with a sword.)

Sailor Moon rushes to the attack!

Cut to, Mamoru sitting on his motorcycle.
He hears a distant rumble/woosh.
Hina (who looks like she went to get a couple of cans of drink): “Did you hear that load noise?”
Mamoru: “ah?!”
OOC: Mamoru: “Probably just another superhero vs. monster battle, we get that a lot nowadays.”

Back to the battle.

Sailor Moon has managed to manoeuvre MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2 off the street, and they are battling in a large hall somewhere.

This fight, has rather more contact and they often do, Sailor Moon dodging MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2’s sword while it dodges her kicks.

She tries the MOON TIARA BOOMERANG, but it bounces off the youma to negligible effect.

She cartwheels away, with the youma in pursuit…
...winks at the youma!

(Just admit it, Usagi, you’re enjoying this.)

Then runs up a column, somersaulting over the youma’s head…

...yeah… she just did this…

...causing the youma to run head-on into the pillar.

Sailor Moon pulls a superhero landing.
...abet with less property damage.

...then she looks up, MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2 has vanished!

She looks around, nervously…



MASQUED SWASHBUCKLER #2 leaps to attack, only to be knocked off course by a well-thrown cane from Tuxedo Mask!

...exit one youma.

Behind a pillar, Jadeite was watching the whole battle…
...he smirks, and vanishes with a swirl of his cape.

Tuxedo Mask is doing his dramatic walk away, cloak flapping...

Sailor Moon runs after him.
Sailor Moon: “Wait up.”
She gives him her chocolate.
Sailor Moon: “This is a thank you. For always saving me… even on Valentines day.”
Tuxedo Mask: “Don’t you have someone to give this too?”
Sailor Moon: “No, I made them a scarf… but I’m not sure I’ll end up giving it to them.”
Tuxedo Mask: “Why?”
Sailor Moon: “He has a really lovely girlfriend. I’m no match for her.”
Tuxedo Mask: “I see...”
Sailor Moon (thinking): “What am I saying!”
Tuxedo Mask (thinking): “She also has someone after all...”
Sailor Moon starts to leave…
Tuxedo Mask: “If you like him, you shouldn’t give up so easily. Maybe someday you will give it to him.”
With a dramatic swirl of his cloak, he leave.
(Mamoru hasn’t quite connected all the pieces yet, I think).
Sailor Moon (thinking): “It used to be that my heart would pound uncontrollably when we meet.”
Sailor Moon (still thinking): “Now, we can just talk normally… He’s still a wonderful person...”
Tuxedo Mask (also thinking): “’Don’t give up’, but I...”
Cut to Mamoru, walking…
Mamoru (still thinking): “...from now on, I will save you from the shadows.”
Hina sees him and smiles.
Mamoru (still thinking): “...that’s all I can do.”

Usagi also walks away.
Usagi (thinking): “Someday… maybe.”

Cut to… the building in Minako’s photo.
Rei has arrived.

Rei: “The Princess is acting as a decoy on purpose...”
Rei: “Maybe I’m overthinking it...”
Rei senses something
Rei: “The enemy! They’re here!”

She transforms…

...on the run!

She runs upstairs to see...

Sailor Venus at the mercy of Nephrite!

Sailor Mars: “Princess!”

Nephrite: “You’re too late.”

He reaches down and takes Sailor Venus’ jewelled coronet.


Next Episode:

Nephrite: “With this, Queen Metalia will belong to Queen Beryl.”

Ok… that looks bad.


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Oh, I missed something neat from the episode 18, you know the shot where we see all the scouts together. The first image, the one you show has Venus in the center, but the later shots from above show that actually Moon is in the center. Another nice touch the Venus is the distraction and Moon is the princess.

Nerik the Red

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Oh, I missed something neat from the episode 18, you know the shot where we see all the scouts together. The first image, the one you show has Venus in the center, but the later shots from above show that actually Moon is in the center. Another nice touch the Venus is the distraction and Moon is the princess.
Thats - rather clever!

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We finally reach episode 20…

...I think things are getting a bit rough for our girls...

...and I am still spending too much picture budget on cute cat pics.

