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(Magic) Build a white weenie deck for my brother.


I don't know much about the new sets. My brother wants to get into Magic again.
He wants a white weenie deck with small creatures. I don't have the cards or the time. I was interested in what Rpg.net people would come up with.

It can be both extended or type 2.

Thank you,


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What's your price range? You can do pretty good things with a core of something like:

4 Path to Exile / In Harm's Way (w)
4 Elite Vangaurd (w)
4 Veteran Armorsmith (ww)
4 Veteran Swordsmith (2w)

That's pretty cheap.


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Do you want it to be standard legal post rotation or do you want it now? The new expansion, Zendikar, looks like it is going to have a very strong soldier component, so they would be the logical choice if you want it to be stronger once it is released in october. On the other hand, Kithkin is the premier white weenie deck in standard at the moment.

Non-Budget Deck list:

On a Budget:
Replace Glorious Anthem with Honor of the Pure.

If the soldier route sounds more promising, I'll be happy to draw up a list.


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Yeah. Elspeth is pricy. So is Honor of the Pure.
So is Baneslayer Angel.

But you can play a very serviceable game on the cheap.
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