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🎨 Creative [M&M] Kreuz Control: a thread for my character builds


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PL 9 (135)

Abilities (40)
STR 12/2 AGI 4 FIT 6 AWA 2
STA 12/2 DEX 4 INT 0 PRE 0

Powers (59)
Biomecha: linked abilities
- colossal strength: enhanced STR +2 (flaw: limited to lifting -1) [2]
- giant monster: Growth +10 (extra: continuous +1, flaw: full size) impervious TOU +12 [41]
- hyperphysiology immunity +10 (life support) [10]
- speed belies his bulk: speed +4 [4]
cat's eyes: senses +2 (darkvision) (2)

Advantages (11)
all-out attack, improved grab, fast grab, improved hold, improved initiative, languages 2 (english, Lor, Armada native), move-by action, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

Skills (16/32)
intimidation +10
insight +6
investigation +6
perception +8
ranged combat: thrown object +2

Defenses (9)
TOU +12/2 DODGE +6/8 FORT +12/2 PARRY +6/8 WILL +6

out of towner - in his normal form, Grotesk is an albino with pointed ears and large, unnaturally bright cat-like eyes. in his war form, he's a 24 foot tall skinless biomechanical giant with a demonic skull-grin and incapable of coherent speech
ET Go Home!: there are many in Pheonix City who do not like aliens like Grotesk, even without his past as a rampaging monster
forgotten past: Grotesk has only fragments of his memories from before the Pod, and he'd like to get the rest back
I can be more: Grotesk is motivated by the memory of Phoenix Bay's fallen heroes, in particular Psi-renity

abilities 40 + powers 59 + advantages 11 + skills 16/32 + defenses 9 = 135

To much of Phoenix Bay, Grotesk was nothing more than a monster, a skinless giant that appeared without warning one summer night, and whose only goal was wanton, mindless destruction, existing only as a menace to heroes, or a destructive weapons by villains clever enough to manipulate him. However, Psi-Renity, a heroine known for her telepathy and pacifism, saw more to Grotesk, the traces of humanity locked within the beast, battered and fragmented, and made strides to try and restore Grotesk's sanity in what would surely be a long but rewarding process...

If not for The Armada.

as terrible as their invasion was, the arrival of The Armada was just the jolt Grotesk's mind needed, and his memory started to return, however blurred and fragmented they were, like a handful of puzzle pieces, but he knew the Armada, somehow, and that he hated them. When Psi-Renity was cruelly gunned down on live TV, Grotesk snapped, smashed his way out of the holding facility, and went to war upon the armada ground forces, before their weapons proved too much even for him, and he collapsed unconscious before the final suicide run. Many thought him dead, as his body began to combust and dissolve, overlooking how in the resultant mess of unpleasant biochemical muck, there was a half-naked albino lying in the street.

It's been a year since. Grotesk was found, identified, and treated, quickly demonstrating not only his sanity, but the capacity to earn a GED and to control his monstrous alter ego. having proven he can be better, Grotesk has chosen to become more, and to defend the people of Phoenix Bay from danger as Psi-Renity and other fallen heroes protected it from him.

another pc of mine, from a different campaign than the crinoverse.


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Image is ENGAGE MODE: ON by KahoOkashii

"Move over, Dropbox. My cloud has miniguns in it."


PL 9 (135)

Abilities (28)
STA 0 DEX 2 INT 10 PRE 2

Powers (74)
Amethyst Battlesuit: (extra: feature [restricted to Amethyst], flaw: removable) (74)
- Hyperspace Arsenal: array [24]
= Blaster Pistols: Damage +10 (extras: range +1, split attack) {21}
= Gatling Laser: Damage +10 (extra: improved crit, multiattack +1, range +1, flaw: distracting -1) {21}
= Railgun: Weaken TOU +10 (extras: range +1, flaws: distracting -1, instant recovery -1, linked: Damage +10 [extra: range +1]) {20}
= Strike Drones: Damage +5 (extras: burst area +1, range +1, selective +1) {20}
- Bio Stabilizer: Enhanced FORT +7 [7]
- Fire control: Enhanced skill +4 (Ranged combat: hyperspace arsenal +8), enhanced advantage +1 (move-by action) [5]
- Hyperdrive: Flight +5 [10]
- Onboard Systems: feature +2 (computer, improvised tools) [2]
- Sensor Array: Senses +3 (accurate radio) [3]
- System Core uplink: Variable +2 (10 points, technology effects, extra: action +1) [16]
- Tactical AI: Enhanced Dodge +8, Enhanced Parry +8 [16]
- Warp Field: Protection +8 [8]

