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🎨 Creative March Painting Thread

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Love your Sisters everytime Petter.

Here's my own Inquisitors and Sisters Retinue that I made some more progress on this week. Still lots to do but I'm pleased with how they're coming along.

As with a lot of Sisters salvage off eBay, many backpacks missing. So I improvised. These girls have been in the thick of it with Chaos, so they made do. No wonder they've got some penitents. Gotta keep that heretical influence at bay.
I like the terrain!

The Discerning Gentleman

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Coming along
As we near the end of March, here's my progress report, apart from those Intercessors :

Got some Inceptors done - still working on their sergeant.

Got a ton of Scouts basecoated.

And I've got a primed Gravis Captain on deck for assembly and paint, and I am planning to do some Guardsmen with Grenade Launchers to make my AM force a little more fleshed out. Onward to April!
Coming along! 😉


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75 points of Khador. I need t0 finish bases and sealing as weather permits but the actual painting is done.
Sorry for the poor image quality.
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