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M-SPACE RPG is launching today

clarence redd

FrostByte Books
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Steer through nebulae at lightspeed, visit planetoids shrouded in cosmic dust and learn the secrets of ancient alien cultures. With M-SPACE, exploration and mysteries await you.

Today, FrostByte Books is releasing the roleplaying game M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future.

Based on a modern d100 core engine, it's a quick and gritty experience. With modular starship design and innovative space battles, mythic science fiction is easy to emulate. Alien creation, world building, vehicle design, psionics, and organizations will make imaginary universes come alive. To further enhance storytelling, rules for extended skill conflicts are included.

Buy now at www.frostbytebooks.com

Softback, 220 pages, Black & White Interior

FrostByte Books is a small publishing company in the south of Sweden. We simply can't get enough of mesmerizing imaginary worlds, and the creative power RPGs bring to their players. M-SPACE is our first roleplaying game.

M-SPACE is published under a Mythras Gateway license provided by The Design Mechanism.

For more information and images contact:
Clarence Redd


clarence redd

FrostByte Books
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Hmm, we might. But I can't promise anything.

I'm planning for our next title (Odd Soot, an M-SPACE setting book) to be a hardcover. But there are too many unknown parameters to make that decision now. You can try asking me again in a few weeks, and hopefully I will know a bit more.

Mark Plemmons

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I love that image! Nice work.

However, the shape makes me think that the book is square. If that's not the case, you might consider updating the cover image to the book's final proportions.

clarence redd

FrostByte Books
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I'm happy you like the cover! The painting is by Jadrien Cousens, concept and matte painter in the film industry. He's on DeviantArt if you want to see more of his work.

And no, the image above is correct. The book is in a square format : ) 8.5"x 8.5".

@smarttman: The PDF is being prepared at the moment. It will be ready in a few days. Check our website (www.frostbytebooks.com) soon!

clarence redd

FrostByte Books
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M-SPACE is now available as a PDF!

We are really happy that so many have found the book already; the response has been amazing. Thank you all.

Those of you preferring the digital version can buy the PDF in the following ways:

From our website www.frostbytebooks.com.

Or from DriveThruRPG, though it will take a day or so for the title to appear there, depending on how quick DTRPG is. I will post the link as soon as it goes live.

If you have bought a printed book from us earlier this week, you get the PDF for free. Just send an email with the Lulu receipt to clarence.redd@gmail.com, and we will return a download link.

Here's a rundown of the contents again:

… Intuitive modular starship design
… Quick-paced and creative starship combat, based on the acclaimed Mythras combat rules
… Rules for extended conflicts, applicable to any type of conflict, including social
… Alien & Culture creation
… World Building
… Rules for how to create and run Organizations
… Rich character generation
… Mechanics for Passions & how they affect characters
… Modular vehicle design
… Creative combat rules - in both classic and simplified flavor
… Psionics
… Equipment and ready-made vehicles & starships

The game engine used for all this is Mythras Imperative. If you are familiar with any closely related d100 game - like Call of Cthulhu or RuneQuest - you will feel right at home.

If you want some more details before you make the decision, check out the preview on our webpage.

M-SPACE is published under a Mythras Gateway license provided by The Design Mechanism.


Off on an adventure
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Looks great but I have one question - is the game self-contained or would I also need a copy of Mythras?
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