Advantages (9)
Attractive 2, Benefit 3 (status [CEO], Fame, wealth), Beginner's Luck, Inventor, Language (Mandarin, english native), Ultimate effort (Computers)

Skills (14/28)
expertise: business +2
expertise: Physical Sciences +5
persuasion +6
perception +6
Technology +9

Defenses (10)
TOU +8/0 DODGE +10/2 FORT +9/1 PARRY +10/2 WILL +9

Lost Connection to Server (Power Loss): Amethyst's battlesuit resides mostly in hyperspace, and space/time anomalies or effects that prevent hyperspace jumps interfere with its operation. They may prevent her from warping in new weapons or hotswapping modules (cannot configure Array or Variable and Array becomes Easy to Remove), or force her suit to operate on battery power (all power ranks halved).
BSOD (power loss): Amethyst has very little experience in weapon design, and sometimes her equipment malfunctions.
/root (responsibility): Amethyst is the CEO of a major multinational tech company. She also runs numerous charities, mentors promising startups, sponsors scientific research and runs projects aimed at getting girls involved in science and engineering.
Now Trending on Twitter (fame): She's world-famous, she has no secret identity and you can't miss her with that mane of hip-length hair dyed cotton-candy pink.
Forget the Sugar Water (motivation - guardianship, doing good): Amethyst became a hero to protect her family and her home, and use her talent to make the world a better place.

abilities 28 + powers 74 + advantages 9 + skills 14/28 + defenses 10 = 135

"I never thought I'd become a superhero. I mean, the whole idea sounded stupid - how much can one person in spandex do, superpowers or not? I was going to do what they couldn't, to change the world through technology and do it in style. Go to Stanford at fourteen: check. Drop out a year later to found a startup: check. Make billions off the IPO: check. Do it better the next time: hell yeah.

"Then the whole Invasion thing happened, and when you're hiding in a bomb shelter without food or power trying to figure out if your family's alive, beating Google Glass to market suddenly sounds a lot less important. And changing the world doesn't seem so grand when there's nothing you can change about people dying in the streets.

"After that, I couldn't go back to coming up with new ways to keep people staring at a 5-inch screen. I wanted to protect the things that really mattered. So I sold my company, took a crash course in high-energy physics - and Amethyst, Avenging Angel of the people was born!

"That was six months ago and tons of stuff's happened since then. I got into a big argument over the hero biz with Ma and Ba but talked them around, my suit's AI went sentient and became my best friend, and I bought my company back and got it making stuff that actually helps the world. These days, I'm a changed person, and not because I dyed my hair pink or got myself an awesome tan. The next time alien ships warp in over the city, I know I won't be cowering in a basement, holding a phone with no signal."

created by Ysariel for the Crinoverse at a point where we were still using 2nd edition, I wrote up this version of amethyst in 3rd to show how a more mechanically complex character could be adapted to the new edition with the same ease as a simple brick-type super.


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Re: 10


PL 10 (150)

Abilities (36)
STR 12/4 AGI 2 FIT 6/4 AWA 2
STA 8/4 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

Powers (72)
Iron Rhino mecha: (flaw: removable) (72)
- 4 X 4 traction: Speed +6 [6]
- big robot: Growth +4 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) [9]
- Hydraulic exoskeleton: Enhanced STR +4 [8]
- idiot-proof interface: Enhanced Dodge +4, Enhanced FIT +2 [8]
- machine guns: Damage +8 (extras: accurate 4, multiattack +1, range +1) [29]
= Rockets: Damage +12 (extras: accurate 4, range +1) {28}
- unstoppable: Burrowing +5 (extra: penetrating +1) [10]
- Walking Tank: Protection +6, impervious TOU +14 [20]

Advantages (10)
all-out attack, fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, language (english, russian native), move-by action, power attack, startle, takedown

Skills (20/40)
close combat: unarmed +2
expertise: criminal +6
insight +4
intimidate +10
perception +6
ranged combat: guns +4
vehicles +8

Defenses (12)
TOU +14/4 DODGE +6/4 FORT +14/10 PARRY +6/4 WILL +6

I told you I'd be back!: Rhino was humiliated by Spider-man, and wants revenge on the wall-crawler
Motivation - Greed: Rhino is a career criminal, motivated by money and power

abilities 36 + powers 72 + advantages 10 + skills 20/40 + defenses 12 = 150

barely appearing in The Amazing Spider-man 2, Rhino is Aleksei Sytsevich, a Russian mobster humiliated and defeated by Spider-man, only to be released from prison and given his titular mecha-suit by agents of Oscorp half a year later, and is last seen going against Spidey at the start of their rematch


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So, for my next trick...


