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OOC Masks: Sanguine Squad

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This is the OOC thread for our Masks: a New Generation game featuring Sanguine Squad.

We can use it for feedback, way OOC reactions, and slower-moving OOC work like advancement. OOC stuff like moves can be in the IC thread using the OOC tag.

Please post your character (including image, if you have one) here for easy reference, though the Wiki Danny set up for us will also help.

Some GM reference stuff:
Spoiler: Show

• Make Halcyon City feel like a comic
• Make the player characters’ lives
• Play to find out what changes
• ___________________________
Always say...
• What the principles demand
• What the rules demand
• What honesty demands
• What your prep demands
• ____________________________

Spoiler: Show

Describe like a comic book
• Address yourself to the heroes, not the
• Make your move, but misdirect
• Make threats real
• Give up to fight another day
• Treat human life as meaningful
• Make supers seem outlandish, creative,
and cool
• Give villains drives to feature their
• Make adults seem childish and shortsighted
• Support people, but only conditionally
• Ask provocative questions and build on
the answers
• Be a fan of the PCs
• Treat your NPCs like hammers: square
peg, round hole
• Remind them of the generations that
came before
• Think in the gutters between panels
• Sometimes, disclaim decision-making
• ____________________________

Spoiler: Show

Inflict a condition
• Take Influence over someone
• Bring them together
• Capture someone
• Put innocents in danger
• Show the costs of collateral damage
• Reveal the future, subtly or directly
• Announce between-panel threats
• Make them pay a price for victory
• Turn their move back on them
• Tell them the possible consequences
and ask
• Tell them who they are or who they
should be
• Bring an NPC to rash decisions and
hard conclusions
• Activate the downsides of their abilities
and relationships
• Make a playbook move
• Make a villain move
• After every move: “What do you do?”
• ___________________________

Spoiler: Show

The Bull
• Endanger their love
• Bolster their rival
• Reveal dark secrets of their past
• Attack with someone just like them
• Swarm with mundane forces
The Outsider
• Draw attention to their differences
• Make a request from home
• Introduce a monitor from home
• Accept and support them in their
moments of weakness
• Provoke their beliefs and practices in
tense situations
The Protégé
• Convey their mistakes
• Bestow wisdom, wanted or unwanted
• Hold up a mirror to them
• Give them exactly what they need at
a cost
• Endanger their mentor
The Transformed
• Reject them
• Show how they are feared or hated
• Attack them with unthinking hordes
• Remind them of what they’ve lost
• See their true self
The Innocent
• Confront them with their future self
• Mirror the steps on their future self ’s path
• Show them an absurdity of the present (their future)
• Show them an artifact of the past (their present)
• Judge them by their future self ’s standard
The Reformed
• Remind them of what they’ve done
• Ask them for a criminal or villainous favor
• Doubt them from a position of moral superiority
• Offer them solace with a criminal or villainous source
• Confront them with a nightmare from their past

