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[Marvel 616 and MCU] I love inconsequential, slice-of-life headcanons

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A nit: it's instant-kill.

I wouldn't expect Tony to even worry about Peter seeing a kill. The whole training-wheels protocol locked that away, and Tony probably didn't think he'd enable that functionality until Peter was an adult.

(Which is how we know Stark Industries isn't in the software business. If you push functionality and try to hide it, someone will crack it—exactly as happened.)


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The Blade movies are canonical to the MCU. It's just Blade wiped out the majority of vampires before the Avengers were even formed, leaving the mages of the setting w/ more esoteric matters to pursue.

Blade is presently a jazz trumpet player in New Orleans.

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[Earth 199999]
Garret knew of Malus' reshearch.
He juts considered him a fraud with why Malus' procedure was not included in Centipede procedure.


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MCU: oh and that whole "kill your love for a soul stone?" Just Red Skull being a dick. You just need a sacrifice or a certain ritual that got lost to time.


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When he's not on a mission, or otherwise raising hell, Victor 'Sabretooth' Creed likes to listen to the Archers. He entertains the idle thought of becoming a farmer but keeps this dream a closely guarded secret.


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To be fair, he's not the only one.

Ha! It’s all those tendrils and crevasses in your body Emrakul, it’s like earwigs in human ears...

Though I mean a squirrel token can represent quite a LOT of toothed, fuzzy aggression. One creature per card is more a guideline than a rule...

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Gah. That's so inaccurate. They have to be FLYING 1/1 squirrel tokens.

(Which if you had an enchantment on the board to do so, is totally legal.)
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