a novel series by Peter Clines, the gist isearly in 2009, superheroes began to appear around the globe. but, not long after, so did the zombies, the "Ex-Humans". the series proper begins a year later, the Zombaclypse in full swing, alternating between the remaining heroes having protected their last bastion of humanity, and now rebuilding civilization, as new threats rear their ugly heads

its a low power setting, the most powerful known hero being only PL10

the lineup, comprising the cast from across the series:

Agent Smith: Smug, self-assured egomaniacal sociopath who can be very persuasive
St George: once known as the Mighty Dragon, he's a spidey scaled superman with firebreath
Banzai: the living superball
Cairax: sorcerer who figured out how to possess his own summoned demon, bound within his medallion
Captain Freedom: America's number one fighting supersoldier
Cerberus: America's only existing suit of power armor, piloted by its agoraphobic inventor
Corpse Girl: "Yeah I'm dead. wanna make something of it?"
Gorgon: costumed adventurer with a strength-sapping vampiric gaze
Nautilus: aquatic strongman and leader of the floating city of Lemuria
Regenerator: once an immortal with a healing touch, now chief doctor of The Mount
Stealth: she's batman
Zzzap: smart ass lightning storm that walks like a man, and everflowing font of pre-zombacalypse pop culture references

and Peasy, the last person you'd want to get the last power you'd want to see after the Zombacalypse


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St. George

PL 8 (120)

Abilities (48)

Powers (42)
Dragon's Breath: Damage +8 (extra: cone area +1) (17)
- Focussed breath: Damage +6 (extras: accurate 4, range +1) [16]
bulletproof: Protection +4, impervious TOU +10, immunity +1 (disease) (15)
up, up and away: Flight +5 (10)

Advantages (5)
interpose, inspire 2, takedown 2

Skills (15/30)
close combat: unarmed +6
insight +6
investigation +6
perception +6
persuasion +6

Defenses (10)

Enemies of humanity: Legion, Agent Smith
motivation - doing good: St. George knows doing the right thing is just as important as mere survival
The Mount: St. George is the foremost protector of the last bastion of humanity in LA

abilities 48 + powers 42 + advantages 5 + skills 15/30 + defenses 10 = 120

the central hero and moral compass in the Ex-Heroes verse, George Bailey (yes, really) was a UCLA janitor who got his powers from too close to an explosion in the science labs. at first only able to glide, George figures out how to fly at the climax of the first book. Since the Zombacalypse, George has instead on being the man who makes the harder decisions, to keep The Mount from succumbing to the cold, pragmatic moral calculus you'd see in this sort of fiction
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PL 8 (120)

Abilities (20)
STR 10 AGI 0 FIT 0 AWA 2
STA 6/2 DEX 0 INT 6 PRE 0

Powers (72)
Cerberus Battle Armor System: (flaw: removable) (64)
- 9 feet tall: Growth +4 (extras: innate, continuous +1, flaw: permanent -1) [9]
- combat interface: Enhanced FIT +6, enhanced DODGE +6 [18]
- integrity seals: Immunity +10 (life support) [10]
- walking tank: Enhanced STR +6, protection +6, impervious TOU +12 [30]
- Suit can run: Speed +4 [4]
- Weapon Systems [21]
= machine gun: Damage +6 (extras: multiattack +1, range +1) {18}
= electrified: affliction +4 (Daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, extras: Reaction +3) {20}

Advantages (2)
inventor, skill mastery (technology)

Skills (18/36)
expertise: engineer +8
insight +4
perception +6
ranged combat: Cerberus +10
technology +8

Defenses (8)
TOU +12/2 DODGE +4/0 FORT +8/4 PARRY +4/0 WILL +8

battery low: fighting hordes of Exes can take its toll on Cerberus's power supply
enemies of humanity: Legion, Agent Smith
hangar queen: it takes danielle several minutes to get in or out of the Cerberus armor
Motivation - Responsibility: Cerberus is one of the world's remaining superheroes, and is dedicated to protecting the people of the Mount
Security blanket: Danielle has become agoraphobic since the Zombacalypse, preferring to stay inside her armor or her workshop whenever she can

abilities 20 + powers 72 + advantages 2 + skills 18/36 + defenses 8 = 120

the newest of the initial group of heroes, Cerberus is the experimental power armor piloted by its creator, Dr. Danielle Morris, who also had a hand in designing the vehicles and other unique hardware of The Mount. Although the Cerberus was destroyed at the end of book 4 "Ex-Purgatory", Danielle has since mostly rebuilt Ceberus from the remains and whatever else could be scavenged by the start of book 5.
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PL 8 (120)

