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making maps

Saint Michael

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At last! The internet works! I have a few sheets of art paper thanks. I practice on my ream of copier paper first though. Can't seem to draw a coastline. >< If I can get the color file open, I will re attempt a map. Thanks you guys!


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May I suggest a new map program called Wonderdraft. It's incredibly easy to use, miles easier than Campaign Cartographer.

Here's a map that took me literally ninety minutes to do from buying and installing the program to uploading it to imgur. Underneath it is the old Hexographer map I was 'tracing'.

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I have a link collection of Free fantasy map generators. I update it as I find new tools for the purpose because while I'm a professional now, when I first started, finding free maps and tools to make them was important to me.

For my maps right now, I use Other World Mapper (cheap and easy to use), World Creator (expensive), Clip Studio Paint (cheap) and Affinity Photo Design (cheap). There's also Photopea online which is an in browser Photoshop clone with surprisingly good functionality, it would work to put text on a map for free.


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Worldographer, Hexographer's replacement will auto-generate city/village and building battlemat maps as well as the classic world/kingdom maps.
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