Manual of the Planes: Arriving Tomorrow!!!

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The Lady of Pain is explicitly immortal and omnipotent for the same reason that the Yozis in Exalted are explicitly unable to escape, ever- because if she wasn't, nobody would ever do anything but kill her.


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Well, I guess I would like to know what monsters appear in the book. Also, is the book all DM all the time like the Draconomicon, or is there some player content?
It is a DM book, but does include how to use one of the races as a PC race (Bladelings)


Archon Air
Astral Dreadnought
Howling Blade
Demons (Canoloth, Chasme, Shadow, Solamith)
Devils (Barbed, Brazen, Pain, Storm)
Dispater and Aspect
Gtaz'zt and Aspect


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Can you spill the beans on the monster that's given a write-up for a player character race? What it's stat bonuses are, special abilities, etc. Thanks!

War god's creation gone rogue

+2 Dex +2 Wis

Skill + 2 Initimidate

Normal vision
Acid Resistance

Razor Storm encounter power that causes spikes and blades to lead from your body and do a a close burst damage to all targets


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I'll sum up what I want to know in one post. Sorry if I seem a little greedy.

What new races, paragon paths, and epic destinies, if any, are there?

How much do they spend on the city of Sigil and the factions?

What other interesting tidbits are there?

Thanks in advance.
Paragon Paths:
Blade of Cendriane
Doomguard Marauder
Knight of Celestia
Malec-Keth Janissaryyy
Shadow Captain
Soul Guide

Sigil: 5 pages and I didn't say anything about factions

No epic destinies

Tidbit: I saw a small section on Spelljammers! :D


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What Primordials, Demon Princes, Archdevils and Gods are statted?

What new Angels / Archons / Devils / Demons are there?

What are the Shadowfell and Feywild sections like?

Far Realm stuff?

Plane of Dreams, Mirriors?
Feywild and Shadowfell get very detailed sections. more later.

Far Realm and Plane of Dreams both get 1 page each.
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