IC [Magical Burst 4] Wind Colored Magical Girls


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Haruka's eyes continue to blaze as she keeps pace with Yuu, Ami and Miharu. Everything she is seeing here is only strengthening her resolve to raze this place. Everything here is wrong. Everything. She'll need to wipe the memories of every single nonmagical human in this facility in order to protect the secret and preserve Mother's wish.

But the Dark Angel will die. She swears it.

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Yuu keeps leading the way. "Don't worry. We're going to take this whole place down!" She stops as she has a thought. "Maybe we should set off a fire alarm to get the normal people to evacuate?"
As Yuu leads the way the directions get confused and somewhat contradictory. All the magic seems to be messing with her sorcery.

Miharu replies, "That is a great idea. I think the closest alarm is um, this way?" She points in direction that cuts through a rainforest of rainbow colors.

OOC: I think someone needs to make another roll since locating someone usually takes 2 successes and the area is confusing Yuu's sorcery. On the plus side Ami's condition is leaving a breadcrumb trail of a way out.


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Ami shakes her head and says, "These people must be very brave or very crazy to work in the middle of these nightmares."

When Yuu seems to have lost her direction, Ami closes her eyes and reaches out with her mind, no, her heart, trying to use the bond of loving friendship between herself and Setsuna to locate her friend in the chaos of nightmares.

OOC: Heart/ Support: Sorcery: 2d6o6+9: 22 [2d6o6=8, 5]. 1 Heart Overcharge.
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