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So I'm about to run an M&M game for my girlfriend, who has finally (finally!) been able to come up with a supers concept she likes: a happy-go-lucky cat burglar with unconscious luck manipulation powers. As long as she acts recklessly and trusts to good fortune, it almost always comes her way. She can jump off an overpass and a truck on which for her to land will pass beneath her at just that moment; she can tap a security keypad randomly and have a pretty good chance of guessing the passcode on the first try. She's the relatively benign kind of supervillain; she stills from museums and rich people for the fun and challenge of it, and because she enjoys living the good life on the proceeds. She has ties to more sinister types, however, and sometimes takes work doing corporate espionage or sabotage, although nothing more grim than that so far. Also, she's in a kind of Romeo-and-Juliet relationship with a member of the city's loose confederation of superheroes, who risks the censure of his peers in the vain (?) hope that he can reform her.

Setting-wise, it's a slightly more down-to-earth supers setting than DC or Marvel. Most supers are created in bioengineering or cybernetics experiments, or as accidental byproducts thereof. Although there are enough rogue agents, fled experimental subjects, and natural talents to support a thriving community of independent heroes and villains, the bulk of supers are shadowy agents of the government, corporate, or underworld organizations that created them. There's plenty of comic-book superscience, but the supernatural is dialed down - not to say that there aren't wizards and demons and gods, but if they exist, their existence is obscure and virtually no one knows about it. (Our "heroine" is actually one of the rare examples of an occult-type super; as near as she can tell, her luck powers manifested after she accidentally smashed a statue of the Greek fortune goddess Tyche in a museum, although this is not widely known.)

So: two requests for M&M aficionados. First, suggestions for a first game or any other brainstorming is much appreciated. Second, here's her character sheet; I've done my best to model her luck powers, but is there any obvious resource I've missed or anything else I've done wrong? Help is much appreciated.

Alice “Tyche” (last name TBA)
Power Level: 10
Power Points 150/150
Hero Points: 6

Str: 12 (+1) Dex: 16 (+3) Con: 12 (+1) Int: 14 (+2) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 16 (+3)

Attack: +8 Damage +1, 15-20 crit (unarmed)
Defense +10 (Dodge +8) Toughness: +7 (Dodge +6)

Fortitude: +5 Reflex: +15 (Dodge +6) Will: +6

Acrobatics 11 (+14), Bluff 11 (+14), Climb 3 (+4) Computers 2 (+4), Concentration 2 (+4), Diplomacy 3 (+6), Disable Device 7 (+10), Disguise 4 (+7), Drive 3 (+6), Escape Artist 9 (+12), Gather Information 4 (+7), Investigate 1 (+3), Medicine 1 (+3), Notice 10 (+12), Pilot 1 (+4), Search 3 (+5), Sense Motive 3 (+5), Sleight of Hand 5 (+8), Stealth 11 (+14), Survival 2 (+4), Swim 2 (+3)

Current Events 2 (+4), History 2 (+4), Streetwise 3 (+5), Technology 1 (+3)

Beginner’s Luck, Defensive Roll 6, Dodge Focus 6, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical 5 (unarmed), Luck 5, Second Chance (Daring Escapes, Falling, Getting Shot, Triggering Alarms, Triggering Traps, 13 different situations in which luck could have an effect, define as needed) Ultimate Effort (Reflex and Toughness saves, Acrobatics, Bluff, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Stealth checks) Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)

Luck Control 3 (Area, Selective, Uncontrolled) 12 pts

Cell Phone, PDA, Sports Car
Utility Belt:
Cutting Torch, Grapple Gun, Flash-Bang Grenades, Lock Release Gun, Miniature Camera, Multitool, Night-Vision Binoculars, Rebreather, Rope, Sleep Gas Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Taser

Reckless (regain hero points when reckless, random behavior endangers you)
Secret (regain hero points when your star-crossed affair causes you trouble)


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Cool character. Reminds me of the X-5s from Dark Angel origin wise for bio-engineering aspect. Reds for the cyber-implant.
M&M still gives me a headache at times though. Too much number cruching PL, Attacks, and so on.

Posted before the D20 move.

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If she really is PL 10 for combat, I'd max out her defense (13, or lower her toughness and go even higher). Right now she has "average" defense for a PL 10 character, not "nimble ninja cat-like" defense. Ideally she should be making Toughness saves very rarely.

A little bit of Second Chance is fine, but 18 different ones is probably a waste mechanically. Her 15 Reflex save will cover most of the cases, and if it fails she can hero point reroll. Ultimate Effort is even worse since it requires a hero point -- it really just means when you reroll you get a 20 instead of a min 11. 8 different ones is probably too many. Basically you have 26 pts to buy back bad rolls, which could be used to just increase her odds in the first place.

Improvised Tools (lucky hairpin!)
Jack-of-All Trades (hot wiring the nuclear reactor)
Connected (I went to high school with that guy!)
Evasion 2
Improved Defense (when she dodges, she really dodges)
Move-by Action

If you want close combat skills, take the Redirect, Acrobatic Bluff, Takedown (shove one guy into another) route.

I had a luck player hero in my game for a long, long time, from MM1 up through MM2 (the daring Captain Danger). In MM1 you had the old "floating bonus" luck power, but duplicating that in MM2 is kind of tricky.

What we settled on in MM2, and what finally played the best, was buying enhanced ability scores defined as luck. Enhanced Dex, because when she leaps through the air, the rope just happens to be where she needs it to be, or even when she trips she trips in just the right way to avoid the falling piano. The mental ability scores (Wis, Int, Cha) were bought with the Unreliable flaw. Did she happen to just read about that event in the paper, making her Lucky Int apply to the Knowledge check? Check the 50/50 for Unreliable.

Applying those bonuses up front means you don't have to spend so much time re-rolling, or buying things like Second Chance. It also means her max skills (rank + ability bonus) can be much higher. You can still describe the scene as narrow breathtaking escapes, just not mechanically re-roll every other action.

Either way, I don't think it'll really be a problem. It's a solo game, so you can munge the universe to fit her concept without worrying about balance too much.
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I think there is a power in the Mastermind's book that controls probability to a point. Mechanically, it sets a minimum possible outcome for any roll.


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I think there is a power in the Mastermind's book that controls probability to a point. Mechanically, it sets a minimum possible outcome for any roll.
It's in Ultimate Power at least, Probability Control, let's you use your rank in it as the minimum result on a single roll during your turn. Also has a bunch of nifty extras, like Jinx, which let's you change someone else's rolls that are less than your rank to 1.
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These are excellent suggestions. Thank you. And I've got to check out the Probability Control and Jinx powers... that sounds a lot more like what I had in mind than the Luck Control power in the corebook.
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