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Mech A RPG Contest


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Mech A RPG Contest

This is a contest!

Submission Guidelines
Submit your PDF to this thread on or before June 30th 2005. Use mostly the art provided. Target a booklet laid out in 8.5x11 - landscape - folded-in-half, about 32-64 pages. The content should be a mecha rpg inspired by the art with a setting of post-alien-invasion Earth. These are guidelines though, not hard and fast requirements.

Your work has to include, in the credits, the name of the artist (Defcombeta or his real name if JM wants to use it), and the Mech A RPG Contest 2005 along with the names of the contributors to the pot.

Copyright and Trademark
You cannot reference or include anything even remotely belonging to somebody else as a copyright or trademark. If you're a group then by "you" I mean your group. The point is nobody wants to get sued so keep all the work your own. You retain your rights to the works you submit to the contest.

If you work in a group then I'll consider the person who posts the work or represents the group to be "the" submittor. It's up to them to divvy up the winnings however they see fit. If the group's representative is unclear then I'll just pick one.

The Art
Was done by an artist here on RPGnet named Defcombeta. There's 28 pieces which will be made freely available to the world when the contest begins. The cover art and logo goes to the winner. See below for download locations.

Judging Criteria
My personal preference, heavily influenced by what folks on the thread have to say. People donating to the pot will get extra influence. At the end of the day I'll pick a winner. I will probably wait about 2 weeks after the deadline to give folks a chance to playtest the games and post commentary.

Winner Gets
Currently the pot includes rights to the cover artwork, the logo art "Guerilla Earth" if you want it, and $100 donated by AndyK. Anyone else who wants to contribute to the pot may do so by posting to the forum and letting us know in advance of the deadline (June 30th). Contributors get extra sway over me in picking the winner and a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Contributors Winning
The best man wins. I'll be a little skeptical of a contributor's comments about who should win if they themselves made a submission. But at the end of the day I'll pick a winner and they'll get the pot. What they do with their winnings is up to them.

Any of the contributors can pull out any time up to but not after the declaration of the winner. Everything else, including these rules, could change too. This is not a formal legal agreement. This is just a bunch of people on the net having fun and encouraging each other. Nobody gains any new rights, except the winner, should I pick one, to the contents of the pot, should there be any. If one of the contributors to the pot doesn't pony up, then your beef is with them, not me, or any of the other contributors, or any of the other submittors.

The Judge (aka "I" and "me")
John DeHope.

The Pot
John DeHope: Cover art, logo, and rights to the title "Guerilla Earth".
AndyK: $100.00.
Bryant Durrell: $50.00 or 5,000 words of add-on material.

Places To Get The Art
Coming soon...


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Just to repeat the message in the new thread, and provide an alternate download site, the images are also available through anonymous FTP at ftp://ftp.paxdraconis.com

Oh, cbeilby, it looks like the link for the lowres pictures is still broken at this time. I think the capital L needs to be lower case.
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jdagna said:
Oh, cbeilby, it looks like the link for the lowres pictures is still broken at this time. I think the capital L needs to be lower case.
Or the lower case l in the file name needs to be a capital. Fixed.
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