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What rules should Adamant use for a new edition of MARS?

  • FATE

    Votes: 96 41.9%
  • Savage Worlds

    Votes: 98 42.8%
  • Other (Neither, Both, comment below)

    Votes: 35 15.3%

  • Total voters

Gareth-Michael Skarka

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A couple of discussions at GenCon have convinced me that Adamant should re-launch our MARS line in a non-d20 format.

Right now, the leading possibilities are Savage Worlds and the FATE system (as used in Spirit of the Century and Starblazer Adventures).

Both certainly have their own unique recommendations....so I figured I'd throw the question out here to see what opinions there are.

Which would you prefer to see? Vote in the poll, and feel free to comment/ask questions.

Click here for a Free preview of the setting in its original format.

Matt Sheridan

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I can easily see how Fate would be extremely appropriate (hell, I've thought about doing something like that, myself). The source material is pulp, after all, and I do believe a number of folks have already been using SotC/Fate to run sword-and-planet campaigns of one type or another.

Haven't really got much to say about Savage Worlds, but I do believe it would work nicely as well. I think the decision really rests on which system your developers are more comfortable with.


Loves Sci-fi RPGs
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Squee! Great news! The D20 thing was holding me back.

FATE/Starblazer for me please!!!

Gareth-Michael Skarka

New member
I think the decision really rests on which system your developers are more comfortable with.
Well, yeah.

You know the phrase "all things being equal?"

That applies here. I've worked on SW stuff before, and also was the editor for the FATE-based Starblazer Adventures, so both are pretty comfortable.

Andrew J. Luther

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I voted FATE.

However, on further reflection (keeping in mind that I don't have your Mars book, so I don't know the how the fluff/crunch ratio works out), I'd suggest doing the Freeport thing with a setting-free book, and then a shorter book with FATE mechanics, and one with SW mechanics.

Then again, if your stuff is more mechanics-heavy, that won't really work out so well, and my vote moves back to FATE (I've tried SW and it wasn't really for me).

Which one has the larger customer base? Also, what percentage of that base auto-purchases everything for it? It appears to me from what I see that a lot of SotC players will pick up just about anything for the FATE system (like me), while SW may be more like GURPS, in that players often only pick up those books that directly interest them and skip the others.

Of course, getting that info may be a bit of work...


Atmospherium Junkie
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I loved the MARS book, with the d20 system being my only complaint. I really like both systems, but I'd suggest going with FATE, with maybe a thin supplement (a downloadable .pdf, for example) with just the SW mechanics.

Tim Gray

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Either would work, I'd think. SW would be a setting supplement; FATE a bigger standalone game. SW would be more tactical; FATE more story-y. I do get the sense that a lot of SW fans will pick up anything that comes out for it.


Human Paraquat
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Either would be fine, but if you used FATE 3.0, I'd definitely buy it -- preorder, even -- while if you used Savage Worlds, I doubt I'd be as eager.

A Letter From Prague

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You know, the beginning of The Sword of Rhiannon has this great part about a Martian trade city at night, and it got me thinking about how cool a pulp-noir set on colonial Mars would be...
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