陽菜さんは衛の婚約者だったの… (Act 20 - Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee...)
Episode Number: 20
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 21, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: :unsure:
Equivalent Animé Episode: o_O
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Ami gives the re-cap, a fact I suspect will become…
Ami: “Everyone seems to have secrets nowadays...”

Cut to…

Sailor Mars arriving to find Nephrite standing over Sailor Venus!

Nephrite: “The Illusionary Silver crystal is ours!”

Sailor Mars attacks, with a cartwheel kick followed up with a blizzard of blazing prayer-strips!
Nephrite casually blocks them with his cape.

Nephrite: “With this, Queen Metalia will belong to Lady Beryl.”

(You know, I can’t help but think that THE DARK KINGDOM! are treating Metalia as a prize to be won… I wonder what Metalia thinks of that?)

Nephrite begins walking away.

Sailor Mars: “Stop right there!”
Sailor Venus: “You need to duck.”

She makes a gesture, and the silver coronet in Nephrite’s hand flares with golden light!

...and then explodes!

That looks… painful.

Nephrite clutches his hand in pain.

Nephrite: “Damn you! The Illusionary Silver Crystal!”
Sailor Venus: “Do you really think you could get the real one so easily?”

She produces a case, letting it fall open, dumping a pile of Silver Crystal Coronets on the floor.

Nephrite curses and leaves.

Sailor Venus turns to confront Sailor Mars.

OOC: Sailor Venus: “I guess you could say the Illusionary Silver Crystal...”
Sailor Venus: “Was illusionary.”

Unbeknown to them, Kunzite watches from the shadows.
(Seriously, I’ve only just noticed that you can see him in this shot, pretty much centre screen!)

Kunzite: “There’s something strange about that princess...”

Kunzite: “Sailor Guardians… I want one of them...”

(Dude… creepy!)

Cut to Sailor HQ, where Ami is knitting…

Ami (thinking): “It seems that recently everyone has been all over the place...”
Ami (still thinking): “...but I’m sure we’ll all be back together again soon.”

OPENING CREDITS (Which haven’t changed)

During the opening, Rei and Minako have de-transformed.

Mina: “Why are you here?”
Rei: “I needed to talk to you again.”
Mina: “Didn’t I say not to follow me?”
Rei: “However much I think about it, I can’t figure out what you’re up to.”
Rei: “...it’s almost like… you’re a decoy.”
Mina gives a small half-smile.
Rei: “Its almost as if… are you really…?”
Mina (suddenly): “Remember it yourself!”
Rei: ?
Mina: “When you have awakened… you will understand everything.”
She smiles, slightly.
Mina: “I will be waiting.”
Mina starts to leave.
Rei: “Wait...”
Mina: “It is pointless to follow me.”
Mina: “You are the one who could become the Leader of the Guardians...”
OOC: A!Rei: “I have always maintained that I would make an excellent leader.”
A!Usagi: “You can lead me anywhere!”

Mina: “You need to know what a Guardian must do.”
(That sounds… vaguely ominous.)
Mina leaves…
Rei looks… upset…

As she heads out of the stadium, Mina suddenly clutches her head and collapses against the wall.
Artemis: “Mina! Are you ok?”
Mina just nods, but stays slumped against the wall.


Nephrite: “Lady Beryl, I have failed you!”
Queen Beryl is not amused.
Jadeite: “But we weren’t expecting illusionary Illusionary Silver Crystals!”
(If that thing turns out to actually be illusionary, I’ll laugh.)
Kunzite: “Maybe all she has is illusions.”
Jadeite: “What do you mean?”
Queen Beryl looks thoughtful.
Kunzite: “Nothing much.”
Nephrite: “Are you just going to lean on the wall being snide, or are you going to do something useful for Lady Beryl?”
Kunzite: “Oh, I have plans
Queen Beryl: “Plans, eh… just what in the world is he up to?”

At the Crown Karaoke Palace…
Motoki is, as expected, reading far to much into the fact that Makoto gifted him a scarf.
Mako walks in, flashes her pass, and heads off towards the HQ.
Motoki: “The scarf is really warm! Thank you!”
He climbs over the counter to wave at her.

(Now, Motoki, don’t make it weird.)

