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Loves this series - will follow!
It has all the necessities, bubblegum, popcorn, collections of decorative bottles, flowers, a karaoke machine and a computer terminal.
When I first saw this, years ago, I thought "It's like a girly Batcave!"

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...and we're back.

Next day, Ami arrives at school...

...as does Usagi, who's uncharacteristically early (didn't Miss Haruna state that Ami usually arrives 30 min. early?)

Usagi is, of course, bursting to tell Ami the news.
...I have a sudden feeling of dread here...
...Usagi's going to sound totally insane!

...actually, that turns out not to be the problem.

...Ami feels that Usagi only wanted to be her friend to recruit her as a guardian.

Also, all her time is spent studying. Superheroing is likely to negatively impact her study regime.

She leaves, sadly.

...lunch time.

Usagi is with her usual clique (Naru and the other two) but she keeps looking to Ami's empty desk.

Ami is on the roof (it looks like it rained recently).

...oh, and she brought dessert for two.

(Ok, they're pre-packaged)

Ami: "I'm used to this."


Back home, Usagi is disappointed.

Luna: "I'll persuade her!"
Usagi: "Don't, she said no. It would just make her miserable."
Luna: "But we can't just replace her, we need her!"
Usagi: "It's not fair to do that to her. It's cruel!"
Usagi: "I'm definitely, definitely against this!"

Usagi goes to leave, and runs into Ikuko...
...who presents her with a map!

...to cram school!

Ikuko: "I'm worried about your grades, so I've signed you up."
Usagi: "Mum!!!"
Ikuko: "Complain when you're getting good grades. You're going."

Cut to...
...cram school.

Ami decides to study to some music (namely, Usagi's bootleg album).

Her teacher seems none the worse for wear after her encounter last night, so she's probably possessed by a youma.

Teacher: "Everyone listen very closely from now on."

...yup, possessed.

The students all listen intently...
...except Ami, who's listening to Minato's latest album.

Usagi arrives at the cram school.

Luna: "...its the same cram school as Ami, right?"
Luna: "This is our chance to convince her!"
Usagi: "We are definitely not going to do that."
...while arguning, Usagi barges right into a guy...
...who is, of course, Mamoru.

<flashback to the last time it happened>

Mamoru: "It's the fake model. Watch where your going!"
Usagi: "Same to you!"

She stalks off.
He spots something she's dropped.

Mamoru: "You're going the wrong way."

He'd picked up her map.

It turns out that Ikuko didn't book Usagi into the prestigious Alto cram school...
...but into this place... (which is next door).

Usagi: "Mama!"
Usagi: "This is much too basic."
Mamoru: "Seems perfect for you."
...with that shot, he leaves.
(I wonder why he was there?)
Usagi: "...he's so annoying!"
Luna: "There's no way Usagi is on the same level as Ami."
Usagi: "What was that?!"
Luna's caste-mark glows red!
Luna: "Mooncat senses tingling! Strong evil detected!!"

Back in the classroom, Ami's classmates suddenly collapse.

The teacher grabs Ami's earphones.
Teacher: "You shouldn't be listening to this in class..."
Ami: "But miss..."
Teacher chucks the music player to one side.
Teacher: "I suppose I'll have to drain you first..."

We get to see the teacher's transformation reflected in Ami's glasses.

(Also, Ami's eyes getting wider.)

Ami runs for it, the building is full of unconscious people!

The youma makes a grab for her, Ami dodges, and the youma falls down stairs.
...from the sounds it makes, it seems to be made of terracotta.

Youma Incident: #2A
Tentative Nomenclature: Garoben
DarkWatch Reporting Name: GOLEM
Capabilities: Possession, area-effect sonic stun
The shock seems to cause GOLEM to reject Ami's teacher.
Ami: "That's Cruel! Using the teacher like that..."

Ami flees, pursued by GOLEM.

Fortunately, Usagi and Luna spot them.

Transformation sequence time!
(And I've just noticed something, which I will get to in a few minutes).

GOLEM has Ami trapped up against a safety rail.

Sailor Moon arrives, and demonstrates that she's still got her old favourite!

This time, the Moon Tiara Boomerang really is a bommerang.
(Rather than a chakram or an atomic frisbee).

The boomerang tempoarily stuns GOLEM...
...but GOLEM quickly recovers, and lunges at Ami...!
...sending them both over the safety rail!
...and they're quite a way up!

