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[LTTP] [WIW] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (The live-action series)


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I got to admit that Dark Mercury was is my favourite character in the whole Sailor Moon franchise.

Nerik the Red

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I got to admit that Dark Mercury was is my favourite character in the whole Sailor Moon franchise.
Well, hopefully she survives...

After last episode, lets have a light musical number…
...or maybe not…
...as the bomb gets categorically dropped!

...also, performance reviews...

戦士の力を目覚めさせるため、うたうレイ (Act 23 - In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings)
Episode Number: 23
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 13, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: (well, there’s a bit that’s sort of similar to what happened in Codename: Sailor V volume 4).
Equivalent Animé Episode: 54! (but not really)
(Data taken from wikimoon)

Usagi gives the re-cap, but without insert.
Sailor Moon: “If we combine our powers… maybe we can get Ami back.”
...we then cut to Mamoru…

Mamoru (confronting Zoisite): “You!?”
Zoisite: “Master… Endymion…”

(Which still haven’t changed.)

We continue in Mamoru’s apartment (which has suddenly acquired a piano).

Zoisite: “There is no doubt about it. My master… is you.”
Mamoru: “It’s you.”
(Flashback to the last time these two met, and Zoisite being neemed by crescent beam.)
Zoisite: “I want you to remember… back to a time when you were called Endymion.”
Mamoru: “Who are you?”
Zoisite: “My mind to your mind.”

Zoisite’s Chopin-mediated mind-meld is interrupted by Hina calling from outside the apartment.
(‘Etude on the Bombardment of Warsaw’ if you need to know… which raises questions).

Mamoru rushes out, grabbing Hina (causing her to drop her oranges).
While picking up the oranges.
Mamoru: “Whydon’twegooutforcoffee.”
(And not stay in the apartment with the creepy piano-playing ghost).
Hina: “Fine by me, but what was that noise?”
Mamoru notices that the piano music has stopped.

Elsewhere (possibly literally);
Zoisite: “Time for some more Chopin, ‘Winter Wind’ seems suitable.”
Piano music echoes through the corridors and caves of, THE DARK KINGDOM!

The inhabitants look up in shock.

Queen Beryl: “Has Zoisite been resurrected?”
(She doesn’t sound to happy about that).
Queen Beryl decides to put a positive (for her) spin on things.
Queen Beryl: “It is due to the increase in Queen Metalia’s power.”
Queen Beryl: “We are one step closer to her resurrection.”

Queen Beryl then starts handing out performance reviews.
Queen Beryl: “Jadeite – good job of gathering energy, keep it up!”
Jadeite: “Yes, Ma’am!”
Queen Beryl: “Nephrite – I do hope that you will do something to justify your existence soon.”
Nephrite <gulp>: “A little more time and I’ll have the Illusionary Silver Crystal.”
Jadite <smirk>: “I don’t think time is the problem.”
Kunzite: <sneer>
Looks like THE DARK KINGDOM! internal politics has shifted.

Nephrite can see what is happening here.
Nephrite (stalking off): “...that no-good double crossing...”
Dark Mercury: “I have a proposal...”
Nephrite shoots her down: “Why would I trust a minion of Kunzite?”
Dark Mercury: “Suit yourself.”
Dark Mercury: “But hands off the Sailor Guardians...”
(Does she still feel some loyalty to her old friends…?)

(...Perhaps not.)
(Anyone else get the feeling that Chisaki Hama is having a bit too much fun?)

Dark Mercury walks off in dramatic silhouette.
OOC: Dark Mercury: “Now if you don’t mind, I need to memorise the internal layout of this place, and all its strengths and weeknesses… for no particular reason.”

(Also, I keep wanting to spell her name ‘Dark Merkury’ for some reason.)

Shot of Dark Mercury’s face…
Luna: “To return Ami to normal… I really think we’ll need all of our power.”
Cut to Sailor HQ.
Flashback to last episode, where Sailor Moon’s awakening momentarily reverted Dark Mercury to Ami.

Cut to Rei outside Hikawa shrine.
Rei (thinking): “But how (do we ‘awaken our Guardian Powers’)?”
She sees something that makes her smile…
...its a mother and small girl.
Looks like the little girl (Who’s named ‘Nana’) has been recently discharged from hospital.
Nana: “Minako Aino came to visit me in hospital!”.
Rei: ?

Rei heads to South Juuban General Hospital.

...where Mina is putting on a show…

‘C’est la vie’ is of course on the playlist.

And, for reasons that will become clear, here are some of the lyrics.

Mina spots Rei, they exchange a glance.

The hospital kids form an orderly queue to get Mina’s autograph.

Rei is jolted out of her reverie by a small girl asking for her autograph.

Rei: “Minako Aino’s over there.”
Small girl’s mum: “You’re another pop-star from the same agency as Minako, aren’t you?”
Small girl’s mum: “You’re Reiko Mars, right?”
Rei: “Pardon?”
Small girl’s mum: “Minako told us.”
Rei realises whats going on, looks at Minako.
Mina: <trollface>
Rei: :mad:

Later, as she is leaving, Mina is confronted by an angry Rei.

Rei: “What are you up to this time.”
Mina: “Didn’t you promise to stop following me?”
Rei: “I heard you come here every month… I thought something might be up.”
Mina: “I’m here for my physical examination, also, I cheer up the children in hospital.”
Rei: “Monthly?”
Mina: “It’s to manage my physical condition.”
Mina adroitly changes the subject.
Mina: “Sailor Moon was the first to awaken… that was a surprise.”
Mina: “I thought it would be you.”
(Note that they’re having this conversation just outside a busy hospital entrance).

Sailor security breach count: 1

Rei: “...because I’m supposed to be leader? You’re going to say how disappointed you are in me again...”
Mina: “Yes. An important part of awakening is a problem with the Heart...”
(I am not sure what she means by this… something to do with being in emotional turmoil being needed to awaken?)
Mina: “...aren’t you lacking something to be a leader?”
Mina starts to leave…

Suddenly a nurse and a trio of children patients run up.
Nurse: “We heard from Minako that Reiko Mars will be giving a small live show this afternoon!”
Rei: !?!
Nurse: “The children are overjoyed!”
Rei (fake smile): “Excuse me! Minako, can I have a word?”
She drags Mina away.
Rei <gritted teeth>: “What are you doing?!”
Mina: “It’s punishment.”
The nurse & trio of kids catches up with them.
Nurse (to Rei): “Is there anything you need for the stage?”
Rei: “I’m not really famous.”
Nurse: “Humble as well.”
Nurse: “It’s not much fun being hospitalised, you’ll cheer the children up a lot. Thanks!”
Rei looks like she’s thinking: “Thanks for dropping me right in it, Minako!”
Mina: “Shouldn’t you be able to get everyone to co-operate if you’re leader?”
Rei: “I’d never use my friends like that.”
Mina: “So… anyway, I have my examination, so… good luck…”
Mina: “Reiko Mars.”
Rei is… angry.