In the HQ, Luna has given in to her inner cat, and is playing with a ball of yarn.

Ami is still knitting. (I'm beginning to worry about her... more...)

Mako enters.

Ami asks her opinion on a ball of green yarn.

Mako: “Sorry Ami, in a hurry.”
Mako: “I think we need to tell Usagi.”
Ami: “About Chiba?”
Mako: “She shouldn’t fall for someone who is already engaged.”
Mako: “What do you think.”
Ami: “I’ll go along with you.”
Mako: “Ok, I’ll go tell her.”
Mako leaves.
Luna <sigh>: “More bad news for Usagi.”

Rei enters.
Rei: “Mako left in a hurry, anything happen?”
Ami (evasively): “I think she had something to do.”
Rei: “Where’s Usagi?”
Ami: “Doing stuff.”
Ami: “But don’t worry, I’m sure they haven’t forgotten about the enemy.”
Rei: “If they did, I’d just solo it.”
Ami: ?
Rei: “I need to become stronger as a Guardian.”
Rei: “So, I must fight as much as I can with my own power,”
(Rei, I don’t think this is a shonen show.)
Ami: “Oh….”
Ami: “Kay…..”
Luna: “But we’re a team!”
Rei: “That’s not enough… even the Princess is fighting on her own...”
Ami comes back with some hot drinks…
...as Rei leaves!
Rei: “I’m just going out on patrol.”
Luna: “These days everyone is always coming and going...”
Luna: “...I don’t like it.”
Ami: “Sooner or later, everything will be back as it once was.”

Sad music plays… Ami resumes knitting.

The music continues to where Usagi is sitting in her room, contemplating her scarf.
She remembers her last talk with Tuxedo Mask.
She smiles.
Usagi: “Well, if Tuxedo Mask says so, it must be ok.”
Ikuko knocks on the door.
Usagi hides the scarf under a large plush bunny.
A friend has come over to play.

Hikari: “Hello.”
OOC: Hikari: “i have updated my hu-mon emulation software. how do i sound?

Ikuko: “I’ll go make some café au lait for you right now.”
(She does a little dance when she says ‘ café au lait’.)
Hikari: “There’s no need, I’ll be leaving soon.”
(Luna is right everyone is coming and going nowadays.)

Ikuko: “You’re so mature… Usagi could learn a thing or two from you.”
Usagi just smiles…
...and subtly puts her tongue out.

Hikari has arranged a date with Daichi… but as they’re a pair of kids, there aren’t many places they can go by themselves.
...and Hikari thinks it would be awkward to take her mum.
...so she wan’t Usagi to accompany her.
Udagi: “Wouldn’t I be a spare wheel.”
Hikari: “Daichi said Hina’s boyfriend is coming too.”
Usagi: “Mamoru Chiba?”
Hikari: “Yup.”
Usagi: “What about Hina?”
Hikari: “She’s busy.”
Hikari: “It’ll be a double date.”
(Note ‘double date’ is said in English.)
Usagi looks over to where she hid the scarf.


Cut to… Usagi and Hiikari meeting up with Mamoru and Daichi at a bus-stop.

Mamoru (to Usagi): “You coming as well?”
Usagi: “Hikari asked me.”
Mamoru: “Just don’t get lost” (but he’s smiling when he said it.)
Hikari: “I’ll keep an eye on her.”
Daichi: “I’ll help find her.”
Usagi: “You’re all meanies.”

But… they are watched…
Nearby a sinister figure… puts on sunglasses!

(It’s Mako, isn’t it.)

On the bus, the kids exchange small talk, while Usagi and Mamoru keep taking furtive glances at each other.

<Sinister Jump Cut>
...to nearer the front of the bus, where a sinister figure in sunglasses is seated.
(I’m pretty sure it’s Mako, she’s even still wearing the same hat, scarf and jacket combo she had on earlier).

Later, at the amusement part, the kids run on ahead.
Usagi (thinking): “I shouldn’t act so self-conscious.”
Usagi: “We better catch up with the kids.”
She walks off with a strange, stiff-legged, knock-kneed gait – complete with ‘humorous’ squeaky sound effects.
...I’ve seen that gag before somewhere...
Mamoru: “You have an interesting way of walking.”
Of course – this starts Usagi thinking on the actual mechanics of walking – at which point her legs seize up entirely.
...until she get’s distracted by Hikari calling her to ‘hurry up’.