Advert Break

...last minute Sailor Moon save!
...she leaps over the railing, grabs Ami's wrist in one hand, and the railing in the other.

GOLEM hits the ground and shatters.

Ami finds herself dangling over a long drop, held only by Tokyo's latest superhero.
(And for the long shots, I suspect the girls have a dummy as a stunt double).

...she is, understandably, a bit shook up.

Sailor Moon; "Ami... are you all right?"
Ami: "Could you be... Miss Tsukino?"
Sailor Moon nods.

Then the other youma Jadeite created shows up.

Youma Incident: #2A
Tentative Nomenclature: <unknown>
DarkWatch Reporting Name: DOGOLEM
Capabilities: Healing laser breath
...and reconstitutes GOLEM!

Sailor Moon: :eek:

The two girls are in a precarious position, Sailor Moon is dangling off a railing, quite high off the ground, and holding onto Ami with her other hand.
...and I suspect that Luna could only break the fall of one of them...
...also, they look to be rather higher up...

Ami: "...If I transformed..."
Sailor Moon: "You don't have to if you don't want to."
Sailor Moon: "It'll work out somehow."

The two youma are getting closer...

Ami: "...it's not that I don't want to. I want to help you!"
Luna: "Ami, catch this."
She throws her a mote of yellow light, that transforms into a charm bracelet.

...at which point, Sailor Moon's grip slips!

Ami falls!


A flare of incandescent cerulean light blinds GOLEM...

Ami: "...MAKE UP!"

And here is what I noticed earlier, notice the wheel of astrological symbols.
(In particular, notice the one on the bottom left.)

Sailor Mercury lands neatly in an ornamental water feature.

Sailor Mercury: "Guardian of Water and Intellect... Sailor Mercury!"

Sailor Mercury: "In the name of Mercury, I'll punish you!"

OOC: a!Sailor Neptune: "Hold on, I though tsunami were my shtick!"

Sailor Moon drops down to join her.

GOLEM and DOGOLEM join battle.

Sailor Moon (adopting battle stance): "Let's do it!"

GOLEM and DOGOLEM charge.

Sailor's Moon and Mercury perform a double pirouette synchronised dodge.
GOLEM collides head on with DOGOLEM.
(Nerik makes a plan to bone up on ballet terminology.)

The two Sailors circle-strafe round GOLEM and DOGOLEM.

GOLEM lunges for Sailor Moon, who leaps out of the way...

...then deploys the Moon Stick!

Sailor Moon: "MOON TWILIGHT... FLASH!"

GOLEM is disintegrated!

DOGOLEM leaps at Sailor Mercury, who dodges under the attack.

DOGOLEM slams into a piller, momentarily stunning it.

Sailor Mercury: "MERCURY AQUA MIST!"

DOGOLEM: "Heh, heh, mist won't hurt me!"

A thousand shards of hypersonic ice reduce DOGOLEM to...


Sailor Moon: "We did it!"
Sailor Moon: "...but, are you really ok with this?"
Sailor Mercury :): "I'm not sure why, nonetheless, I want to fight with you, together!"
Sailor Moon: "Friends?"
Sailor Mercury: "Thank you!"

Unnoticed, a guy in a top hat and a domino mask was watching...
...how much did he see?

Cut to... woodland...
It would appear to be autumn (which matches the broadcast dates), leaf litter lies thick upon the ground.
Jadeite plants a crystal in a pile of leaves.
Jadeite: "Next time will be..."
Jadeite: "...the ideal energy."

Cut to... a shrine...
...a shrine maiden tends the sacred flame...

Shrine Maiden: "It's coming... Something ominous!"

Ok, for the moment, it looks like we're on the manga timetable...
...but as there are 49 acts, I suspect this will change.

There are definitely points where you can see them keeping the costs down, if you look hard. I suspect that most youma will be of the 'Super Sentai monster' man-in-a-monster-suit type.

Ami is played by Rika Izumi (credited as Chisaki Hama) and was 14 when this show began - so she was about the same age as Ami.
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This is probably a silly question, but my technology experience ended with the days of the Commodore 64.

Is there any website that sells licensed subtitled DVD's of this? I'd love to try it down, but streaming and such ain't my strong point, so like DVD's.

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