Cut to Sailor HQ.

Some heavy pop magazines hit the table with a thump!

Rei (dramatically): “I’ll do it!”
<dramatic cut>
Rei: “There’s nothing to a live show.”

Rei grabs the karaoke microphone, turns on the sound system…
...turns it up to 11…
...gets physically blasted across the stage by the opening bars of ‘C’est la Vie’!

Rei staggers up to one of the loudspeakers still holding the microphone, and promply discovers the phenonoma of feedback!
OOC: A!Usagi: “I could have told her about that!”
A!Rei: “Personal experience?”
A!Usagi: “Yup! I weaponised it to take down a sound-based bat youma.”
A!Rei: “That… was not the answer I expected.”
A!Luna: “’Tis true! I was there!”

Rei: “I won’t give up.”
She grabs the sound systems volume knob, and turns it fiercely clockwise!

(Note Luna-branded sound system).

...and is promptly blown off the stage again!

Cut to…

Mina in a big medical scanner.

Mina (to Artemis): “Maybe I’m tormenting her (Rei I presume) a bit too much?”
Artemis: “Good grief, you really are something.”
The nurse doesn’t appear to notice the pop-star talking to her plush kitty…
...neither does she notice the plush kitty talking back!
(We’ll try and avoid the CAT-scan puns).

Sailor security breach count: 2

Looks like their putting Mina on an IV drip.

The next bit is just so casually inserted, all things considered.

Pan-cut to the scanner control room.

Doctor: “As we thought, she has about half a year left.”
<sad music plays>


That is NOT ‘all right’, that is the opposite of ‘all right’!

Now we know what Mina meant by ‘half a year left’…
...she knew!

...and the lyrics for C’est La Vie… ‘The place of living is this moment, run right through it’

...and suddenly, I think I know what Minako is up to, she’s desperately trying to prepare Rei to be her successor.

Lets look at it from her point of view.

She’s Earth’s only superhero, the planets first, last and only line of defence against an apocalyptic supernatural threat…
...and she’ll be dead in less than a year.
Less than a year to find the other Guardians, get them organised, and focused on the task at hand.
...bearing in mind they’re all teenagers (with attitude).

To break the feeling of dooom, some humour…
OOC: A!Mina: “Ami, does your magic palmtop do CAT scans.”
A!Usagi: “Only when she uses it on Luna… or Artemis… or Luna’s boyfriend...”
A!Ami: “Among other things, yes, why?”
A!Mina: “No reason. On a completely unrelated note, would you...”
A!Ami: “...examine you head?”
A!Mina: “… yes.”

As if to hammer it home, the scene shifts back to Mina, who suddenly clutches her head.
Artemis (alarmed): “Minako!”
Mina: “I’m ok.”
(But I don’t think she is.)

What a time for an...

Mamoru cautiously enters his apartment, and checks…
...no piano…
...no mysterious white-haired ghost…

he puts down a pile of books.

(Hmm… the union jack, image of Big Ben, and the word ‘University’ in English reinforce the established idea that he’d planning on studying abroad.)

He sits down…

...and the sound of a piano fills his head…

Zoisite: “I want you to remember… back to a time when you were called Endymion.”
Mamoru: “That man named Zoisite… I feel that I know him.”
Mamoru: “My name was Endymion back then?”
For years Mamoru has sought knowledge of his past, but just when he finally decided to stop looking… this happens.
Mamoru: “What should I do now I know this.”
Cut to Usagi doing homework…
...she drops her pen…
(Is she ‘hearing’ this as well?)
Mamoru picks up his passport.
Mamoru: “I have already decided.”
There is the sound of plane flying…

Back to Usagi, who’s homework is interrupted by a phone call.

It’s Rei.

Rei: “Usagi, are you doing ok?”
Usagi: “I’m ok, but… is something the matter?”
Rei: “help me”

Usagi runs to the Crown…

(Just look at the back of her jacket).

She flashes her multipass to Kamkichi, and runs to Sailor HQ.
Kamekichi: “As its you kid, go on in.”

Usagi: “I never expected Rei to do a live event!”
Usagi empties her ‘friend has unexpectedly been request to sing at a live event’ kit.
Luna (to Rei): “You have hidden talents!”
Rei: “Not really… I’ve just never really wanted to.”
Usagi: “You’ll light up the stage!”
(Hopefully not literally).


Nephrite: “Youma, come forth! I give you my power!”

Looks like he’s cooking something up.

While back in the hospital, Mina, fitted with an IV, sleeps.
Artemis (worried): “Minako.”

Rei sings…
“There is no God…
But, I want something to believe in
I think these things on a moonlit night
As the cheery blossom tempest dispels”
(‘Cherry Blossom Tempest’ would be a good name for a Sailor Jupiter attack.)
(...on that subject, we haven’t seen Mako this episode)

Usagi and Luna watch Rei’s performance.
Usagi: “Hmm...”
Luna: “Hmm...”
Rei: “No good…?”
Usagi: “Well, the song suits you, but...”
Usagi: “...you’re making a scary face, Rei...”
Usagi: “Do you hate live events that much...”
Rei: “No.”
Rei: “I’m just shameful.”
(The word is the subtitles is ‘shameful’, but I’m not sure that is a particularly accurate translation.)
Usagi: “You’re just not used to it.”
Rei: “Its not that, I just feel to helpless having to ask you too for help.”
Rei: “(But I feel) if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to awaken my Guardian Powers.”
Luna: “Oh no!”
Luna: “Isn’t it almost time.”
Usagi engages panic mode.

Cut to… the hospital, as Usagi and Rei arrive.

The hospital has set up an impromptu changing room.

Rei has set up her Lunaphone with an appropriate outfit.

Usagi: “It’ll be fine!

Usagi watches Rei’s audience walk past.

Rei dramatically thumbs the Lunaphones ‘activate disguise’ button.

(I will just not that anyone walking past could have seen her instantly change outfits.)

Sailor security breach count: 3

Usagi is enthusiastically impressed by Rei’s choice of outfits.

Rei (thinking): “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, lets do this!”

Usagi: “Rei, you might not like doing this… but you made me really happy.”
Usagi: “When you called me for help, it was like you felt that you could depend on me.”
Rei: “Depend?”
Usagi: “Well, you can’t rely on someone you can’t trust, right?”

...and the show begins.

Rei remembers Mina’s words. ‘aren’t you lacking something as leader?’
...and realises what they meant!