Spoiler: Show

How to Make a Villain
Follow these steps to set up a villain,
whether making one from scratch or
writing up an existing character as a
Choose a name and generation
Choose a drive
Choose one to five villain moves
Choose one to five conditions
Villain Names
Choose a name that’s fun and exciting to
you, and that signals the generation of
the villain.
Gold: Goofy, fun, light-hearted names
Silver: Grandiose, cosmic, epic names
Bronze: Down-to-earth, simple, catchy
Modern: Meme-worthy, “unique,” clever
When it’s appropriate, pick a real name for
the villain, too.
Villain Drives
Give your villain a drive, a purpose or goal
that leads them to action, in the form of a
“To __________________.” Make your
drives point at the villain’s underlying
humanity. Make the drives comprehensible
and empathetic whenever possible.
Villain Moves
Create three or so villain moves, things
the villain does, both in and out of fights.
Make them descriptive and interesting,
active and direct.
Choose one to five conditions for the
villain. You choose from the PC’s regular
conditions list: Afraid, Angry, Guilty,
Hopeless, and Insecure. The more
conditions you give a villain, the greater
their capacity to stay in the fight, and the
more dangerous they’ll be.
• 1 condition: Barely a threat
• 2 conditions: A bit of a fight
• 3 conditions: A threatening villain
• 4 conditions: A dangerous villain
• 5 conditions: A true arch-villain
You can always adjust a villain’s danger
and longevity by giving them more
conditions or taking away conditions.
Villains in a Fight
Here are the core guidelines that villains
follow in fights:
• When a villain gets hit hard, by trading
blows or in other situations, they mark
a condition as appropriate.
• When a villain marks a condition, they
make a move from the condition moves
list immediately, before the PCs act
• When you need to say what the villain
does next, look to your GM moves, their
villain moves, and the condition moves.
• When a villain needs to mark a
condition but can’t, they are definitively
• Villains can flee or give up long before
all their conditions are filled—don’t
think they have to fight to the bitter
• Villains, and NPCs in general, always
try to clear conditions—they always
choose to open up after a PC’s
successful comfort or support move.
Condition Moves
These are GM moves for villains to make
immediately after they’ve marked a
condition, and any time you’d make a GM
move after that.
• Hide out of harm’s way
• Flee from danger or difficulty
• Lash out without thought at a threat
• Plead for mercy
• Throw up blocks and walls
• Vent through unthinking violence
• Break the environment
• Shut down conversation
• Lash out at any vulnerability
• Escalate the situation dangerously
• Seek forgiveness
• Sacrifice anything or everything for
• Turn to the unthinkable
• Implicate others in guilt
• Reveal the nature of their drive
• Give up without a fight
• Burn down the world around them
• Seek any light in the dark
• Undermine others’ beliefs
• Veer toward drastic and terrible action
• Double down on broken plans or ideas
• Follow the lead of someone else
• Doubt and question their own allies
and plans
• Admit wrongful action
• Recede into the background
Super Names
Anarch, The Antediluvian, The August, The
Duke of Bone, Captain Shadow, Cygnus,
Doctor Infinity, Dread Queen, Dream Tiger,
Emerald Lance, Gehenna, Ghostheart,
Glacier, Gravestone, Handyman, Hashtag,
Hourglass, Kingfisher, Knuckleduster,
The Lawman, Mirror Beast, Mr.
Everywhere, Myrmidon, Mystic Mistress,
Panthalassa the Sea-Sovereign, Quill,
Superbia, Photovore, Rime, Rockhammer,
Scarlet Songbird, Silent Storm, The
Spider, Starlyte, Steel Mask, Vixxis the
Timebreaker, Warpstar, Vortex, Zero Hour
Real Names
Alexander, Amrit, Betty, Brandon,
Chadwick, Chun, Damon, Dipali, Dustin,
Faith, Hayley, Ida, Imran, Ismael, Josefina,
Joy, Juanita, Julius, Jun, King, Kyo, Leticia,
Lina, Luz, Marcos, Nadine, Orlando,
Patricia, Paul, Prasad, Ren, Rochelle,
Salman, Salvador, Sita, Sushila, Santiago,
Tyler, Vicky, Yi, Yuki
Amjad, Ash, Bass, Benitez, El-Amin,
Fernandez, Chan, Corbitt, Dumas,
Gallagher, Hartwell, Espinoza, Kane, Li,
Locklear, McCloud, Mireles, Murray, Parr,
Pasternak, Rayburn, Reaves, Serrano,
Starling, Treadwell, Trujillo, Tyson, Wong,
Woodcomb, Zheng
Sample Drives
• To bring justice to the guilty
• To create and enforce order
• To defend those like them
• To defeat a hated archenemy
• To demand attention and focus
• To destroy threats to peace
• To free those in chains
• To obtain massive wealth
• To overturn an unjust system
• To protect their home and loved ones
• To prove the failures of corrupt heroes
• To rally and inspire others to action
• To seize control of threats and dangers
• To take vengeance for past wrongs
• To uncover the secrets of the world
Sample Villain Moves
• Summon robotic minions
• Open a gate to another dimension/the
• Create a weapon or bomb
• Hide behind a lieutenant
• Threaten innocents
• Explain their true purpose
• Implicate or tarnish heroes
• Steal away something valuable
• Transform into a more dangerous form
• Reveal the nature of a trap
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Jennifer Calley, aka Gem, who is not truly outrageous.

Spoiler: Show
Da/Fr/Sa/Su/Mu = -1/0/2/2/0
Hero Name: Gem
Real Name: Jennifer Janice Calley

Look: Girl, Black/Asian, Athletic Body, Loose Clothes, Mentor's Garb (Inverted Color Scheme)

SHARED ABILITY: Powerful Armor (corresponds to Invincibility from Legacy)
MENTOR ABILITY: Impossible Fighting Skill (Generic for having all Legacy abilities)
OWN ABILITY: Superhuman Physique (corresponds to Super Strength from Legacy)


Assess the Situation = When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss.
Fireside Chat = When you seek advice from your mentor, roll + the Label they embody. On a hit they will tell you what to do. On a 10+, mark potential if you follow their advice, and take +1 ongoing to follow through. On a 7-9, you get +1 forward to see it through if you do it their way. On a miss, they don’t have time for you because something big has gone down; mark a condition, GM’s choice.
Heroic Tradition = When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead of rolling + Mundane.

Hidden Base
Security Systems

How did you first meet your mentor?
* In a dream.
When and why did you choose to train with them?
* While in the dream. Because I was 9 and wanted to be the best girl, which is what she promised that I could be.
Why did they agree to train you?
* Because she believed that, with pressure and heat, I could be turned into a Diamond.
Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training?
* No one, really. Disembodied voices in your head are not really something one discusses in polite company. Even with the team, I tell them that she just disappeared from public view.
Why do you care about the team?
* Because they deserve it and they need it. Especially those that think that they don't.

