[MCU] Rewatching & Ranking The Infinity Saga


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Finally finished my 67-episode Game of Thrones rewatch, leaving me just enough time to finish my 21-movie MCU rewatch before the 25th.

Some thoughts on the ones I've rewatched so far.

Iron Man

Call it smart planning, good fortune, or just dumb luck, but it's hard to imagine a better launch to the biggest franchise in the world than to deliver, IMO, one of the 50 most iconic characters/performances right out of the gate. Interesting thing watching this again was noting how conscious the MCU was right away to eschew two staples of Marvel Comics: Heroes don't kill, and they have secret identities. (The former isn't really focused on. It's more just a matter of the fact that they will do what they have to do.)

The Incredible Hulk

The one that feels the most disconnected from the MCU, and not just because it's got Edward Norton playing Banner. It's pretty much a boilerplate Hulk movie. I wonder if they waited a year to make this in the wake of Iron Man's success if it not only would have been better, but also quite different.

And the CGI was not impressive in 2008, and it has not aged well even from that impression.

Iron Man 2

IMO, the worst MCU film. I think the first half-hour is solid, ending with the attack at the racetrack (the only good action scene in the film), but the rest of the 2 hours feels to me like they just asked actors to improv a bunch of scenes and then tried to stitch those together into some kind of coherent narrative.

And Don Cheadle is a great actor, but I think he's one of the few major miscasts in the MCU. (I mean, come on, guys, Idris Elba was *right there* to be cast.) It's part of the reason I don't feel like Rhodey has ever really broken out of the role of "Iron Man's Pal," despite appearing in so many films.


I'm a much bigger fan of this one than most. I love the whole aesthetic, Loki, of course, and just adore the Earthbound stuff with Selvig, Jane, Darcy and Thor. After the one-two dud of Iron Man 2 and Incredible Hulk, I wasn't too high on the MCU, but watching Thor was the first time I really started to get excited about the possibilities.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Evans has a much less flashy character to play than RDJ, but damn is he good right from his first scene, and has truly become the co-anchor of the MCU. I think the first 40 minutes of this film is right up there with the best superhero origins ever put on screen. The Peggy-Steve proto-romance is the best one in the MCU, and Steve jumping on the dummy grenade is a top 5 scene in all the films and *the* character-defining moment for Cap.

(Watching Avengers later tonight.)
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I've now seen Black Panther and Spiderman Homecoming. Both are good, both in the middle tier of marvel movies for me. I'd put Black Panther above Spiderman.
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