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OOC Masks: The Spiderweb


One Shot Man
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OOC, do any of you have a plan formulated? The obvious things to focus on are:
1) The dilapidated warehouse these thugs are using

2) The Jungle itself, which you could infiltrate subtly or just enter under a false pretense, i.e. kids trying to buy dope

3) The stanchions and support structures of the Eisner Bridge, which go right down into the middle of the Jungle, if you could get up there somehow you could watch everything from above... maybe even eavesdrop if you can get close enough. There's supposed to be ladders and landings and stairs going up for maintenance workers to use, although this part of the bridge hasn't seen a maintenance worker in a while.

You have all heard that there are there are big sewers and stormwater drains under the UEB that drain water into the river, but you don't know much about them. There are tales of albino alligators and a mushroom kingdom like in Super Mario and cannibal tribes that never come out during the daytime.


One Shot Man
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Also, what do you guys think of getting a bonus Potential point to mark the end of a session? Sort of a virtual amuse-bouche. PbP runs slowly and this is a game with a definitive goal, so I don't think we'll break anything by moving people along the advancements a little faster, and I'm really curious to see what the Knight and Blackout do with the advance which is currently far away.


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Unka Josh Unka Josh I hope you don't mind the Dizzy character resurfacing like that; there's no sexual violence in my games, but goofy thugs asking a tough female detective out to dinner seems amusing to me. I used to be a big Janet Evanovich mystery fan, and Rook reminds me a bit of her protagonist Stephanie Plum (One for the Money, etc. etc.)


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Hmm... unsure what to do for a plan. Do peeps want Matty to be advance scout / try to pose as a drug addled teen?
ATM I could be alone or with the group...

Nick the Nevermet

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Matty could pose as some unfortunate soul.
Measure could try to sneak around back.
K could be charged with protecting Matty if things go south
And Rook be direct assault firepower if* it is necessary.

This isn't a perfect plan, but its a decent null hypothesis.
How can it be improved?

* Let's be honest here: if = when


Libido Cattle Prod
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Rook is ok with whatever.

Her recommendation is to decide first if they want to be loud or quiet.

Her natural inclination now that they are all gathered is to go up to one of the hooded fellows and just ask what is going down. Worst case scenario, they fight their way there, fight their way in, then fight their way back out.

Rook may have some pent up aggression about this whole dating thing.
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