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Masks: a New Generation on Discord, looking for players and GM

Looking for some players, preferably five or six, for a game of Masks: A New Generation. I'm Also currently looking for a GM, preferably one with some experience with the game. This game will be hosted over discord. If you're interested, just PM me and I can direct you to the discord I have set up.

I've just really wanted to play this game for a super long time, and since I'll graduate high school next year, it feels like the time i can truly and authentically "get it" will be gone before I've had the oportunity to actually play it. Some of my friends do play ttrpgs, but they're really only interested in dnd, which is a good game, but it interests me way less than the idea of literally being able to play a teenage superhero. The thought of playing through something like Teen Titans or Young Justice, both of which I'm huge fans of, except this time the characters are new and the plot can't be fully anticipated by reading rumors online- it's a thought that makes me break into a huge smile in spite of myself.

I know I might sound a little weird or long winded, but it's only because I've had an unusually long time to thing about this. Well, that and I'm in a writing program. The lessons have been drilled into my head to the point where they weirdly seep into my everyday conversation... yikes.
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