But, in the halls of the hospital, evil prowls.

Luna senses it.
Luna: “Youma alert.”

Usagi looks at Rei, Rei returns the look, from her expression, she’s sensed it as well.

Usagi frantically mouths a message to Rei.
Usagi (via lip flaps and gesturing): “I’m on this. Rei keep singing, come afterwards.”
Rei manages an almost imperceptible nod.
It should be noted that she is singing all the time, and doesn’t break rhythm.

Usagi runs off.

A youma stalks the hospital wards.

Artemis senses it as well.

It turns out that Minako can wake in a hurry if she needs to.

(Also, she seems to have slipped on her normal clothes under her hospital gown).

Mina wastes no time and immediately transforms!

(And we get the whole Sailor Venus transformation sequence!)

Youma Incident: 18
Tentative Nomenclature: Draco
DarkWatch Reporting Name: DRAGONSPAWN NOIR
Capabilities: Energy resistance, adhesive residue

Ok, Nephrite, I think you’ve outdone yourself this time!

A running battle ensures, DRAGONSPAWN NOIR chasing Sailor Venus through the hospital.
The things can just shrug off crescent beams!

Usagi arrives, exchanges a look with Sailor Venus, and transforms.

With the arrival of reinforcements, DRAGONSPAWN NOIR doesn’t fancy its chances, and runs for it, with the two Sailors in hot pursuit.

Scene of DRAGONSPAWN NOIR acrobatically jumping down the stairs with the two Sailors running after it.

When it gets to the entrance foyer, DRAGONSPAWN NOIR decides to turn and fight.

Sailor Venus cartwheels past DRAGONSPAWN NOIR…
...while Sailor Moon just boots it in the head.
Sailor Venus follows up with a pirouetting double-boot-to-the head.
DRAGONSPAWN NOIR ends up behind Sailor Moon
...who uses an over-the-shoulder high-kick boot-to-the-head.

Boot-to-the-head count: 4

Ok, that was rather more ‘full contact’ than the usual fights in this thing.

The two Sailors exchange a nod, then go after DRAGONSPAWN NOIR with a double cartwheel attack.

Sailor Venus then jumps over it.

And the two Sailors finish it off with a ‘Venus Love-Me Chain/Moon Twilight Flash’ combo.

Sailor Venus (thinking): “Nice co-ordinated attack… why can’t I move my feet?!”

It looks like the Youma turned into some kind of highly-sticky slime on death.
Interestingly the slime seems to have particularly targeted the areas around the two Sailor’s feet.

Artemis: “Princess!”
Luna: “Sailor Moon.”

Enter Nephrite, smirking.

(Ok, Nephrite, you really have outdone yourself this time!)
(Did the youma deliberately lure the Sailors here?)

At which point, we get an…


Nephrite: “I have you now!”

He just ignores Sailor Moon, walking straight past her (while being careful to avoid the pool of sticky goo).

He advances menacingly on Sailor Venus.

Nephrite: “How much have I been through thanks to you… brats?

Sailor Moon struggles to break free!

Nephrite raises his hand towards Sailor Venus, it looks like he’s planning on just blasting her!

...which is when everything turns to fire!

Sailor Mars fireballs him again, then leaps to a new position.

The is the inexplicable sound of a helicopter.

Sailor Mars: “Guardian of Flame and Passion… Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars… I’ll punish you!”

Nephrite and Sailor Mars square off.

Nephrite: “Kame…. Hame...”

Sailor Mars: “HADOKEN!”

Ok, this is new, Sailor Mars’ attack has a lot of swirling flames…

...before coalescing into a (literally) flaming wave motion beam.

(She still calls it ‘Youma Taisan’ ‘Youma, be-gone!’ though, she’s going to end up with 83 distinct attacks, all named ‘Youma Taisan’, isn’t she).

Nephrite is flambéed!

(He’s in there… somewhere.)

Nephrite disappers in a spray of sparks.

Cut to Sailor Mars, seen through heat haze.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus noticed that their feet are no longer glued to the floor.

Luna: “Mars, you’ve awakened!”
Sailor Venus: “It seems you have found what you lacked.”
Flashback!Usagi: “Well, you can’t rely on someone you can’t trust, right?”
Sailor Mars (thinking): “Believing in my companions.”
Sailor Venus: “This isn’t the end of it.”
Sailor Venus: “There is more that you must remember.”
Artemis: “Since its you guys, I’m sure you’ll remember.”

Sailor Venus picks up Artemis and leaves.
Sailor Mars calls after her: “Princess...”
...but she doesn’t answer.

Sailor Moon: “If we can get Mako too, I’m sure we’ll get Ami back.”
Sailor Moon: “Now, karaoke!”
Sailor Mars: “I hate karaoke.”
Sailor Moon: “But you just sang.”
Sailor Mars: “That was a one-time deal!”
Sailor Moon: “But Rei….”

Looks like Nephrite survived, but he seems to be in quite a bit of pain.
Dark Mercury is… unsympathetic to his plight, and walks off.

Nephrite summons up…



Nephrite, this is supposed to be a kids show!

He swings it Dark Mercury’s neck!


(I’m pretty sure he missed).

Next Episode:

Also the return of Truck-kun!

We are now almost at the half-way mark, and things are getting a bit hectic.
...also dark, with the confirmation that Mina’s living on borrowed time.
...I mean, we'd had hints, but now its confirmed.
(I do hope we’re not going to get some sort of ‘superpowers give you brain cancer’ storyline).

Bag of Magic Food

Still captured by Lothor
Validated User
When will they ever learn that sound is not wind, only vibration?!

Equivalent Manga Act: (well, there’s a bit that’s sort of similar to what happened in Codename: Sailor V volume 4).
Equivalent Animé Episode: 54! (but not really)
Oh yeah, the episodes where they developed new attacks gave Minako a rivalry with Makoto, didn't they?

(Also, I keep wanting to spell her name ‘Dark Merkury’ for some reason.)
So you can better justify the abbreviation "Darkury?" :)

Mina: “Yes. An important part of awakening is a problem with the Heart...”
(I am not sure what she means by this… something to do with being in emotional turmoil being needed to awaken?)
Maybe, or it could be something more like, "The problem with your awakening lies within your heart."

(Just look at the back of her jacket).
You know, I still need to find the history behind Love Rabby apparel.

Nerik the Red

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When will they ever learn that sound is not wind, only vibration?!
When it stops being funny?

Maybe, or it could be something more like, "The problem with your awakening lies within your heart."
Yeah, that seems better.

You know, I still need to find the history behind Love Rabby apparel.
That logo just suits Usagi so much.

Maybe your subconscious is trying to do some word play?

Dark Mercury = Murkury.
OK, I'm going to yoink that one, thanks!

