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Mechanical Dream - Fantasy Roleplay


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I just noticed that the promo for Mechanical Dream has been put up. 25 pages some in colour. It looks very nice. For a first product from a new RPG publisher I must I'm impressed. I was concerned that as the writers first language is French the result may be difficult to read but the translation is excellent.

The interesting aspect from a fantasy roleplay perspective is that it has a unique take on things. It really is a fantasy world with many normal things we take for granted replaced with new concepts. Despite this the game holds up remarkably well and is packed full of potential from politics, travel fantasy, combat to horror.

There does seem to be some inspirations I recognise inf Mechanical Dream but none I can pin down. What does it remind others of? For some reason Abe's Odyssy on PS keeps popping into my mind :)

Does anyone know who the artists are? They look familiar and are really good. Does anyone know if they have a seperate website?

There are no rules in the promo :( so no ideas of how the rules go out.



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Re: Mechanical Dream...

Pretty sweet; I went out of town for a few days after getting an
e-mail from one of the creators telling me that the promo would
be out this week, and come back to find that it's up :)

Anyway, it looks very interesting. They said that they created a
unique world, and you certainly can't argue with that!

I hope the final version is as good as the promo looks!

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Sure it will be

---I hope the final version is as good as the promo looks!---


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Thx SkyWalker

I'm Francis, one the two creator of Mechancial Dream and ruler of Steamlogic. I will give big Thx to Mr. skywalker; this commentary is very useful to steamlogic.

Was he said, my English is not very good, but the translation of the book and all other products are translate by English translator. Don't worry; all content of Mechanical Dream will be proofread for English community.

If you have any questions about MechanicalDream and you are able to read my bad English, go head, I will reply soon as possible :)

For the artists of MD, look on the web site for more info. Not separate web site for Yann leroux and Donald Caron, sorry, they doesn't have one for this moment.

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