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🎨 Creative March Painting Thread


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I love the black-purple buboes, it's not something I've seen before and well, that's what buboes look like! I'm told.


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Just finished my Human Fate minis:

How do I link directly? :/
If you quote my post you should see the syntax.

On your page, click on of the images and it opens the gallery you cans croll through, go tothe image you want, right click and select 'View Image', then on the new page select the address on the top and copy paste between the IMG tags.

I do like the almost 'super saiyan' style of this model :)


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I actually dislike that aspect of her sculpt. But, I'll live. I need to see if I want to post the short videos I made as well or not since I comment on them sometimes. At least give a 360° view. Aaaand that's not the final picture of her. Darn. The gems should be red/magenta, and her tights bluer/gloss.
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