Magikon - does anyone know something about this convention?

me, and my friends want to go to Poland for their convention to see how does it look like in Poland - can someone tell me more details about this Magikon? We only know, that it is held in Warsaw from 5-IV-2002 till 5-IV-2002. Maybe you can help me..


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Hello Piotr. Im from Germany. With my budies we also want to go to Magikon. I heard that it will be make by bigest publishing house
in Poland. They have a site but for now there is only a polish language version :( It will be located in cetner of Warsaw so could be not a problem to get in. Anybody knows how much money this CON will be cost ?

Puszkin from Geramny


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Is Magikon the Magi-con? ;)
I'm a frequant guest on Polish conventions and it's really worth to come. And the misterious MagiaiMiecz (from: is the best gaming magazine I've ever read. If they are making a con, it's worth to see.
See you in Warsaw.
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