Behind them… the sinister sound of dropped coins!
The sinister figure (Mako) kneels down to retrieve her change.

Amusement park montage!

A game of badminton gets interrupted when Usagi accidentally launches a shuttlecock into a tree.
Mamoru has to use his finely-tuned second-story-man skills to retrieve it.

Then… dodge-ball!

Which, of course, ends up with everyone throwing the ball at Usagi.

After that, picnic!

Food provided by Usagi!

Mamoru: “It’s delicious!”

After that, the four walk off to find the next attraction, hand in hand.
(The kids are in the middle, the two slightly bigger kids are on the ends of the chain.)

The sisister figure hides behind a tree, and removes her sunglasses to reveal…

It was Makoto all along!

Mako: “I meant to tell Usagi that Mamoru’s already engaged.”

Meanwhile, at Hikawa Shrine, Rei stares into the sacred flame…

Rei: “I shoudn’t have expect to see anything easily.”

When… suddenly…

(Joke stolen from Ultimate Chicken Ultimate Chicken ).

Youma Incident: 15
Tentative Nomenclature: <see previous incidents>
DarkWatch Reporting Name: BAKEMONO SWARM
Capabilities: Unknown.
Further Details: While there had been previous highly public incidents, notably the possession of the president of [REDACTED], the ‘burning princess’ event and more recently, the highly public incident of the previous week, the Youma Swarm incident of 21/02/2004 was one of the first incidents to involve multiple youma in large numbers. Fortunately, while numerous, the assorted fiends restricted their behaviour to suddenly appearing menacing a passer-by, then vanishing again.

Rei rushes out to investigate (It should be noted that she’s changed out of her shrine robes – quite possibly by abusing her Lunaphone’s disguise mode).

There are youma – all of them from previous incidents – just appearing, going ‘boo’ then vanishing again.

(Pretty much all of them, except MANOS).

Rei: “Illusionary Youma? But why?”

Rei is not the only one to ask that…


Jadeite challenges Kunzite about why he is unleashing a swarm of illusionary youma.
Kunzite: “Pay no attention to it...”
Jadeite: “You’re putting the Sailor Guardians on high alert...”
Jadeite: “Which makes my job that much harder!”
Kunzite: “You know what you and Nephrite have in common?”
Kunzite: “You’re both idiots!”
Jadeite: !
Kunzite: “Don’t you think there is something odd about the Princess.”

Cut to…

Artemis squeezing out a damp flannel.

Mina… does not look well.

Artemis: “You’re bearing to much of the burden...”
Mina: “I’m not so sure about that...”
Mina: “I hope they can awaken, even if it’s only Mars...”
Artemis: “We’ve had a glimpse… but we shouldn’t force things.”
Kunzite (voice over): “I want to make sure she’s the Princess.”
Kunzite: “For that purpose, I will use the Sailor Guardians.”

Rei continues to chase illusionary youma all over Tokyo.

Back at Sailor HQ, Ami is still knitting.
(I know that you’re doing the whole ‘lone wolf hunts alone’ Rei, but extra eyes on the scene could really help.)

Back at the amusement part, the kids have exhausted Usagi.

The kids run off ahead, leaving Usagi and Mamoru to rest.
Mako continues to spy on them.
Mako: “Now the kids are out of the way...”
Usagi considers that this would be the perfect time to give Mamoru her scarf.
When the kids come back.
Daichi: “I found my tutor!”
They, of course, have Hina with them.
Mamoru doesn’t look entirely happy to see her.
Hina: “I finished early!”
Usagi quietly gets up so Hina can take her place.
Daichi: “As your his bride, you should sit next to him.”
Usagi (thinking): “WHAT?!”
Usagi: “Bride?”
Hina: “Well… not yet… we were thinking about after we graduate from university.”
(In other words – not for several years yet.)

Usagi slowly backs away…

...which is when something that goes ‘Boyong’ butts into the scene!

It looks like Usagi is the only one that’s noticed.

Mamoru: “Is something wrong?”