Spoiler: Show

Playful = 2 teammates:

I and Quicksilver teamed up a few times before the rest of the team came together
My mentor is cautious, they asked me to keep an eye on Bell

Spoiler: Show

Angled to show Dread-Ponytail

Chest Emblem

Spoiler: Show
Eight years ago, Ambassador Bell battled with the superhero Diamond (either with or against, the stories are not entirely clear) extremely close to the elementary school that Jennifer Janice Calley attended. The school was heavily damaged with many students injured. Diamond was never seen again.

After the fight, Jennifer was in critical condition and lapsed into a coma. After waking up from the coma, she told her parents that she had a dream where she saw a woman that called herself Diamond and told her a story that the superhero called the oldest story ever told.

OOC: A very long time ago, a young girl said that she was going to be the best girl ever and save people. Forever.

Over time, the girl met others like her. Some of them were also trying to be the best girl and some of them were trying to be the best boy. They didn't always recognize each other when they met, even if they had met before. And, every once in a while, someone stopped the young girl from being the best girl, but only for a little bit. She always finds a way to go on.

Now you can be the best girl, Jennifer. I can give you that gift, because that's how it has worked for longer than we can remember.

Spoiler: Show

1: What's the view of the common person toward Diamond? What kind of reputation did she have?
Diamond was mainly involved in natural disaster relief and team-ups to fight big supervillain plots. From the public's perspective, she was not really a star superhero, as her powers were focused around the comparably non-flashy FISS type (Flight, Invulnerability, Super-Speed, Super-Strength) and she never sought out popularity like many others. She was respected for her work and had a reputation as pleasant to be around, but not particularly beloved except by those she directly helped.

This means that the superhero community did love her, though, which has caused some friction for Gem with older supers as her costume is similarly themed to Diamond's.

2: How do you get along with your parents? Do they know about your super-ing?
Jen's relationship with her parents is complex. During a spectacular crisis about 6 months ago, they discovered that she was an active superhero. Their main cause for upset, though, was that she had been dishonest with them. After she showed them the extent of her abilities, they were okay with her going out to help people and aid in post-"incident" repairs, but they want her to avoid risk ("Call an adult superhero hotline.").

She has not really told them that she is being heavily mentored, but she has mentioned that an adult is helping her learn the ropes.

3: What do you admire the most about Diamond? the least?
Jen is most impressed by the fact that, around 8 years after Diamond's disappearance, there are supers giving her pushback for wearing a similar costume to Diamond. When she hears Diamond's voice whisper of them, there is fondness and love, while there is actual hurt at her absence in some of the heroes' eyes. Diamond was not flashy, but she was important in a way that Jen now desperately wants to be.

This also leads to the most annoying thing about Diamond: she is always constantly whispering about planning things out to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum, especially damage to people (even villains!) because "the best victory is when you turn the villain away from their path." Sometimes, 17-year old Jen just wants to wreck stuff.

The scariest thing for Jen is that she doesn't know how this ends, really. She is scared that she might lose herself to Diamond. She can tell that her personality is changing towards being more thoughtful and kind. Even though she is becoming a "better" person, she is worried that she is not the source of the changes. This is one of the driving factors for her to find others like her, to see what they have gone through and where they end up.

4: Which super is commonly viewed to know Diamond the best, or to be in a position to speak for her? How does that person react to you?
For the public, the Elemental Angels (Led by Airsmith) were who she was most often seen with. They are elemental kinetics, so she provided a nice bit of tankiness to their crew.

Of the main members, Sinder (Fire) and Greenknight (Life), came on after and don't care, while Airsmith, Quake-king, and Aquafier are fairly ambivalent toward her so far... as long as she behaves. "Everybody needs a gimmick."

From Diamond's scrapbooks in the base, a hero called Retroman (inventor/low level superhuman physical attributes, dressed up like a pulp sci-fi hero) is pictured most frequently, but he went missing shortly before Diamond. Apparently, the handsome young man was a bit of a playboy, and ancient (8 year old) photographs exist on the net of him with many supermodels and actresses.

The strongest (and most awkward) emotional reaction from Diamond came when she was confronted by the superhero Tankbuster. He had been Diamond's lover at the time of her death, and she had even told him, "You should never worry about me, because I always come back."

Thankfully, he had not really understood what she meant.

He had been upset with her costume when they met and swore that he would be keeping an eye on her. Since then, things have mellowed between them, and he pops up occassionally to take her out for late-night coffee to talk. When they last saw each other, he had even said that Diamond would probably not be angry that Gem was wearing a similar uniform.
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Spoiler: Show

Brick the Bull: We defeated a dangerous enemy. Who or what was it?

Quote Originally Posted by Chaomancer
We defeated Zentrum. It's a robot revolutionary that has determined the most efficient shape for human society is for it to be in charge - and, worse luck, its mind control darts can be very convincing to anyone hit by them.

Ehri Garamel the Outsider: We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

Quote Originally Posted by Unka Josh
Zentrum's mind-control darts caused each of us to be attacked by people we knew to be heroes, and manipulated us into meeting each other under circumstances where we'd each believe the others to be controlled. But when we showed our weaknesses, when we each believed we were the last one, and we were failing, that let us realize that we weren't alone. That we weren't enemies, and if we worked together, instead of fighting, we could win.