After last week's shocking revelationconfirmation, this week is full of surprises!

...and one hilarious subtitle typo!
やっぱり地場衛のことがわすれられないの (Act 24 - I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All)
Episode Number: 24
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 20, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: 6-7 (for one bit)
Equivalent Animé Episode: 34 (although in some ways this is the exact opposite to Episode 34)
(Data taken from wikimoon)

No recap, we go straight into Nephrite attempting to shorten Murkury by a head.

She, of course, dodges easily.

Murkury: "You are in no fit state to take me on."

...she's not even angry, more amused.

Nephrite swings again, she ducks under the blow, which ends up hitting the cavern wall.

His third strike is blocked by Kunzite, who just comes out of nowhere.

Kunzite: "Have you lost your mind?"

Piano music starts playing.

Nephrite turns his attentions on Kunzite, they duel.

Murkury watches, smiling.

Elsewhere, Zoisite plays his piano.

Cut to Mamoru remembering his encounter with Zoisite in his apartment.

...and back to our duel.

...which ends with Kunzite slashing Nephrite's cape.

Murkury smiles and wanders off.

Back to Zoisite...

"I must awaken Master Endymion. So tragedy does not fall on this planet a second time."

Then this happens...




Still in THE DARK KINGDOM! Queen Beryl is very angry.

Queen Beryl: "Nephrite, you... FOOL!"

Nephrite: "I'm sorry!"


She does, in fact, have to tell him twice.

Jadite: "Nephrite, Queen Beryl gave you an order."

Kunzite subtly smirks, Queen Beryl turns her back in disgust.

While, in Mamoru's apartment, Hina is helping him pack.

Mamoru points out that they have plenty of time, as they're not leaving for two weeks.

(Which, as this series sort of runs in real time, is two episodes!)

Mamoru heads off to see Motoki.


Queen Beryl: "Endymion... We will meet soon."

As Mamoru leaves his apartment block... suddenly he hears piano music!

Suddenly, Kunzite bursts into Zoisite's room and grabs his arm.

Kunzite: "What are you doing?"

Zoisite: "Kunzite..." (he does not sound happy)

Zoisite: "So you have been awakened?"

Kunzite: "There is no need to awaken Master Endymion..."

Zoisite (surprised): "Are you saying you remember the Master?"

Zoisite (angry): "Once he was our lord."

Kunzite (smirking): "Yes... Once."

Kunzite: "Listen now... Don't do anything... hasty."

Zoisite narrows his eyes.

Shot of Mamoru walking through a heat-haze.

He comes to a road, and stops to wait for the lights to change.

Also at the crossing...


Usagi and Mamoru exchange an awkward greeting.

Usagi's internal monologue: "Why? I'm trying so hard to forget him."

Well, in two weeks, awkward meetings like this might become a lot less likely.

Lost in her own thoughts, Usagi steps out into traffic...

...and nearly gets run over!

...only to be saved by Mamoru.

Mamoru: "Idiot! It was red!"

Usagi: "Who's the idiot?"

Then she sheepishly realises that, in this case, it was her.

Cut to Kamikichi, who is apparently going on a date.

Motoki is surprised to see Mamoru and Usagi.

Motoki: "Don't often see you two together."

Mamoru: "We sort of ran into each other outside."

(Note body language).

Motoki suggests that Usagi and her friends should come to Mamoru's farewell party.

Which is where Usagi learns that Mamoru is heading off to study in England.

...her first reaction is a big smile... she's really impressed, and happy for Mamoru.

...then the smile slips as she realises that she won't be seeing him again.

At which point Mako arrives.

Motoki is enthusiastically trying to show Mako his new haircut, while Mako ignores him, and glares at Mamoru.

Usagi wanders off to Sailor HQ.

Usagi (sadly): "...studying abroad."

Mako enters.

Mako (worried): "Usagi."

Usagi (suddenly all smiles): "DidYouHear? It'sReallyImpressiveThatHe'sStudyingAborad."

Mako (who's not buying it): "You remember when I said to to give up on liking someone before..."

Usagi (still smiling, at least when she's facing Mako): "That's OK. I've already decided to forget about it."

Mako: "..."

Usagi: "I really mean it."

Usagi: "Right now, the most important thing is to get Ami back!"

Usagi rushes over to play with the Karaoke machine.

Mako remembers punching Tuxedo Mask.

Mako (flashback): "Don't ever come near her again!"

Mako (thinking): "It's for the bast is that guy disappears."

While, back in THE DARK KINGDOM (again)

Murkury finds a rather sorry for himself Nephrite.

Nephrite: "Come to gloat?"

Murkury looks at him with something resembling sympathy, and chucks him the severed part of his cloak.

Murkury: "Being all alone like that... Somehow, I don't like it."

She walks off.

Mamoru returns home.

He notices that it is the day to put rubbish out for collection, and decides to add a few items.

Namely; one tuxedo, one top hat, and one domino mask.

Mamoru: "Won't be needing these any-more."

...which is when he hears the voice in his head...

Zoisite: "Master... come here..."

Everything fades out...

...cut to... the Milky Way!

Mamoru wakes up in a planetarium.

He notices Zoisite.

There is piano music and Zoisite isn't playing!

We then get a hilarious typo by the Sea of Serenity fansubbers.

(Which rather spoils the mood.)

I'm going to assume that what he actually says is "What we are looking at is the distant Past."

Zoisite: "...the night sky...and the thing you would not cease loving..."

Zoisite: "...the Moon."

Suddenly Mamoru remembers...

...Lava everywhere!

A figure vaguely seen through the flames.

A figure resembling Tuxedo Mask...

...the two clasp hands...

...surrounded by flames.

...snap back.

Zoisite: You are Master Endymion."

Zoisite: (Once, to protect this planet... you fought."

Flashback to Tuxedo mask saving Sailor Moon back in episode one.

Zoisite: "You must remember... you..."

But Mamoru is having none of it.

Mamoru: "STOP! I am... Mamoru Chiba."

Mamoru: "I don't need some other Past any-more."

Zoisite: "Master..."


Mamoru runs out of the Planetarium.

His phone rings... it's Hina, who wants to know where he is.

Hina: "The Science Museum? Why are you there?"

Mamoru fibs: "There's a shop I wanted to go to."

Mamoru: "... I'll be back soon."

...err... Mamoru... look behind you!

Mamoru, hearing something, looks round...

Cut to Hina rushing into the Crown...

Hina (obviously worried): "Motoki, is Mamoru here?"

Motoki: "He was earlier, but he left."

(While they're talking, we see Mako and Usagi walking past.)

(Usagi spots Hina and stops, Mako stops to see what is up)

Hina: "He called just now from the Science Museum."