Now NINJA STRAWMAN joins the party.

Usagi: “Ive just remembered a very important thing I have to do.”
Hina: “But I was planning on getting a meal for all of you!”
Usagi: “I’m sorry!”
She runs off.
Mamoru watches her go, sadly.
Mako, watching the scene: “Usagi, I should have told you earlier.”
Mako doesn’t seem to have seen the illusionary youma, and may be assuming Usagi ran off because of the revelation that Mamoru and Hina are engaged.
Usagi actually had a pretty good reason to run off, she’s pretty responsible about the whole monster fighting thing.

Usagi: “I look like an idiot.”
Usagi: “If only there was something I could work my frustrations out on.”

The illusionary youma appear.

Usagi: “You’ll do.”

She transforms.


Back in the park, Mamoru is walking off.
Hina: “Where are you going? (I just got here)”
Mamoru: “I’ll be right back.”
Mako (thinking): “Ok, what is he up to?”

Rei continues chasing illusionary youma.

Rei: “They’re definitely illusions… but why?”

Cut to…


Luna seems to be mewing to herself in her sleep.

Ami… continues knitting.

Ami: “I’m finished… <YAWN>… how long have I been here.”
She smiles at the sleeping Luna, and heads off home.

Sailor Moon is surrounded by illusionary youma.

Tuxedo Mask is rushing to her aid (maybe Mamoru did spot the Youma earlier… or maybe he just has an instinct?)
...when suddenly he is intercepted!

...by Mako.

Mako: “It’s you...”
Mako: “Mamoru Chiba!”

Back to Ami.

Who has just encountered a tornado of dark purple rose petals…

(...that doesn’t look good.)

...which coalesce into Kunzite!

Ami: “Kunzite!”
Kunzite: “I thought you’d be a good one to obtain.”
Kunzite: “Calling your companions will be in vain… they wont get here in time.”

Ami transforms.

Kunzite: “...it’s all in vain.”

Sailor Mercury does a passing cartwheel kick at Kunzite…
...he casually dodges.
She blasts him with a Shine Aqua Illusion!
He blocks it with his sword sheath!
She follows up with a Mercury Aqua Mist
...he blocks that as well…
Kunzite: “Sailor Mercury! From today onwards… you belong to me.”

He slowly draws his sword, limned in purple light, then…

Sailor Mercury chokes, then passes out.

Kunzite smiles, evilly.

Rei and Sailor Moon both feel something.

The illusionary youma surrounding Sailor Moon all vanish.

Mako continues her staring match with Tuxedo Mask.

The street where Kunzite and Sailor Mercury fought is now empty, save a lone dark rose petal.

In the HQ, Luna sleeps, next to four pairs of colour coded mittens.
Luna is wearing a small scarf.

We end on a shot of the mittens, with no sound save the snores of a cat.


:cry: Whelp!

Next Episode:
Sailor Jupiter: “What did you do to Ami?!”
Kunzite; “Show them.”

Ok… this looks bad!
...but I’m sure it’ll all be sorted out next episode.

Look’s like Mako has figured out Tuxedo Mask’s identity – but is she going to tell anyone else?
(Considering she’s always been the one that disapproved of him…)
Rei’s gone full shonen mode.
Mina really is not well.

Things are not going well.

Nerik the Red

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...is there anyone there?

...Is this thing still on?

...I don’t know if anyone will read this…

...but I fear we’re all done for!

Anyway, this was very much a Mako episode.

亜美ちゃんになにをした! (Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami?)
Episode Number: 21
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 28, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: A minor version of a situation from late in act 9, otherwise nada.
Equivalent Animé Episode: Likewise with early episode 36, but frankly I’m reaching here.
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Re-cap (without voice over) of the Sailor Mercury vs. Kunzite battle at the end of the previous episode...

Flashback to Ami knitting.
...then she fades away… :(

Close up of four mittens and a sleeping plush kitty.

Shots of Usagi, Rei and Mako reacting to something

Vignetted shot of the four girls (and Luna)…

(Well, that’s ominous…)

Luna jerks awake!

Luna: “Ami?”

A shot of a few CGI black (actually dark purple) rose petals blowing into the sky...