Quicksilver the Transformed: We drew attention and ire from plenty during the fight. One important person in particular now hates and fears us. Who is it?

Quote Originally Posted by Sangrolu
Glen Jacobs, newsblogger at a sensational news site called "The Spotlight". He got uncomfortably close to being spot-on in a lot of his guesses: Quicksilver being related to MK Labs, Bell being "related" to Abassador Belle, and Shrapnel's former associates. He speculates enough that many folks take him seriously and cause us issues.

To make matters worse, he's maddeningly cute and charming, and good enough at his job that someday we may need to go to him for his help. Or to rescue him from drawing attention to the wrong nefarious organization.

Gem the Protege: We stuck together after all was said and done. Why? How’d we keep in contact?

Quote Originally Posted by QuZi
We stayed together because it was a long night of nasty work and everyone was exhausted. Gem brought them to Diamond's hidden hideout to give them communicators and decided to let them crash if they wanted. They were all inducted into the base's security system and then received communicators from the base along with a brief tutorial in their use (and a repeat demonstration in the morning for those that were too tired to pay attention).

Bell the Innocent: My future self was involved, and I tried to stop them. It took the rest of the team to help me succeed. How did we stymie my future self ’s plans?

Quote Originally Posted by DannyK
Ambassador Bell was a late entry to the fight after some of us had already figured Zentrum's evil plan, and holy crap. I remember her sending Brick through a wall with a wave of her hand while trading blows with Gem. It would have been pretty cool to watch if I hadn't been terrified. I jumped in front of her and dared her to kill me -- I couldn't take her on directly, but my power kind of interfered with hers, then Quicksilver did something to her armor, and Ehri brought the firepower. I guess that's when I really realized how strong we could be when we worked together.

Afterwards, the embassy sent out an official apology for her actions when she was under Zentrum's control, but the cops noticed some of those stupid mind-control darts missing and I can't help thinking that she stole them somehow. Even when she loses, she wins.

Shrapnel the Reformed: We fought a terrible enemy from my old life. Who was it and what did they take from me?

I'd been tracking a mind-controlled Arquero halfway across the city after she broke into the Blacksmith's foundry and stole some of his design data. Then I got jumped by the also-mind-controlled Arbiter and I was in real trouble until this bunch of teen supers turned up. Of course, it was easy for Zentrum to fool the others into thinking I was the bad guy when they saw someone best known as a villain fighting the literal champion of justice. By the time we got things straightened out, Arquero was long-gone.

We took down Zentrum, but I still haven't recovered that flash drive. What I didn't tell the others, and still haven't, is that I recognised Zentrum's design. It's an advanced prototype of one of the Blacksmith's Sentry units, designed to protect humanity and subdue threats. It must have gone rogue...right?


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Nora Silverman, the symbiotic superbeing known as Quicksilver

Spoiler: Show

Hero name: Quicksilver

Real Name: (if different): Nora Silverman

Playbook: Transformed

Look: Woman, White, White/silvery hair, Strange Eyes, Metallic Flesh, Unnerving Costume.
(She can use her nanites to give her any apparent clothing she wants, but much like poor CGI, if she tries anything fancy, it appears artificial.)

Abilities: Transmuting flesh, technopathy.
(Quicksilver's body is symbiotically bonded to AMBix nanites. They can change the shape and composition of her body, create weapons, defend herself, or perform other specialized tasks. The AMBix nanites form a distributed quantum computer that can interface with her brain, and which can interface with and control nearby electronics or computerized devices.)

Describe how they make you groteque
(At rest, Nora looks like a mass of mercury poured into a woman shaped container. But when she is using her abilities, her body bend and contorts in ways that seem unnatural for a human. Though with effort she can change the coloration of the surface of her body, it is something that takes great effort and can look artificial as Princess Leia in Rogue One.)

Playbook Choices
Da: +1, Fr: +3, Sa: +1, Su: -1, Mu: -1

Transformed Moves:

I Am Not My Body - When you take a powerful physical blow, you may roll as if you had two fewer conditions marked. If you do, on a 10+ you must choose to lose control of yourself in a terrible way.

Not Human Enough - When you directly engage a threat in a terrifying fashion, mark a condition to choose an additional option, even on a miss.

Wish I Could Be When you comfort or support someone, if you tell them what you most envy about them, you can roll + Freak instead of + Mundane.

