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[MCU] Rumor Thread: It was the dawning of the 4th Phase [Contains Endgame Spoilers]


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And with on-demand streaming, it's not much of a big deal for other shows either. Which is probably why you're seeing more of the cable channels that used to just use syndicated reruns to fill in the time around movies and sports making their own shows now.


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There are/were probably different optimum seasons, depending on the length of the episodes, genre, etc. I always heard it was 7 seasons. There's probably some math involving number of episodes, the number of months you could air new eps on a daily rotation and on a weekly one, different markets, yadda yadda.
Type of show and episodes per season play a big part in how long a show stays entertaining but yeah, number of episodes in a vacuum is what lead to 100 episodes for syndication based on frequency of repeats.

Quite a few shows should wrap themselves up in two or even a single season based on the premise for quality reasons. Some do a good run for 5 or so seasons before becoming a bit repetitive (Futurama, Parks and Rec, Community). Some can run indefinitely as long as the original show runners stick around and keep up the quality (IASIP).

Netflix really should keep the quality ones around even if they aren't necessarily super popular or choose to end it before the season ends so they can build a decent back catalog of complete series instead of ones that drop off all of a sudden. I know they release it all at once and don't have the same time frame as a network to cancel before the last episode, but that just means they need to plan ahead a little more or make it clear when the show runners should avoid ending on a cliffhanger like they did with Santa Clarita Diet.


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I'm going to go with... in absentia, shows induce paralysis. Wait, that doesn't quite sound right. If anyone shows, I perambulate? Hmm. Probably not right either. What about, um, if another season includes perspicacity?

(I'm pretty sure it's, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)

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Interestingly (to me) I find myself losing interest in many shows after two seasons. Haven't watched Jessica Jones. Made myself watch Daredevil, for instance.

I don't think this is inherently bad, especially if creative teams are crew are told up front so they can plan accordingly.

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Ooh maybe MBB as a genderswapped Sprite? She'd make a great sympathetic villain if they use Gaiman's 2006 storyline.
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

I've got friends who swear by that show as the be-all an end-all of comedy.

I... just don't get it.
I didn't get it when it first came out and I warched some of the first season.

A decade later I watched somenof season 2 after Danny Devito shows up and it clicked. They are horrible people who always choose the worst option and ruin the loves of everyone around them but they always fail and never learn from their mistakes. Flanderization just makes them worse people and it is hilarious.

Plus the recurring characters bring back familiar themes without repeating the same stories. Rickety Cricket and the McPoyle clan do something new each time they return.

Like cringe comedy it isn't for everyone but it is the top of the game for that style of comedy.
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