OPENING CREDITS (Which still haven’t changed)

Shot of Mako walking, each step exactly in front of the other.

Flashback to Usagi discovering Mamoru and Hina were engaged.

Mako (thinking): “I should have told her earlier...”

Cut to… Shingo (long time no see, kid).

Usagi is in bed, hiding under the covers.

Shingo: “Are you playing hooky?”
No answer.
Shingo: “Hey?”
Still no answer.
Shingo shakes his head and leaves.
Usagi continues hiding under her duvet.

Close up of a finger ringing a doorbell.

The doorbell is the Tsukino’s, while the finger is Mako’s.

Ikuko answers the door.

Ikuko: “It’sMako,right?”
Ikuko: “I’mright,aren’tI?”
(Ikuko is very hyper.)

Mako is here to walk Usagi to school.

Ikuko: “Usagi seems to have caught a cold.”
Ikuko: “But I reckon she’ll get better after one day’s rest.”
(Do you get the impression that Ikuko isn’t fooled by Usagi’s ‘caught a cold’ act at all?)

Ikuko: “Have you had breakfast?”
Mako: “Yes.”
Ikuko (ignoring her): “I’ve made a new type of omlette!”
Ikuko: “This is the first time I’ve made them with shiokara.”
She drags Mako into the house.

Some time later…

Mako continues walking to school.

Mako: “I can see why she’d be down in the dumps...it’s all because of that Chiba guy.”

Flashback (we’re getting a lot of these this episode) to her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask.

Mako: “You knew our true identities so you’ve kept close to Usagi.”
(It occurs to me that if he didn’t, Mako’s just blown her cover).
(OTOH, assuming it was already blown is a reasonable, if risky, assumption).
Mako: “Why?”
Tuxedo Mask: “I want to know about the Illusionary Silver Crystal and the Princess.”
Mako: “Who are you?”
Tuxedo Mask: “...”
Tuxedo Mask: “That’s what I’m trying to find out.”
He walks off.
Mako: “So, you’ve been using Usagi for that.”
Mamoru just can’t resist being Mamoru.
Tuxedo Mask: “And if that’s the case…?”
Wrong answer, Tux-boy!

Mako just lays him out with one punch!
Mako: “You are the absolute worst!”
Mako: “I’m not going to tell Usagi, but don’t ever come near her again!

Cut to…

Mako: “I should have hit him again.”
Mako: “Maybe Ami will know how to cheer Usagi up.”
She walks on, punching the air in front of her.

(Well, she is the one with a reputation for being a violent thug…)
(A reputation that she’s never denied).

We cut again, to…

Minako on the phone, talking business.

She puts the phone down.

Artemis jumps up.
Artemis: “I’m worried about the enemies movements...”



Cut to… Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

Mako is looking for Ami… who isn’t there!

She collars a passing Naru.

Mako: “Naru, do you know where Mizuno is?”
Naru: “She seems to be absent, no-one’s heard from her.”
(Whether Naru has any thoughts on the coincidence of her best friend and most hated rival being off school at the same time the show does not share.)

Cut to… the Mizuno apartment.

Mako rings the door bell.
(Did Mako just skip school? Probably.)

Ami’s room… empty.

Mako: “No answer… maybe she’s out.”

Just on a whim, she tries the door.
...it opens.

Mako: ?

She pokes her head round the door.

Mako: “Ami? Are you in?”

There is a distinct thump.

Mako: “I’m sorry to intrude...”

She looks into Ami’s room…

(Please compare this with the previous picture… what has changed?)

Mako: “Ami! Are you sick?”
Ami (quietly): “I’m ok…
Ami: “...but I can’t get up...
Mako: “Maybe you have a cold...”
She feels Ami’s forehead.
Mako: “Where’s your mother?”
Ami: “A business trip… Europe...
Mako: “So you’re just lying here alone… you should have called me.”

Mako’s preferred solution for problems that can’t be solved with violence… cooking!

Ami eats it all up.

Mako: “Is there anything else you want?”
Ami: “An amusement park...
Mako: “Huh?”
Ami: “I want to go to an amusement park...”

Amusement Park montage!

...ending with an exhausted, soggy Mako.

She looks over to where Ami is buying balloons.