Hina: "He was cut off mid call. And now I can't get through to him!"

Motoki: "Maybe he's underground."

Hina: "...he said something strange just before he was cut off..."

Hina: "'Kunzite' or something."

Mako and Usagi, listening in, exchange a look.

Hina: "What's a Kunzite?"

Motoki attempts to re-assure Hina.

Usagi: "Err... Miss Hina... did you say the Science Museum?"

Hina: "The Planetarium..."

Usagi leaves the Crown at speed, with Mako in hot pursuit.

Mako: "Usagi!"

Mako manages to grab Usagi.

Usagi: "We've got to hurry, he might have been attacked or something!"

Mako: "I'll go, so you don't have to, Usagi."

Usagi: "Why?"

Mako: "Didn't you decide to forget about him?"

Usagi: "...this is completely different!"

She rushes off, now even Mako is finding it hard to keep up with her!

...running montage!


Inter-cut of Usagi and Mako running with Kunzite attacking Mamoru with his sword.

Mamoru manages to dodge Kunzite's attacks, and ducks inside the Science Museum.

They manoeuvre a bit, then Kunzite acrobatically leaps over Mamoru's head.

Kunzite: "If only Zoisite hadn't roused those strange emotions."

Kunzite: "I intended to leave you alone until the day of destruction."

Kunzite launches a viscous flurry of attacks, Mamoru manages to parry them with a nearby waste-paper bin.

Mamoru legs it up the stairs, Kunzite casually walks after him.

...only to be suddenly attacked by Tuxedo Mask!

Kunzite easily parries Tuxedo Mask's cane blows.

Kunzite: "What a shame... the man who was once Master Endymion... Now so powerless."

Kunzite swings his sword, and blasts Tuxedo Mask with ribbons of blue light.

Blasting him (somehow) off a balcony and onto a studio floor.

The people working in the studio are surprised when a tuxedo-clad man falls to the floor among them, then terrified when a man-catcher wielding youma appears and attacks.

...looks like Kunzite brought back-up.

(Why is Kunzite doing this?)

Youma Incident: 19
Tentative Nomenclature: FukurÅ
DarkWatch Reporting Name: GLAMROCK OWL
Capabilities: Man-catcher, energy drain
Usagi and Mako arrive at the Science Museum.

Mako: "Nobody home?"

Usagi looks at the dented waste-paper bin.

Luna (who is stuffed into Usagi's shoulder bag: "Be careful... I sense an enemy presence here..."

Which is when GLAMROCK OWL appears between them.

GLAMROCK OWL: "Fresh meat."

The two girls just exchange a look, then transform.

This time we get a rotating split-screen transformation sequence!

Double pass flying kick into a cartwheel dodge.

Sailor Moon winks at Sailor Jupiter.

The two perform a synchronised double leg-sweep!

GLAMROCK OWL goes down!

...but staggers back up.

Sailor Jupiter looks at Sailor Moon, then rushes GLAMROCK OWL pinning it to a piller.

The two struggle.

Sailor Jupiter: "Usagi go, find him, I've got this!"

Sailor Moon: "Mako!"

Sailor Jupiter: "Go!"

Sailor Moon goes.

Sailor Jupiter continues to wrestle with the youma, but gets knocked down.

Sailor Jupiter: "I said I'll be fine."

Sailor Moon runs off to find Mamoru.

What she finds is:

(I do hope they're all not dead.)

Sailor Moon checks the bodies.

Sailor Moon: "He's not here."


Back in the studio, Kunzite advances menacingly on a downed Tuxedo Mask.

Kunzite: "Once... You told me to chase after myself, didn't you..."

Kunzite: "You said that knowing would not be frightening."

(I think that's a reference to episode 13).

Tuxedo Mask: "So, you become yourself, just as you feared..."

Kunzite: "It's your fault."

Kunzite: "You betrayed us..."

(Wait, what?)

Kunzite: "...and so, this planet was destroyed."

(Wait, WHAT?)

Tuxedo Mask just lies there, looking shocked.

Kunzite: "I will have revenge on all of that."

Kunzite: "Up first, Master, will be you."

He repeatedly lashes Tuxedo mask with ribbons of blue light.

Sailor Moon: "Wait!"

Kunzite just looks at her, then turns to attack Tuxedo Mask again...

...suddenly, out of no-where... Zoisite for the save!

(Well, he was in the area, in some manner of speaking).

The two Heavenly Kings duel, while they are occupied, Sailor Moon takes the opportunity to interpose herself between Tuxedo Mask and the two.

Kunzite manages to overcome Zoisite, knocking him to the ground.

Kunzite turns to again attack Tuxedo Mask, finding himself blocked by Sailor Moon.

Zoisite staggers to his feet and again attempts to stop Kunzite, Kunzite just blasts him.

Zoisite fades away in a burst of greenish light...

Zoisite: "Kunzite..."

Kunzite turns to face Sailor Moon...

He charges up his wave-motion sword...

...before unleashing a starkly coruscating beam of cerulean destruction!

Sailor Moon tanks it!

Kunzite increases the power.

Sailor Moon is forced to her knees...

...then, she staggers back up again!

...and then this happens!

As the golden glow expands, Kunzite drops his attack and shields himself with his cloak.

Sailor Moon pulls out the Moon Stick, and...

...blasts Kunzite with an overpowered 'Moon Twilight Flash'!

Kunzite manages to block the beam...

...but he notices... something...

Kunzite: "I see now... Sailor Moon... you are..."

With a swirl of his cloak, he vanishes.

The light show vanishes, Sailor Moon collapses like a puppet with cut strings.

Meanwhile, Sailor Jupiter continues to battle GLAMROCK OWL.

Sailor Jupiter considers running for it through a loading bay door.

GLAMROCK OWL notices...


...the door closes on its own accord.

The battle continues, kicks vs. man-catcher.

Sailor Jupiter is definitely having the worse of it...

...she gets knocked down.

GLAMROCK OWL advances on her, menacingly... laughing...

Sailor Jupiter struggles to her feet...

GLAMROCK OWL raises her man-catcher for the killing blow...

...then notices something off-screen...

...and hurriedly adjusts its grip to block...

...as the first of the stream of fireballs impacts it.

Sailor Mars has arrived.

GLAMROCK OWL is singed, but not yet defeated.

Sailor Jupiter staggers to her feet.

Sailor Mars says one word: "Now."

GLAMROCK OWL staggers to its feet, only to be struck by a 'Supreme Thunder'/Empowered 'Youma Begone!' combo.

(I'm reminded of the combination attacks the animé was fond of).

...scratch another youma.

The two Sailors exchange a look.

Sailor Mars: "Is Usagi...?"

Sailor Jupiter just nods.