After contracting a degenerative disease, Nora was healed by an experimental therapy. However, during one of her treatments, the hospital was raided by government agents, and the scientists at MK Labs fled.
- Who were you before? A popular young woman from a working class family that couldn’t afford the expensive treatments to make her well. When her family was approached by MK labs, they leaped at the apparent chance for salvation.
- When did you change? What caused it? She was taken in for medical treatment at MK Labs. The doctors and technicians said the “adaptive micromachine biomatrix” (AMBix) technology would compensate for issues that her disease was causing. But something went wrong, and the AMBix became a disease of its own. It almost killed her, but the nanites eventually entered a symbiotic state with her.
- Who, outside the team, is helping you understand your new body? Patrick Quinn, a former medical resident working for MK labs. He was the one who turned MK labs in for their practices, but doesn’t know as much as the (fugitive) senior scientists do. Nora is very thankful for his help, but despite the fact he turned MK labs in, he was blocked from pursuing medical practice. Nora calls this “unjust as shit.”
- Why don’t you just try to hide yourself away? Sometimes she feels like doing just that, but her sense of justice demands that she speak up and step out. Quinn stood up for her, now she needs to stand up for other people in need.
- Why do you care about the team? In part, because it lets her play out her over-developed sense of justice. But more, she misses being close to people and people in her former life she considered close friends turned on her. Though she has become untrusting of people she now calls “flakes”, she still has that need for a human connection.

Quicksilver bonus questions
-Before you changed, what kind of kid were you? What were you known for?
Funny and artistic, with a close group of friends she enjoyed laughing with. In school, she was a well respected “theatre kid”.
-What do you feel like you can't do now that you wish you could?
Laugh about trivial things with friends. She has grown and endured too many things over the last 2 years to to ever really laugh about the same sort of dumb stuff, but if she find the right group of new friends, she might find a way to find joy in life again.
-What's the act of bringing justice that you're most proud of, so far?
If speaking of unvarnished pride, it might once have been the time she convinced her mom it was wrong to buy her and her family Christmas presents with differing price tags. If you asked her now, she might admit that is a dubious accomplishment.

*-(I’m still considering what her family unit looked like. I was considering that she may have a cousin that lives with them because of some family tragedy, but as I don’t have a narrative purpose here yet, I’m going leave that point vague.)

No, though it’s a sad memory, she’s probably proudest of saving Holly.
Spoiler: Show

Holly was one of the few friends that didn’t start avoiding her after the events at MK Labs. But Holly was planning on dropping out and living with her older boyfriend Karl. Karl was the son of a land developer. Holly had it all lined up in her head. Karl would work for his dad, make money, and make a happy home for them.

Or so the story went. Karl was an abusive jerk, and Nora could see it every time Holly showed up at her house with a smiling face that betrayed the look of dried tears. Nora could tell if Holly went through with her plan, her life would be a wreck.

In a last ditch attempt to stop this from happening, Nora tried to talk Holly out of dropping out. As Holly left that night after a tearful discussion, she thought she had her talked out of it.

But the next day, she got a pair of texts.
One from Holly that said “I’m sorry.”
And one from Karl that said “Stay away from my girlfriend, you f***ing freak.”

After that, she didn’t see Holly much. Karl was obviously pressuring her out of visiting. When she did visit, she was obviously being abused. By this time, Nora had been learning to use the AMBix. She could threaten or injure him, but that wasn’t right. But she learned other tricks as well. She touched Holly’s phone and essentially infected it. She had it spy and record evidence of the abuse, and sent it to Holly’s family and the police.

Nora had this fantasy that once people stepped in to protect her, she would eventually be happy, and they could be great friends again.

But Holly knew Nora enough to know Nora was behind this, even if she didn’t understand how. Every time Nora saw her after that, Holly gave her nothing more than an angry stare. But Karl did spend time in jail and Holly’s parents forced her to get help.

After not seeing Holly for a few months, Nora spotted her working at a local coffee shop, flirting with one of the local college kids who had taken an interest in her.

And though Nora realized they would probably never be friends again, she smiled too.

When our team first came together…
We drew attention and ire from plenty during the fight. One important person in particular now hates and fears us. Who is it?
- Glen Jacobs, investigative journalist/blogger at a sensational news site called "The Spotlight". He got uncomfortably close to being spot-on in a lot of his guesses: Quicksilver being related to MK Labs, Bell being "related" to Ambassador Bell, and Shrapnel's former associates. He speculates enough that many folks take him seriously and cause us issues.

To make matters worse, he's maddeningly cute and charming, and good enough at his job that someday we may need to go to him for his help. Or to rescue him from drawing attention to the wrong nefarious organization.

Spoiler: Show

- Brick comforted you when you were at your lowest. Nora was wallowing in self-pity, and Brick got her to "snap to" and "pull it together" in her disciplined military style.
- Gem knew you before you changed.

Gem has influence over Quicksilver
Ehri has influence over Quicksilver
Quicksilver has influence over Shrapnel

Spoiler: Show

A collection of characters and ideas that inform roleplaying Quicksilver
-Mistaken Identity - Song by Australian recording artist Delta Goodrem after she was treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Nora's tagline from this song: "The girl that I used to be/Has a terrible case of mistaken identity"
- Terminator T-1000/T-X (from Teminator film franchise): Liquid metal cyborgs provide some ideas of how liquid metal shapeshifting works
- Major (from Ghost in the Shell anime): Main character enters a symbiotic relationship with an digital intelligence.
- The Engineer (from The Authority comic): Superhero with nanites for blood and power tech manipulation abilities.