(You know, Ami really isn’t usually this sociable.)

Ami buys two balloons, one green and one blue.

She gives the green one to Mako.

Then drags her off to go on the merry-go-round.

Well, Ami has a go, Mako just watches.
Mako ponders that she hasn’t had a chance to talk with Ami about Usagi.

Which is when she bumps into Motoki…
...and Kamekichi!

(Turtle hamper.)

Motoki: “Are you here by yourself?”
Mako: “No, I’m with Ami...”

(Uh oh!)

Followed by a shot of a blue balloon drifting into the sky.

Cut to… Motoki driving the two girls to hospital.

Mako: “...sorry to cause you trouble.”
Motoki: “It’s thanks for the scarf.”
Motoki: “You were the only one to give me a Valentine’s day gift.”
Mako: “It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal.”
Motoki: “I know.”
Motoki: “But it still made me happy.”
(Ok, looks like Motoki isn’t reading too much into Mako gifting him a scarf.)

Cut to… Ami in hospital.
Doctor: “Well, we can’t find anything obviously wrong, so we’d like to run some tests.”

Mako goes to make a phone call.
Mako (thinking): “Usagi has her own problems, and Rei is off doing her own thing.”
She puts the phone down.

On the subject of Rei… cut to Rei.

Who’s pondering what the purpose of the illusionary Youma was.
Rei (thinking): “I thought I felt… something… then.”
Something makes her look up.

Cut to… Usagi’s room.

A sad Usagi, sitting on her bed.
Luna tries to encourage her to go outside.
Luna: “...you’ll feel better.”
Shingo bursts in, hands her a bag and leaves!
In the bag is a hot bun.
Usagi smiles…
...then she remembers the bun she shared with Mamoru back in act 13… and she starts to cry… just a bit.
Usagi: “<sniff> enough of this! I’ve got to cheer up!”
Usagi: “<sniff>”

Cut to… a tuxedo hitting a sofa, followed by a mask.

Mamoru remembers Mako’s angry words…
...and just collapses onto the sofa.
Mamoru: “I meant to act cool in order to protect her...”
Mamoru: “In the end, it was just an excuse to stay close to her...”
Mamoru (out loud): “There’s one month left...”
(Ok, what sort of deadline are you under?)
The camera cuts to a folder labelled ‘University of Saintford’.

...looks like Mamoru’s off to University…
...in the UK.

Mamoru: “Maybe I should finally make up my mind.”

...or not.

(The ‘University of Saintford’ appears to be fictitious… based on a very cursory web search.)


Back to the hospital.

Motoki hands Mako a coffee.
Motoki: “I’m sure she’ll be ok.”
<awkward pause>
Motoki (going a bit hyper): “You see, Kamekichi said so.”
Motoki: “Turtle fortune telling is always spot on.”
He counts the scales on Kamekichi’s back.
Motoki: “1...2...3...4...”
(Doesn’t 4 signify ‘death’?)
This does, however, cheer Mako up.

Motoki, however, has to go to his part-time job, but, before he leaves, he pulls a selection of magazines and snacks out of his pockets and hands them to Mako.

(Ok, Motoki’s a time-lord, how else would he get all that in his pockets).

Motoki: “The examination may take a while.”
Motoki: “Let me know the results, I hope Ami will be fine.”

Motoki awkwardly (extremely awkwardly) takes his leave, almost forgetting Kamekichi!

Mako takes a sip of coffee… it’s very hot.

She doesn’t notice the rain of black rose petals behind her.

...oh shoot!

Meanwhile… in THE DARK KINGDOM!

Queen Beryl: “So, Kunzite, any progress with whatever super-secret project you keep alluding to?”
Kunzite: “I’ll unveil it soon...”
Kunzite: “What you should concern yourself with, Lady Beryl, if how gratefully happy you’ll be.”
Queen Beryl: “Hah! Such insincerity.”
Queen Beryl turns to face him.
Queen Beryl: “What in the world is in that head of yours?”
Queen Beryl: “If not me then what?”
Kunzite: “I want the same thing you do...the resurrection of Queen Metalia.”
Queen Beryl: “...and after that.”
Kunzite bows: “Whatever you wish.”
He leaves, watched by Jadeite and Nephrite.
Nephrite: “You can’t trust him, he means to betray you!”
Queen Beryl: “I doubt his plans are anything that simple.”
Jadeite mocks Nephrite: “If you’re not careful, he’ll beat you to the Princess.”
Naphrite: “What can he do.”
Jadeite says nothing but his expression says: “You did not just say that.”