Back in the studio, Tuxedo Mask attends to Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask: "This all happened because you were protecting me. Forgive me."

Sailor Moon: "More importantly... did you see where that man went?"

Tuxedo Mask: "What man?"

Sailor Moon: "He's about the same height as you."

(Also, weight, build, hair-style and shoe size).

Tuxedo Mask: "..."

Sailor Moon: "His name is Mamoru Chiba."

Tuxedo Mask: "..."

Sailor Moon (panicking a bit): "The enemy might have attacked him!"

(Well, they did.)

Sailor Moon: "Did you see him?"

Tuxedo Mask: "..."

Tuxedo Mask: "No."

Sailor Moon: "I have to go and save him!"

She staggers to her feet, she can barely walk!

Tuxedo Mask: "You're over-exerting yourself! The enemy is gone. Leave him be!"

Sailor Moon: "I can't! he might have collapsed!"

She continues to stagger towards the door, then collapses herself.

Tuxedo Mask: "Why are you doing this?"

<a heartbeat sound starts>

Sailor Moon: "Remember when I said there was someone I wanted to give that scarf to?"

Sailor Moon: "He's the guy."

Tuxedo Mask; "..."

Sailor Moon: "That's why... I have to save him."

Tuxedo Mask (thinking): "It couldn't be..."

Sailor Moon manages to haul herself up the stairs in the studio, Tuxedo Mask following, appears to be in an equally bad shape.

...if not worse, as she leaves him behind.

He catches up to her when she collapses at the foot of the entry-way stairs.

Tuxedo Mask: "Idiot!"

Sailor Moon: "Who's the idiot?"

Then she realises...

Flashback to her nearly getting run over earlier in the episode.

Opening credits music starts playing!

Sailor Moon: "Why didn't I realise until now?"

She slowly reaches up and takes off his mask.

(Which is a reversal of the original manga, where, after finding out the Mamoru was Tuxedo Mask, she put his mask on him, just to confirm).

And there, as they stare into each others tear-full eyes, we cut to...


Next Episode...

Murkury: "She's my prey."

Kunzite: "Not today."

The episode ends with an announcement for their live video, 'Kirari Super Live', which seems to be a combination of a live musical show and backstage scenes (including a character that I don't think I've seen yet).


Well, we're nearly at the half-way mark, and things are getting wild.

It seems that both Zoisite and Kunzite remember the past (or maybe the pants), but their reactions to it are very different.

...and whatever happened, it looked suitably apocalyptic!

(Also, Zoisite and Kunzite have a very different relationship from in the anime).

From the looks of it, next episode features a revelation that will shock most of the characters...

...but the audience probably already know.


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Hehehe. We have the pair knowing each other as it should. But Kunizite out for revenge of the past? This is brand new.

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Okay, you really got me there with Reika butting in with the literal definition of kunzite. 🤣

The episode ends with an announcement for their live video, 'Kirari Super Live', which seems to be a combination of a live musical show and backstage scenes (including a character that I don't think I've seen yet).
I'd say it's a mixture of a live musical show and a concert, maybe. The backstage scenes must have been DVD bonus features. I know it was fansubbed in English at some point, so I think you can watch it after episode 28 or so.

Nerik the Red

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Hehehe. We have the pair knowing each other as it should. But Kunizite out for revenge of the past? This is brand new.
Yup, but the seeds were there in the Manga.
(There's a scene where the four are/were trying to convince Endymion of the rightness of Beryl's cause.)
On that subject, Manga Kunzite got the most characterisation of any of the four, as well as a significant role in the denouement.

Okay, you really got me there with Reika butting in with the literal definition of kunzite. 🤣
I'm glad you liked it. ;)

I'd say it's a mixture of a live musical show and a concert, maybe. The backstage scenes must have been DVD bonus features. I know it was fansubbed in English at some point, so I think you can watch it after episode 28 or so.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I've noticed that a lot (possibly all) of the episodes of this are currently find-able on You-Tube (while trying to dodge spoilers).
Research will be done...

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We're at the half-way point...

...and this is where everything changes!

...and, tonight, someone dies!

...and I bust my image budget.

タキシード仮面の正体が地場衛だったなんて… (Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...)
Episode Number: 25
Director: [Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 27, 2004
Equivalent Manga Act: End of 6, beginning of 7.
Equivalent Animé Episode: 34 - this time for real!

(Data taken from wikimoon)

No recap, we go straight to where we left off, with Sailor Moon (finally) discovering Tuxedo Mask's identity.

Sailor Moon remembers her heartfelt confession about who she was planning to give the scarf to, and, embarrassed, makes to leave.

Mamoru grabs her wrist.

Mamoru: "Usagi!"

Sailor Moon; "You knew..."

Sailor Moon: "Everything is different now... There's no way that I..."

Mamoru: "I do too!"

Sailor Moon: "Huh?"

He says it again, and releases her hand.

He puts his mask back on...

(OK, how does it stay on?)

And, with a dramatic swirl of his cape, he walks away.

Sailor Moon: "He does too? ...does that mean he..."

She smiles, slightly.

(Which are still the same).

In THE DARK KINGDOM Kunzite is trying to feed Zoisite to his piano.

Kunzite: "Why are you concerning yourself with Master now?"

Kunzite: "It is only natural for that man to disappear. Do not involve yourself again."

Kunzite: "Got it?"

Zoisite most certainly hasn't 'got it'.

Zoisite: "That is an unreasonable request."

Zoisite: "Especially if you are saying you mean to destroy him."

Zoisite looks ready to throw down right now.

Kunzite: "Our Master once destroyed this world."

(Wait... what?)

(Also, weren't you talking about the coming 'day of destruction' earlier? THE DARK KINGDOM's endgame continues to be worryingly unclear.)

Zoisite disagrees, vehemently!

Zoisite: "That is wrong! It was the Princess."

(Wait... WHAT?)

(OTOH, this could explain why Zoisite took the Princess-hunting duties.)

Zoisite continues, wistfully: "If only she were gone."

Kunzite: "I will deal with the Princess."

Kunzite: "You do nothing."

Then, more threateningly: "If you should say that you will not listen..."

Suddenly, Zoisite finds a sword-blade at his throat... he flinches... slightly.

Kunzite: "You know what happens when I get serious, don't you?"

Zoisite just shakes his head.

Zoisite: "Kunzite, you haven't changed a bit."

Kunzite leaves.

Elsewhere, Jadeite is tattling on Kunzite to the head.

...and by head I mean Queen Beryl.

Jadeite: "I think I have figured out what Kunzite is up to."

Queen Beryl: "Oh?"

Jadeite: "It appears that he is after the real Princess."

Queen Beryl: "The real one?"