Abilities (64)
STR 2 AGI 6 FIT 12 AWA 4

Advantages (15)
assessment, eidetic memory, equipment 2, evasion, hide in plain sight, improved disarm, improved initiative, improved trip, move-by action, quick draw, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

Skills (27/54)
Acrobatics +6
athletics +6
insight +6
investigation +6
perception +6
ranged combat: guns +8
sleight of hand +6
stealth +6
technology +4

Defenses (14)
TOU +4 DODGE +12 FORT +6 PARRY +12 WILL +10

equipment [10]
dual pistols: Damage +4 (extra: ranged) [8]
= riot batons: damage +2 (strength based) {2}
night vision binoculars [1]

Enemies of Humanity: Legion, Agent Smith
motivation - responsibility: Stealth has dedicated herself to seeing everyone in The Mount survive the Zombcalypse

abilities 64 + advantages 15 + skills 27/54 + defenses 14 = 120

the no-nonsense leader of The Mount's collection of heroes, Stealth ... i'll be blunt. she's batman. she was a world famous super genius fashion model turned crime fighter before the Ex-Virus outbreak. well, up until Ex-Purgatory reveals she was taught by her international mercenary/assassin father, so she's more Talia, I guess. also, despite her stunning good looks, the woman has the charisma of a brick when it comes to not being a scary badass


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PL 10 (50)

Abilities (-6)
STR n/a AGI 0 FIT 0 AWA 2
STA n/a DEX 0 INT 3 PRE 2

Powers (130)
1.21 gigawatts of power!: Damage +12 (extras: accurate 4, range +1) (29)
- nuke em from orbit, only way to make sure: Damage +9 (extras: burst area +1, range +1) [27]
living lightning: immunity +30 (fort), insubstantial 3 (extra: continuous +1, flaw: permanent -1), protection +8, regeneration +1, Damage +5 (extras: reaction +1, flaw: uncontrolled -1) (69)
jump to lightspeed: enhanced Dodge +12, flight +10 (32)
what's that lassie: senses +1 (radio) (1)

Advantages (2)
accurate attack, taunt

Skills (15/30)
deception +6
expertise: Science +8
expertise: pop culture +8
insight +4
perception +4

Defenses (8)
TOU +8 DODGE +12 FORT n/a PARRY +0 WILL +10

downtime: as Barry, Zzzap loses his powers and use of his legs, but regains his STR and STA of 0
enemies of humanity: Legion, Agent Smith
laws of physics: Barry may be ungodly powerful, but his electric form can be trapped in a faraday cage, and a sufficiently large body of water will disrupt/disperse his form
motivation - responsibility: Zzzap isn't just one of humanity's last superheroes, he supplies power to the Mount's homes and facilities
pop culture whore: Barry is quite motormouthed, and tries to work in as many pop culture references as he can

abilities -6 + powers 130 + advantages 2 + skills 15/30 + defenses 8 = 150

the single most powerful of the heroes, Barry Burke (originally a particle physicist from new mexico) is often sidelined, as they need him to supply power for The Mount's homes and facilities, a process requiring him to spend the entire time floating in a specialized rig, with only a steadily growing scavenged DVD collection and whoever visits him for company. by no means unpleasant, just really, really boring, and when he does revert to his paralyzed from the waste down black self, it's so he can eat or sleep, because powering the last bastion of humanity really burns through the calories


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PL 8 (120)

Abilities (56)

Powers (20)
flurry of blows: Damage +4 (strength-based, extra: multiattack 6) (10)
superagile: Leaping +2, movement 3 (safe fall, sure-footed, wall-crawling) speed +2 (10)

Advantages (9)
agile feint, evasion 2, improved disarm, improved initiative, improved trip, move-by action, takedown 2

Skills (17/34)
acrobatics +8
athletics +4
close combat: unarmed +2
insight +4
perception +6
persuasion +4
stealth +6

Defenses (18)
TOU +4 DODGE +12 FORT +8 PARRY +12 WILL +8

Gorgon: Banzai has an intense physical relationship with her fellow hero
Motivation - thrills: Banzai loves being the fastest, wildest, most colorful hero in LA
responsibility: Banzai is one of the remaining heroes after the Zombocalypse

abilities 56 + powers 20 + advantages 9 + skills 17/34 + defenses 18 = 120

another Ex-Hero, Banzai was a young woman growing up under the repressive oversight of her traditionalist parents. after discovering her gifts, became a superhero as rebellion, and another act was entering into a relationship with Gorgon, a white man 10 years her senior. sadly, it wasn't long into the Zombaclypse that she was bitten by the Exes and became one of the walking dead herself
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