Additionally (featured NPC inspiration)
Patrick Quinn is essentially Johnny from Dirty Dancing (dramatically speaking). And yes, that makes Nora Baby.
Glen Jacobs is somewhere between Will Tippin from Alias and James Marsden's character in 27 Dresses

What does Quicksilver look like? Sometimes she can change the color of her flesh to near human. At rest, she is all metal.
See my Quicksilver Board on Pinterest.
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I trust this is the place for stupid questions

Last time I did PbP, invisible castle was the thing. But that died long ago.
A quick reconnoiter of your other IC thread shows signs of orokos.com. Is that what we are using? Any tips/conventions?

I would imagine it would be quickest if we roll at the same time we think we are going to trigger a move, so we can make choices in order to minimize the turnaround time.
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Bell the Innocent
Alicia Monteverde and her family immigrated to Halcyon City from Isla Tormentosa, a beautiful but poor Caribbean island in the middle of the Silver Age, where her parents got jobs in the growing superhuman service industry (i.e. minions and damage control). When her powers manifested at puberty, she started working with a local professor to understand them. She got a pretty, sparkly costume and started calling herself Tinker Bell -- later just Bell.

Then came the terrible night her family got taken into custody by AEGIS agents and she fled to the professor's lab, one step ahead of them. Desperate to help her escape, the professor gave her an "aetherial booster" he had been working on to increase her powers -- it worked all too well, letting her fly decades into the future before she could turn it off. Finding herself in the insane present day Halcyon city was a shock. It was an even bigger shock to find that somehow there was already an Alicia Monteverde here in this time... but she called herself Ambassador Bell now, and she'd... led a revolution on Isla Tormentosa, then come back as ambassador? Worked for AEGIS? Saved the world? Killed people? So many stories, she couldn't make sense of them all. Even when she tried to avoid them, people keep telling her about this person, this other self. Alicia thinks of her as the older sister she never knew or wanted, but she knows it's worse than that. Ambassador Bell is her.
Spoiler: Show

Hero Name: Bell
Real Name: Alicia Monteverde
Look: Latina Woman, hopeful face, old fashioned clothing, reflective costume
Time Period: Traveled from the late Silver Generation (1970’s) to the present -- she'd just heard of something called "Star Wars" before her time travel but hasn't seen it yet. She was a disco kid and also really liked funk and soul, hence her goofy costume.
Abilities: Bell thinks she's an Air Controller, but she's actually a late-blooming psychic who is still developing telekinesis abilities and maybe more... who knows what her older self is capable of?

Danger 0, Freak +1, Savior +1, Superior -1, Mundane +2

See It Their Way: When you reject someone's influence when they equate you with your future self, roll +Savior instead of +nothing. When you accept their influence, mark potential.
What's This Thing? When you ask for someone's guidance on the modern world, they must tell you what you should do. If you act that way, clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down. if you act that way and it goes poorly, mark potential.

Team Moves:
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask whether they think your future self could’ve won this victory. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you could turn into your future self. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels.

Your Future Self:
Her future self is Ambassador Bell, a powerful villain -- or antihero -- in Halcyon City who wears armor and has developed her powers to a frightening degree. She has been around and active since the Bronze Age as a major player and has fought in most of the secret wars on one side or the other. At some point she participated in the revolution on what is now the Republic of Tormentosa and got named Ambassador-at-Large afterwards, which gives her diplomatic immunity in Halcyon City as long as she isn't actively breaking the law.
One step of her future self’s path that she knows about: She battled a hero (Diamond)

Who or what brought you to the present? Professor Graham's aetheric booster ring -- it was just supposed to speed me up, but it sent me on a shortcut through the Fifth Dimension, or something. I can't find the Professor to ask him and I'm afraid he's dead.
When did you first meet your future self? She found me, wandering and homeless, I don't know how. I didn't know who she was behind the mask and armor, but I was grateful when she gave me some money and steered me towards the teen shelter. I shudder to think what could have happened otherwise... the neighborhood where the lab was is a barrio now and I didn't feel safe there. I asked her about my family, and she told me to worry about myself, not them. Later I found out they were all long dead. Why didn't she tell me?

How is your future self the embodiment of a future you never wanted? She's so powerful, but so lonely, and everyone is afraid of her. My -- our -- parents left Tormentosa to get away from the fear and violence and she personifies it. The local "Tormento"community is scared of her and tells all kinds of stories I don't want to hear, even though she funds their youth center and scholarships for the kids.
What is your favorite part of life in the future? Your least favorite part? I like the food and the music and smart phones are amazing. I can't believe the fashions girls wear these days, even girls who live with their mothers! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, really. And Halcyon City is so big and everything moves so fast and everyone talks on social media which don't make any sense to me no matter how may times somebody tries to explain it.

Why are you determined to stay in the present with this team? Well... I'm afraid to use the aetheric booster until I understand it, and Professor Graham isn't here to help me. And besides... I made some friends here in this strange new time, strange new friends, but I think they are good people. And I'm worried that if I go back now, it will just close the time-loop. How did Ambassador Bell know how to find me, unless it was from her own memory of that day? How can I be sure that I'm not on track to become her, making every mistake and hurting everyone that she did?

