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Magic The Gathering Arena - general chat


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Is anyone here playing? I've been at it for a couple of months. I haven't spent a penny on it...yet. I've found it quite enjoyable. As someone who was always mediocre, at best, at the meta, the game provides me with just enough packs to keep me playing. As I rank up I've found that once I reach silver tier my win/loss ratio drops dramatically. That should be expected I suppose, as those who spend real-world money on packs get an advantage. It's certainly something I'm conscious of but it has yet to annoy me to the point of uninstalling the game.

At this point, I've accumulated enough Wildcards to put together a very competitive deck but I really stink at building decks (mediocre at the meta remember?). Where can I go to look at decklists to copy? Any, in particular, you see winning consistently? Links appreciated. I like playing white/black decks in case that matters. I'm not a big fan of red though I play them when the incentive is good enough.

Last question, when you earn enough coin to buy a booster pack, what set do you recommend I get it from?


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I've gone with Aether Hub to get decks - the site started as a general purpose deck site, so the decks there feel a little more reliable.

As far as sets go - in a large part it's based on what sets you like (or what sets you need for the deck you want to build), more than anything else.


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A lot of the Arena talk has been in the MTG General Chat thread over in Other Games Open, mixed in with the tabletop Magic chatter. It seems weird to separate the two since it's essentially the same game. It also feels weird to talk about a video game in a different subforum from VGO.

As for decklists, I like what Jeff Hoogland has going on over at his website. He streams viewer-submitted decks, and puts the ones he likes up on his website. All of the decklists are kept up to date, and you can see videos of them in action so you can see if they look like fun.


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I play pretty much a bit daily, but unranked. I'm kitchen-table to the core, so the thought of competing with tiered decks driven by good players makes me squirm.

I *have* spent a batch of my wildcards to build a variant of a Gate-heavy deck. I think SaffronOlive presented it on Against the Odds? I flip between that and a homebrewed surveil deck when I need wins, but use precons or specific mixes for daily challenges (like the RBW All REMOVAL AND ONE ZETALPA DECK for any "Kill X creatures" challenges).


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I chucked a little bit of money into gems, then managed a series of lucky drafts, which in turn meant cards and wildcards for my collection to make netdecks, so I've managed Platinum in Limited and Constructed for this month. Most of my Constructed (or at least the bit where I managed to make Platinum) was with a RGU Niv Mizzet + Wilderness Reclamation deck.

I drop by ChannelFireball.com and CoolStuffInc.com every so often to mine for decklists.


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Any of you fine people interested in playing matches together? We should share names! Heck we could start a MtGArena discord for RPGnetters.


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Discord is far and away the easiest way to get matches going, as you can send a Direct Challenge to a Discord channel. The only other way to Direct Challenge is for two people to manually type in each other's usernames, complete with the numerical code at the end that the game usually hides.
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