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OOC [M&M3] For The Spirit Of Creation: Sengoku Jidai


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OOC for For The Spirit Of Creation: Sengoku Jidai. Post characters and OOC chatter here.

There are still spaces available if there's anyone who missed the recruitment thread but wants to jump in.

Wiki for the original For The Spirit of Creation game is at https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/For_The_Spirit_Of_Creation

I will make a wiki page for this game when I am able.
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Unka Josh

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Yamaguchi Miki, Unrelenting Scion

Abilities [70]
Str 10
Sta 10
Fgt 2
Agl 4
Dex 0
Int 0
Awa 6
Pre 3

Defenses [8]
Parry 3/+5
Dodge 1/+5
Toughness */+15
Fort 0/+10
Will 4/+10

Skills [34]
Acrobatics 4
Athletics 4
Close Attack (Unarmed) 6/+8
Expertise: Streetwise 10
Investigation 12
Intimidation 12
Insight 4
Perception 4
Persuasion 6
Treatment 2
Stealth 4

Advantages [13]
Luck 3
All-Out Attack
Power Attack
Benefit 2 (Crimelord's Daughter 1, Wealth 1)
Takedown 2

Powers [25]
Iron-Knuckled Punch: Damage 2 (Str-based), Improved Critical 4, Unhealing, Affects Insubstantial 2 [9]
* Alternate Effect: Iron Storm: Damage 10, Area (Cone), Unhealing, Affects Insubstantial 2 [1]
Iron Ribbon Wings: Flight 5, Protection 5 [15]

Motivation: Responsibility
Prejudice: Just a lower-class thug girl (and no better than she ought to be!)
Responsibility: To family. Awkward at times.
Honor: Really. Just not the same as upper-class honor.


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"Wind Goddess" Sakai Aika
Scion of Wind

Abilities: [74 points]

Str 0
Sta 4
Agl 12
Dex 3
Fgt 2
Int 4
Awe 10
Pre 2

Defenses: [6]
Parry 5/+7
Dodge 0/+12
Toughness +8
Fortitude 1/+5
Will 0/+10

Skills: [16]
Acrobatics 3/+15
Deception 8/+10*
Expertise: Magic 1/+5
Expertise: Tactics 1/+5
Investigation 1/+6
Persuasion 4/+6*
Ranged Attack (Throwing) 8/+11
Sleight of Hand 3/+5
Stealth 3/+15

Advantages: [30]
Accurate Attack
All-Out Attack
Agile Feint
Attractive 1
Benefit: Ambidexterity
Defensive Roll 4
Eidetic Memory
Hide in Plain Sight
Move-By Action
Power Attack
Precise Attack 2 (Ranged)
Set-Up 2
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics)
Thrown Mastery 8
Uncanny Dodge

Powers: [23]
Movement: [5]
* Mist of Fujin (Permeate 1, Limited: Must have openings**)
*Wall-Crawling 1
Movement Array: +2 Alternate Effect [8]
* Speed 6
* Leaping 6
* Flight 3
Shadow of the Wind: Concealment 5 (All visual senses, normal hearing, Blending) [5]
Shuriken of Fujin: Ranged Damage 1 (Affects Insubstantial, Multiattack) (Thrown - conjures shuriken to throw) [5]

*This allows her to mist-walk through keyholes, cracks, bars, et cetera. It does not allow her to go through an actually sealed wall unless air can whistle through it.


Motivation: Freedom (she fights against evil to pay her bills and keep her away from her family and betrothed)
Runaway Bride: Wanted by Sakai and Date Clans
Ronin (with all the fuzzy social status and suspicion that entails)
Friction with Ninja Clan (she's a little paranoid about them storing up favors and so she wants to keep them at arm's length, but she also couldn't turn down the training and assistance they've offered so far.


Shawnya the Evil?
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Was hoping for some feedback in the Recruitment thread. Since there was none I'll just go with a katana maiden based off the weapon master.

Strength 0 (3)
Agility 1 (5)
Fighting 4 (7)
Awareness 1
Stamina 2
Dexterity 1 (5)
Intellect 0
Presence 2

Healing Factor - Regeneration 5
Fast - Quickness 3, Speed 2

Katana - Strength Based Damage 2, Multi Attack 5, Penetrating 5, Improved Critical, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash

Defensive Roll 4
Equipment 3
Improved Critical - Katana
Power Attack
Defensive Attack
Uncanny Dodge
Precise Attack Close
Accurate Attack
Agile Feint
Appearance 2

Acrobatics 8
Athletics 8
Close Combat Katana 6
Deception 8
Expertise Cooking 10
Expertise Weapons 8
Initinidation 6
Investigation 6
Percetpion 8
Ranged Combat: Bow 8
Sleight of Hand 6
Stealth 8

Init +5
Katana +13 Damage 5 Critical 18, 19, 20

Dodge 12
Fort 8
Parry 14
Will 9
Toughness 2/6

Motivation: Perfection
Quirk: Interested in all things Foreign
Obsession: Swords
Rivalry: Dojos
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Unka Josh

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Looks very cool to me. Your high accuracy-low damage approach will make a nice contrast to mine.
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