Spoiler: Show

What are the full extent of Bell's powers?
What happened to Professor Graham? Her parents?
What's the deal with AEGIS and the Bells?
Is Ambassador Bell a misunderstood anti-hero, a hero pretending to be a villain like Severus Snape, or a psychopath?
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I trust this is the place for stupid questions

Last time I did PbP, invisible castle was the thing. But that died long ago.
A quick reconnoiter of your other IC thread shows signs of orokos.com. Is that what we are using? Any tips/conventions?

I would imagine it would be quickest if we roll at the same time we think we are going to trigger a move, so we can make choices in order to minimize the turnaround time.
I find orokos to work pretty well, but I don't really care what you use. You can even roll actual dice if you want--if you don't get that part of the fun is taking what the dice give you, you really shouldn't be playing PBTA games.

And yes, what works best is if you think you trigger the move, go ahead and do it and resolve any part that's player-facing. That's one of the reasons PBTA works pretty well with PBP--you don't have to wait for me to set a difficulty or roll for the opposition or anything.


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Will be doing post later when I am back at the hotel where Jen does an assessment.

Just for reference, all the PCs will have the earbud communicators (unless they do not want them).


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I'll wikify later, but here we go:

Shrapnel, the Reformed

Spoiler: Show
Real Name:
Ashley Bishop (always Ash)

Ambiguous, white, sad eyes, concealing fashion, damaged costume.
(Ash uses female pronouns, but tends to dress in androgynous or tomboyish clothes.)


Danger +2
Freak +1
Saviour -1
Superior =0
Mundane +1

Reformed Moves:
What the hell, hero?: When you call out an injustice that a hero has perpetrated, roll + Danger. On a hit, take Influence over them. On a 7-9, choose one; on a 10+, choose two: You get them to admit their wrongdoing; You win over an onlooker and take Influence over them; You don’t turn their attention and anger onto yourself. On a miss, they dismiss you; mark a condition (their choice), shift Danger up and Saviour down.

Do me a favour: When you go to an ordinary civilian you know for a favour, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, they’ll lend you a hand. On a 7-9, they need a promise up front. On a miss, you catch them up in your superpowered nonsense, and they suffer for it.

Friends in Low Places:
You have ties to villains from your previous career. When you come to them for help with your problems, mark obligation on them and they’ll help out within their speciality. If all their boxes are full, then they won’t help you until you help them. When you help one of these villains with their problems, erase two obligations on them.

When time passes, roll + your highest obligation. On a 10+, they come crashing into your life with a crisis. On a 7-9, they call for a favour. On a miss, they don’t come knocking yet, but mark obligation with them; the debts are getting heavier.

The Mad Magpie
Speciality: Alien tech
Obligation: X X ❏ ❏

Speciality: Insider info
Obligation: X ❏ ❏ ❏

Ellen ‘Devil’ Drummond
Speciality: Cosmic artifacts
Obligation: ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Team Moves:
When you share a moment of triumph with someone, ask them what gives them hope for a brighter day and give them Influence.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what they would do something dark for and gain Influence over them.

I’ve earned the trust of Quicksilver, and I follow their example of what a hero should be.
I did something terrible to Ehri once. I hope they can forgive me one day.

Quicksilver has influence over Shrapnel.

Spoiler: Show
* A couple of years ago Ash was at a lab where her mom was working late when robots broke in to steal a container of alien smart metal.
* Superhero team called Brute Force foiled the robbery. Enhanced Bronze-Gen vigilante types with names like Collateral and Overkill and Hardcase.
* One of them destroyed the container rather than let it be stolen for nefarious purposes. Ash got a shard of the metal lodged in her spine.
* Hospital found the shard couldn't be removed because it had partly bonded with her nervous system and the damage would continue to spread.
* One night the Blacksmith turned up in hospital. He'd been the one behind the robbery, but he'd expected the lab to be empty and was mortified that anyone got hurt. He promised to make things right somehow.
* He ended up visiting Ash several times as her condition worsened, sharing his plans and stories of his adventures. She never got so much as an apology from the superheroes involved.
* Months later he found a way to fix the damage, not by removing the metal but instead by fully fusing it with her. It was risky, but by this point she was in a wheelchair and desperate enough to try.
* It not only worked, it gave her control over metal. Under the guise of an apprenticeship, she learned how to control her new powers under the Blacksmith and became his sidekick.
* After about a year of this, the Blacksmith was jailed by his nemesis the Silver Sentinel following an attempt to take over AEGIS defence tech. He told Shrapnel not to try to spring him, as he had plans in motion from the inside and didn’t want to risk her being locked up as well.
* Shrapnel then spent several months operating on her own, taking increasingly bigger risks and with less of a plan beyond vengeance against the world of superheroes. Her last public outing was against the Sentinel, where she was hopelessly outclassed but managed to escape after hitting the Sentinel with a school bus.
* It was Ambassador Bell who put Ash in contact with the team, approaching her in her civilian identity when she was wracked with doubts and putting her on a new path. Quite how Bell knows so much about her, and what exactly her intentions are, Shrapnel doesn’t know.