Queen Beryl: "Is he saying that the one we've all been chasing is an imposter?"

Jadeite: "He suspects so. He thinks she's a decoy."

Queen Beryl: "If so, then where is the real one."

Cut to... Minako Aino's dressing room.

Mina: "Sailor Moon and her group have begun to awaken little by little, haven't they?"

Artemis: "Yes, as they fight as Guardians... they are guided to their Powers."

Mina: "I predict that it will happen very soon... I'm sure of it."

Artemis: "Yeah."

(What is Mina predicting?... I'll get back to that... later.)

There is a knock on the door.

Mina: "Yes?"

Artemis: "Arrgh!" 8o

A studio flunky comes in.

Flunky: "I'm sure I heard you taking to someone..."

Mina: "There's only me in here."

They leave.

Artemis: "phew... that was too close."

Elsewhere, in Mamoru's split-level apartment...

Hina continues to pack.

While looking for a key for one of the suitcases, she finds... this!

(Uh oh! Warning: incoming DRAMA!)

She takes out the heart-covered handkerchief.

Hina: "What's this?"

Later that day, evening has fallen, Usagi's room.

She remembers her discovery of earlier.

Usagi: "Argh! I can't go through all of this in my head again."

She throws herself onto her bed.

Usagi: "But, maybe he really does..."

Cut to... Mamoru, slumped on his sofa.

His mobile rings, it's Motoki.

It looks like they were planning a farewell party for him and Hina that evening...

...Now Hina has showed up, and wants to turn it into an engagement announcement part.

Cut to a room decorated for a party with a rather unhappy looking Hina.

Motoki (on phone): "I've got the feeling she's brooding over something..."

Mamoru arrives at the Crown at a run...

...to find this!

Motoki: "This?... it's for my parlour trick for the party."

Motoki (more seriously): "Did you guys have a fight? Hina said she found a woman’s handkerchief at your place."

Mamoru (thinking): "Oh carp!"

Motoki: "But I think that's all she has. The truth is that I'm really worried about you."

Motoki then explains what the whole deal with Hina's father is.

Hina's father took care of Mamoru after his parents were killed.

Motoki continues: "Hina trusts you completely... and that's your weakness."

Motoki: "But she's the daughter of your benefactor... If you marry her without being in love with her... What will you do then?"

Motoki: "...and she's standing right behind me, isn't she!"

Hina flees in tears, Mamoru chases after her.


Motoki: "Kamekichi! Please just hit me!"


Hina runs off, Mamoru runs off looking for her.

And, on a roof-top, Kunzite surveys Tokyo.

Jadeite: "Kunzite... what 'interesting thing' did you want to show me?"

Kunzite: "Aid me, and you'll find out."

Jadeite: "Don't think that I will become your underling."

Jadeite: "Why don't you use your pet Sailor?"

Kunzite: "She's quite capricious, she'll come if she pleases."

Kunzite: "Doing this will bring no harm to you."

Jadeite conjures up a youma, with a simple (but dramatic) gesture.

DarkWatch said:
Youma Incident: 20
Tentative Nomenclature: Shimo no kiba
DarkWatch Reporting Name: FROSTFANG
Capabilities: Icy breath, energy drain

Kunzite (flatteringly): "You are clever, unlike Nephrite."

And, on the subject of Nephrite...


Nephrite: "If Queen Beryl continues to shun me..."

Nephrite: "...I'll die in obscurity."

He remembers Murkury returning the severed piece of his cape.

...revealing that he had already replaced it.

Nephrite: "Being pities by a Sailor Guardian..."

He throws the piece of cape to the floor.

Cut to Usagi, power-walking!

Usagi: "I should just ask him plain and straight about that 'I do too'."

Usagi: "I don't have time to worry about this right now."

Usagi: "I'm too busy."

Mamoru's search for Hina is interrupted by a scream!

As streams of lilac suck the life-force from the population of Tokyo!

FROSTFANG stands upon a rooftop, wantonly energy draining the whole city!

Usagi spots the attack.

Usagi grabs her phone and calls it in.

The other two Sailor's respond.


Mamoru finds Hina, just standing in a park, ignoring the running panicked people and the bodies littering the ground.

Mamoru: "Hina!"

Hina (shouting): "Leave me alone!"

Hina (quieter): "Wouldn't it be better if I wasn't here?"

Hina: "I'm the real idiot... we've always been together since we were little..."

Hina: "How do you really feel about me? You never told me, not once."

Hina (shouting again): "I've had enough! Why don't you go with your other woman."

Meanwhile, the 'other woman' is trying to track down the source of the attacks.

Which, of course, leads to her running straight into Mamoru.

...awkward pause...

While those two are deciding what they're going to do next, we cut to Rei and Mako, who have found the source of the attacks.

...also, they've found Kunzite and Jadeite.

Kunzite: "So, you've finally made it."

Mako: "You did this to lure us here, didn't you?"

Kunzite: "Maybe."

Kunzite: "Jadeite, keep them busy... please."

Kunzite walks off.

Rei and Mako transform - split screen transformation!

(Remember in the Anime when a Heavenly King figuring out a Sailor's ID was a big deal?)

The two Sailor's battle Jadeite, Kunzite leans against a piller, smiling.

...back to Usagi and Mamoru.

They just looks at each other, sad music plays.

They walk slowly towards each other...

...suddenly, Mamoru's face contorts in anguish, and he turns away, running off.

Usagi stops in shock, turns in the direction he ran, then her eyes widen.

Lying on the ground is Hina.

She's barely conscious, but obviously in distress.

Hina: "Mamoru... lets be together always."

Hina: "Papa was your benefactor. Without Papa, you'd be..."

Hina: "So, even if you hate me, let us be together always."

Usagi, of course, hears everything.

Mamoru: "Why are you talking like that! I've been by your side since we were little."

Mamoru: "You're so important to me."

Mamoru: "Those are my honest feelings."

Mamoru: "So, until you get fed up with me, I will be with you."

Of course, as he says this, the camera focuses on Usagi.

Mamoru looks at Usagi, his expression says 'I'm sorry'.

Usagi smiles, a sweet, sad smile, as if to say 'that's all right'.

Usagi (hesitantly): "Hurry and run."

Mamoru: "Usagi..."

Usagi (more urgently): "Hurry and run!"

She runs off towards the attack.

Usagi (thinking): "I'm such an idiot. Even if it was just a little bit, getting my hopes up like that..."

Usagi: "I'm only thinking about myself again."

Usagi: "I forgot how painful it must be for Hina."

She transforms.

Inside, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter battle Jadeite, not helped by the fact that FROSTFANG has joined it.

FROSTFANG's primary
tactic is to grab the Sailors by the throat and hurl them across the room.