Kunzite takes out the black rose.
Kunzite: “It won’t be long now.”
He crushes the rose.

In the hospital, Mako is reading and eating snacks…
When she senses something!
She rushes to Ami’s room, busts in and…

Nothing but black rose petals and a nurse who looks terrified half out of her mind!

A girl walks down a set of stairs, barging bast a couple of youths coming up.
One of them calls out: “Watch where you’re going, you punk.”
She stops…
...and turns…
...it’s Ami.
(Or, at least, something that looks like Ami.)

Mako runs down the same set of steps, coming upon the two youths, one clings to the railing in mindless terror, while the other clutches feebly at the brickwork, they are both surrounded by a swirl of black rose petals.

(Ok, is Ami possessed, or is this an Ami-like doppelgänger?)

Youma Incident: 16*
Tentative Nomenclature: <REDACTED>
DarkWatch Reporting Name: BLACK ROSE
Capabilities: Unknown.
Mako… calls for backup.

Dripping water… statues… columns… and, in the middle, Kunzite and Ami.

Mako runs through a forest.
Mako: “Ami… where are you?”
Trees: “She went that-away.”
(This is, pretty much, what happened. Mako appears to have some kind of communicate with, or sense through, plants.)
(...and, of course, Rei can see things through flames.)

Mako, directed by the trees, spots an abandoned building, whos doorway is covered in black rose petals.


...this place has seen better days.
(Joking aside its an effectively creepy set).

Kunzite walks, slowly, towards Ami.

Mako bursts in.

Ami turns, slowly, almost robotically, towards her.

Mako interposes herself between Ami and Kunzite.

Kunzite: “What did you come here to do?”

Mako just transforms.

After bundling Ami behind the dubious protection of a pile of crates, Sailor Jupiter launches an attack on Kunzite!

Punches, kicks… he dodges or just plain blocks them all.

(While a lot of the battles in this did tend to end up with the combatants just dancing round each other, this one, while having Kunzite dodge quite a few of Sailor Jupiter’s blows, they do show a few where they’re actually coming into contact. I guess the combat choreographers have had quite a bit of practice by now.)

She fires a Supreme Thunder at him!

He parries it with his sword, redirecting it at a nearby column…

...which falls towards Ami!

Fortunately, Sailor Jupiter managed to catch it.

Sailor Jupiter: “I won’t let you do whatever you please with Ami!”
Kunzite (smirking): “Really now?”

Sailor Jupiter (thinking): “At this rate (I don’t think I can win this)..”
Sailor Jupiter: “Ami, leave, I’ll take care of this.”
She tries to get Ami to leave, but Ami just shrugs her off.
(Ami is still acting rather zombie-like).
Ami fixes Sailor Jupiter with a dispassionate stare…
...then she gets up and walks over to Kunzite!

...and, for the first time (this scene) shows emotion…
...an evil smile.

Sailor Jupiter just looks on in shock.

...at which point, reinforcements arrive!
...namely, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

Sailor Jupiter delivers our title drop.
Sailor Jupiter: “What did you do to Ami?!”
Kunzite: “Show them.”
Ami nods…
...then this happens!

OOC: Ok, sinister transformation music, lots of black petals, and an outfit that is her old outfit but with lots of dark, jagged motifs added.

Luna (arriving): “This can’t be happening!”

Sailor Jupiter (in tears): “This can’t be real!”

Dark Mercury: “One at a time or all of you at once, I’ll do the lot of you!”
Dark Mercury: “There’s no point in running.”


Oh shoooot!

Next Episode:
Rise of Dark Mercury!

OOC: A!Usagi: “Hang-on, what are they worried about, wasn’t it established back in episode 1 that LA!Me can do Moon Healing Escalation?
A!Usagi: “One zap and LA!Ami will be back to her normal cute self.
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