Spoiler: Show

Amusingly, I had to discard the first character picture I found because I realised the hair wouldn't fit under the mask, but I like the new look anyway.

Shrapnel’s mask:

Her costume is black and silver, shiny metal armour pieces that she’s shaped with her powers over cloth. She got caught in an explosion on her first outing, and she decided she liked the battle-damaged look of her armour and kept it.

Spoiler: Show
Who mentored you in supervillainy?

The Blacksmith, a Silver-Gen genius roboticist and engineer who wants to force the world into a utopian state where it's protected and provided for by robots and watched over by an AI. They very much have a father-and-daughter relationship as well as teacher-and-student, compounded by Ash growing up without an actual father. Ash's mother knows him as Dr Smith, who pioneered the experimental procedure that saved her daughter's life and subsequently offered her an apprenticeship.

Who first showed you that you could do good?

Devil Drummond, although maybe not intentionally. On a mission from the Blacksmith, Shrapnel was in the market for anti-magic protection for their next job. In Drummond’s bazaar, she accidentally touched a broken oracular mirror that showed fragments of potential futures, and saw herself standing with a team of superheroes in gleaming armour, along with visions of herself in the Blacksmith’s utopia and herself walking through the ruins of Halcyon.

What was your goal as a villain?

As the Blacksmith's sidekick, mostly stealing tech and resources to help further his plans and provide a generous allowance for herself and her mother. But with a side helping of retribution against superheroes who she saw as corrupt or selfish or dangerous enough to deserve punishment, which thanks to her influences at the time was most of them. After the Blacksmith was jailed and she was operating on her own, one of her most infamous encounters was when she hospitalised Switchblade, a member of Brute Force, by tearing out her cybernetic implants.

What caused you to switch sides?

During her revenge-fuelled clash with the Sentinel, she saw him throw himself in the path of a school bus she’d flung aside, to save a schoolgirl bystander she hadn’t even noticed. That was when she realised how close she’d come to crippling or killing an innocent, just as the Blacksmith had two years ago, and how far she’d drifted from her original intent to help and protect people.

Why do you care about the team?

They’re not like anyone else she knows in the supers community. They’re not perfect, but they genuinely care about people, over and above any personal goals and self-interest. They’re the kind of people she wants to be, and maybe always wanted to be.

Blacksmith is still locked up, yeah? Do you visit? What's that deal like now?

He's still in jail, yep. Ash visited him once, just after he was arrested, when he told her that he had things in hand and not to come again for a while to avoid suspicion. After her confrontation with the Sentinel, she put in a request for a second visit, but it went unapproved. She has no idea what he thinks of her now that her first outing with the team has been in the news.

Who do you live with, or if you're on your own, who regularly calls or drops by to check on you?

Ash lives with her mom, who's smart but not supergenius-smart and works as a lab assistant/tech at Paragon Innovations, a research lab founded by a retired Silver-Gen robot hero. They get on well, although Ash's mom was concerned about her during her recent low period and doesn't always approve of her friends.

Who in the supers community do you have a crush on?

Besides Finch, who Shrapnel is not entirely over? Shrapnel had a string of clashes with Daybreak, a glowy humanoid alien with light-control powers. Shrapnel thinks they're pretty cool despite being on opposite sides, and some of their fight-and-chase banter has been distinctly flirty.

There's also Arquero, a cat-burglar Shrapnel worked with a couple of times. She's a thief, but she only steals from big corporations and the wealthy, and the money goes to the poor neighbourhood she lives in. And yes, she wears a hood and uses a bow. No green tights, though. As far as Shrapnel is aware that crush is one-sided.

Spoiler: Show
The Mad Magpie, an alien tech dealer who's also an alien tech dealer. Known as the Magpie both for his avian appearance and his tendency to collect shiny objects. He was the one who provided the equipment and expertise to integrate the smart metal into Ash's body and heal her injuries.

Bluefinch is, as far as most people know, a perfectly normal social-media app and website, a locally-grown competitor to things like Twitter and Facebook. Behind the public face of the company, however, is Blackfinch, a networking and intel-sharing system exclusive to supervillains. And behind that is the Finch, an anonymous figure who can tell you which Aegis site has your power armour in lockup, which crimelord is moving on your neighbourhood, or exactly which exotic element your nemesis is vulnerable to...for a price. Shrapnel is one of the very few villains who’s met the Finch face-to-face; she’s a wheelchair-bound teen hacker with a grudge against superheroes and a business plan to retire by thirty. The two of them bonded over shared life experiences and even dated a couple of times, although Shrapnel’s recent turn to heroism put an end to their personal relationship and a big strain on their professional one.

Ellen 'Devil' Drummond is a trader in cosmic artifacts and mystic relics. She's originally from another dimension, and has some ability to perceive alternate realities and possible futures that she uses to locate items of power and find new owners for them.
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