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IC [M&M] Celestial Battle Maidens of Eight Dragon Island


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Dodge: 19 + 2 = 21
Fortitude 8 + 3 = 11

Ellie is Hindered and moves at half normal speed or -1 speed rank.

19 + 10 (athletics) = 29 vs DC 11 to activate Leaping
12 +10 (athletics) = 22 vs DC 11 to activate Speed

(the die throw by itself is supposed to be her attack roll)
17 + 8 = 25 with a 6 damage attack with 4 levels of penetration
OOC: Sorry, I was editing my post and adding to it. It should all be there now, except for me not adding up the Toughness DC on her punch. The description is:

Ellie screams at the top her lungs, leaps up into the air and swings directly at the spirit's face.

April, in turn, managed to evade the winds, and reconsidered her options. Okay. This thing is fast, and I can't just charge in and expect to hit it. But what if I can open its defenses up?

She moved around it, diving and rolling, trying to find an angle it wasn't ready for...

OOC: Agile Feint. 18 isn't great for me, but it's halfway decent, and there's no reason to think that Typhoon Spirits load up on Insight or Deception. They seem pretty straightforward and like they won't have lots of social skills...
OOC: Vs. Typhoon Spirit, round 1, defense: Dodge, Fortitude: 1d20+8 20 1d20+2 4 Getting +2 to Dodge from Evasion... not that it matters. Well, I guess it does in that I only get 2nd-degree failure, not the 3rd one... So... Immobile.

Aoi, already somewhat imbalanced by her earlier attack, tries to leap away from the spirit... and it's exactly at this point that the winds catch her mid-air, leaving the Princess hanging. Of course, just because she can't move around doesn't mean she can't move at all... this distance shouldn't be a problem... she raises her leg high above her head, concentrating, feeling the wind around her... and swings her leg down, leaving an arc of hardened air in the wake of her kick - arc that immediately flies towards the typhoon, threatening to cut its winds.
OOC: Vs. Typhoon Spirit, round 2, Wind Cutter activation: 1d20+7 16. So, only 4 Ranks available; Dodge 14 for Typhoon, with Toughness 14/12 on fail/success.
Ellie manages to connect with a solid hit, knocking the spirit backward. It's still annoyingly agile, though, and moves out of April's way... only for its movement to bring it right into Aoi's reach! Aoi manages to connect with it once again, and it lets out a shriek that may be either anger or pain.

OOC: Ellie hits the typhoon spirit (staggered)!

Aoi hits (dazed)!

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OOC: It wasn't clear from that post, but I guess the Agile Feint didn't do anything?

April, snarling, jumped back in, slashing with her claws. She felt in her groove now; this thing was going to get hurt! (Later, she'd wonder at her own snarls and aggression, but this wasn't the time for that.)

OOC: Iron Execution Activation and Attack:
1d20+14: 26 [1d20=12]
1d20+10: 22 [1d20=12]

So activates, 22 Attack, Damage is 8, Multiattack.


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OOC: By the die roll Agile Feint failed, but I gave it narrative effect by having it assist Aoi

Annoyingly, the spirit manages to dodge out of the way of April's slash again.


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OOC: Dodge: 1d20+9 25 Dodge
Fortitude: 1d20+2 21 Fortitude

Misa effortlessly leapt away from the worst of the winds called by the Typhoon spirit.

Seeing the spirit staggered by Aoi's blow shes dashes forced and slashes at the the spirit's head with her jian sword.

Sword Attack: 1d20+6 10


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Once again, the typhoon spirit moves out of the way of Misa's slash, so quickly that Misa half-wonders if it was where she thought it was to begin with.

All around the typhoon spirit, a multitude of blade-like shots of compressed air form - some of you may have seen similar attacks using swords and such, but never so many at once!

OOC: Area attack, Toughness DC 17, or 13 if you make a doge roll vs DC 17[/url]


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OOC: Dodge 15 + 2 = 17
Toughness 17 + 10 = 27
Punch 8 + 4 = 12 with a damage 6 hit

Ellie's footwork is surprisingly good as she bobs and weaves past the worst of the air blades, while the ones she doesn't evade shatter harmlessly on her skin. She steps forward through the barage to make a quick one-two body blow at the spirit, but the wind is whipping sand into her eyes . . . .
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OOC: Thank goodness for Evasion 2...
1d20+15: 29 [1d20=14]1d20+6: 22 [1d20=16]

April easily danced away from the Hurricane Spirit's attack; the real problem was hitting the spirit in return. Still, she had to try, and this time, made a simple, slashing attack. Better to be more reliable, under the circumstances.

OOC: Generic All-Out claw 2.
1d20+10: 17 [1d20=7]
Nope. Battle with the Evil Whiff Spirit continues.


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Aoi, dancing between the spirit's blast, purposefully closes in, determined to get the spitir this time even if it costs her... if anyone noticed that that directly contradicted her own words from just a bit earlier, she would object that she required from the others to be careful, and didn't mention anything about herself. Being careful was a luxury she couldn't afford. Ignoring the winds stinging her, she concentrates on performing the kick with perfect technique, just like in the practice...
OOC: Using Recjless Attack: +2 to-hit in exchange for -2 Defense for the turn.
Vs. Typhoon spirit, round 2, Fast Kick activation: 1d20+7 8 Disregard that...
Vs. Typhoon spirit, round 2, Fast Kick activation reroll: 1d20+7 26 0 HP left
Vs. Typhoon spirit, round 2, Fast Kick to-hit (with +2): 1d20+11 23
if that hits, Toughness DC20


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Amazingly, Ellie's blind swing manages to connect with the Typoon Spirit, sending it reeling backward! It manages to dodge out of April's way, but Aoi's charge catches it off guard, and she manages to connect with another strike!

OOC: Well, even the dodgiest can roll a Natural 1 on defense! The spirit takes an additional -2 from the two hits.
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