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[MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)


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Black Widow's explicit stance in Winter Soldier is that keeping secrets from the general public is bad.
That's an... interesting take on WS, but I agree that she wouldn't cover it up. I don't think she'd go out of her way to announce it, but Steve and Tony probably would.

I enjoyed Far From Home for the light and fluffy popcorn it was. I got a kick out of the Skrull reveal, because the writing for Fury seemed overly broad and I was attributing it to the generally broad humor of the whole movie. Suddenly it made sense when he laughed at Happy's stonewalling - that's how Fury was when Talos first met him. (It also explained Hill's understated personality and the odd flyby like "Kree sleeper cells" and "he's from Earth, just not yours.") It was strange to see Fury working with Skrulls though. I'm still not used to them not being villains. But it's awesome that he has access to lots of high tech (like a superspymaster should) and equally scary that he has access to a crew of perfect shapeshifters (a superspymaster's wet dream).

I thought Mysterio was great. The callbacks to other movies, the creative use of established tech, the legit usefulness of the fishbowl, even the sendup of superhero moviemaking. Gyllenhaal nailed it as the fake perfect hero and the unhinged ringleader. And I loved that we got a classic Ditko hallucination attack.

I also loved that we got a showcase of the Peter TingleSpider-Sense. And holy cow, Spider-Man was a major badass in that relentless battle with the drone swarm. I really enjoy it when a movie has a superhero do things uniquely suited to them. It's hard to imagine anyone else fighting with that combination of speed, mobility and manipulation of the battlefield. He used his webs so much for structural support and the like that it ultimately highlighted their straight up combat effectiveness.

What a joy to see Simmons as JJJ again. I was really hoping they might. The Alex Jones schtick was a hoot. I'm really not sure about outing Peter as Spider-Man though. The Working Class Nerd bit is a major part of the character's charm. He needs to keep growing, obviously, but I'm afraid this will wreck the vibe without a cheesy walkback. I'm not nearly as interested in Angsty Spidey. (Unless they're actively aiming for cliffhangers with cheesy walkbacks, I guess. As expected, the Snap got a cheesy brushoff in literally the very next movie after Endgame pretended like the MCU was going to be post-apocalypse now. But on the flip side, I'm amused that this is the third MCU movie in two years to end on a cut off F-bomb.)

Two more things. First, did I imagine it or was the Black Knight's armor and tabard on display in the Tower of London? It could have just been an E II R cypher, but it went by fast. Second, how interesting was Zendaya's portrayal of MJ? She really worked it with her facial expressions, for a character that could have easily been flat. Nice work.


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Awesome movie. Chemistry between all the kids was off the chart.
Just wish that they had more to do. Ned got his "guy in the chair" moment in the first movie, wished they could've pitched in somehow.

Overall I'm having a hard time judging it through my vicious hatred of cringe drama/comedy, unfair to judge based on taste like that. It's just that the various gags seemed a lot more forced than is normal in MCU movies. A lot of them felt like they were pausing the story to be funny for a moment rather than flowing with the story and, say, the baby mountain goat gag required too much suspension of disbelief to really land with me especially when they already did something so similar in Infinity War when it worked much better.

Overall not bad but not anything special by Marvel standards.

Except "Night Monkey." I love Night Monkey. My son is going to be Night Monkey for Halloween.

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What a joy to see Simmons as JJJ again.
Very glad to see that so many people got a buzz out of this. Simmons' performance as JJJ is perfection, and I've always said he should be used in every Spider-Man movie regardless of studio or Spidey actor. Even without the haircut.



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Now I'm doubting my memory. It was definitely B. something. P. but I'm unsure of the something.
It's BFP

Seems I got my Benjamin Parkers mixed up.
Benajmin Richards is May "Mayday" Parker little brother.
Kidn of makes sense that Pete would name his son after his two dads.

Ben senior seems has Franklin as his middle name.


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Very glad to see that so many people got a buzz out of this. Simmons' performance as JJJ is perfection, and I've always said he should be used in every Spider-Man movie regardless of studio or Spidey actor. Even without the haircut.


People in the theater near me may have had cause to worry I was having a seizure when he appeared on screen. It was just too wonderful to believe. 😜
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