Sailor Moon: "Hold it right there!" as she bursts into the room.

...only for Kunzite to join the fight.

Kunzite: "I will be your opponent."

He brandishes his sword.

The two circle.

Mamoru lays Hina on a park bench, and covers her with his jacket.

Mamoru: "I'll be right back."

Hina works it out: "So, it was Usagi."

Mamoru suits up, dramatically.

He holds his mask.

Mamoru (thinking): "This will be... the last time!"

OOC: L!Mamoru: "Where did that giant death flag come from?"

Tuxedo Mask runs towards the danger zone.


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....after the break...

Sailor Moon is busy dodging Kunzite's sword blows, or parrying with the Moon Stick. He's not trying anything fancy, he's just trying to hit her with his sword.

She's not doing well, Sailor Moon stumbles, Kunzite brings his sword down on her...

...to be blocked by Sailor Venus!

Kunzite smiles.

Kunzite: "Jadeite! The Princess has arrived, why don't you give her a courteous reception?"

Jadeite and FROSTFANG exchange a glance.

FROSTFANG turns, and blasts at Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus with its ice breath.

...both of whom dodge.

Sailor Venus takes charge.

Sailor Venus: "Sailor Moon! You help those people outside."

Sailor Moon: "Huh?"

Sailor Venus: "We'll be fine, just hurry."

Sailor Venus: "Mars, Jupiter, let's go."

Sailor Moon goes.

(Note where Mars is looking).

Kunzite: "You've made this far too easy."

With a gesture, he seals the doors.

While they're distracted, FROSTFANG freezes Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter's feet to the floor!

And then...

Ami: "It's been a while... U...sa...gi..."

Things get worse...

Ami transforms into Murkury!

Sailor Venus: "Dammit!"

Sailor Venus: "They were after Sailor Moon right from the start..."

FROSTFANG blasts Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter with its ice breath, freezing them both solid!

Things get even worser...

FROSTFANG then blasts Sailor Mars, who manages to block its attack with her flame powers.

Sailor Mars looks like its taking all of her power just to block FROSTFANG's attack.

The cats arrive, wondering what they can do at this point.

Sailor Moon is hard pressed by attacks from both Murkury, with her ice sword, and Kunzite, with his metal one.

FROSTFANG overcomes Sailor Mars' defence, freezing her as well.

Things get even more worser...

Kunzite roughly pushes Murkury out of the way before unleashing an onslaught upon Sailor Moon that knocks her to the floor.

He raises his sword to strike her down...

Murkury: "Kunzite! Remember she's my prey."

Kunzite brings his sword up to Murkury's neck.

Kunzite: "Not today."

Kunzite: "That's my prey."

He brings his sword up again... and slashes it down.

Suddenly Tuxedo Mask out of no-where!

He throws himself between Sailor Moon and the attack...

...and it looks like Mamoru's 'the last time' was horribly prophetic!

...I think his spine just got cut... lengthways!

Tuxedo's Mask falls to the floor, somehow also cut.

Sailor Moon: "NO!"

Kunzite (smirking): "Master, sorry about that."

(He's not sorry.)

Kunzite suddenly finds a blade at his throat.

Murkury: "Kunzite! I despise people who get in my way."

Kunzite just grabs her wrist.

Kunzite: "Mercury, keep the selfishness in moderation."

Murkury: "I also despise being told what to do."

Kunzite: "Oh my, you really are a character."

While the two bicker...

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon cradles Mamoru in her arms, as if she could keep death from him.

Mamoru (through the pain): "I can't respond to your feelings... But, at the very least..."

Sailor Moon: "Hang in there."

...but the injury was two severe, as she holds him, he slips away.

Everything goes quiet.

Sailor Moon: "This can't be happening."


Sailor Moon: "Ma...moru?"


Sailor Moon: "Mamoru!"


All this has happened before...

In the Earth Year 2004, a young woman kneels, cradling the body of the one she loved.

While, in the far distant past...on another world...

Sailor Moon's tiara starts glowing with a golden light.

The light engulfs her...

...it shines upon Mamoru's body...

...it shines on the two plush cats...

...Murkury recoils from the light, as if in pain, Kunzite shields himself and her with his clock...

...Jadeite likewise shields himself with his cape, but he can't tear his eyes away... no matter how much it hurts...

...the glow intensifies.

FROSTFANG explodes.

The three Sailor thaw.

Sailor Venus moon caste-mark vanishes, being replaced by a yellow gem, that then glows into a tiara.

Sailor Mars: "Venus..."

Sailor Venus: "She has awoken."

Kunzite, squinting at the glare: "Just as I suspected..."

Artemis: "All of you... remember!"

Luna: "That's right, I remember!"

Luna: "Venus is the leader of the Sailor Guardians."

Of the Sailors (who aren’t Venus), Mars remembers first.

Sailor Mars: "Our Princess..."

Sailor Jupiter: "The Princess..."

The light fades, revealing...

The Princess' tears fall upon Mamoru.

Princess: "Please... open your eyes...."

A single tear falls... and starts glowing...

...taking the form of a crystal at is too bright to see!

The glow restores the fallen populace of Tokyo.

A column of light penetrates THE DARK KINGDOM

Queen Beryl: "This the power of the Illusionary Silver Crystal!"

...and there its is!

Everyone watches...

Even Kunzite and Murkury, who still seem pained by the light, cannot look away.

Kunzite calls the retreat, He, Murkury and Jadeite teleport out.

Mamoru stirs, as if awakening.

Mamoru: "Princess?"

...and remembers his dream.

...seen clearly for the very first time.

...and, like a dream when the dreamer awakens... the Illusionary Silver Crystal fades and vanishes, as if it were never there.

The Princess looks down at the revived Mamoru.

Sailor Venus kneels.

Sailor Venus: "Princess Serenity."

Princess: "Huh?"

The other two Sailors approach and kneel.

A rather confused Princess stands up.

The two cats approach, clumsily.

OOC: L!Artemis: "Well, someone just used up our entire CGI budget!"

Princess: "I'm the Princess?"


Next Episode:

"The love between the Princess and the Prince is an ill omen."

This is not the End.

This is not the Beginning of the End.

It is, however, the End of the Beginning.

OK, I managed to find the whole 'apotheosis' scene on You-tube.

So, this is it, the half-way mark!

The original manga actually cliff-hangered Mamoru being struck down at the end of Act 6, while Sailor Moon's apotheosis was at the beginning of Act 7.

This follows more closely to the Anime, by having the event at the end of the episode.

It should be noted, in the anime, this whole occurence is placed rather later in the storyline, at about the three-quarters done mark.

Oh, and we all know what Usagi's response to being revealed as Princess will be... take it away, Shadowjack Shadowjack !

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