[Mechwarrior Online] Six Major Eras of Battletech—The Sixth MWO ilThread


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Triple RAC Jager is the most dumb fun you can have in the game, as far as I'm concerned.
Quad RAC2 King Crab.

Admittedly, I went back to just a normal dual AC20 build (Yes, even tried UAC20!) after trying a while. But man when someone opens up with that shit on you, you know it. You can't even see anything! It fucking sucks!

Latest Mech - Viper-M - which for a Cicada mega fan like me should be a freaking joy - is giving me issues. Just seems too fragile. I've gone a lot of options too!

Current attempt that's been hampered by 4 bad matches in a row:

3 ER Micro Lasers in each arm, and 2 Heavy MLs in each side Torso *(using the A omnipods for each side torso). It SHOULD be brutal. Just yeah, can't say I've been in a match I feel gave it a fair swing.

I've also done a lot with 6 ERMLs and an ATM3 without changing torsos. Was not a fan.

6 ERMLs with 4 ERMicros wasn't too bad. Just felt like a waste of the 4 sidetorso slots.

Tried. In a Test map. 4 Heavy MLs and 6 ERsmalls - That made me go boom. Oops.


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Otherwise, I've always been of the personal goal if I do 200+ damage I did my job. Especially as MOSTLY a Medium pilot. Once in a great while, I manage some sort of godly tier match. When I do assaults, 400-500 damage isn't uncommon either.
I'm mostly a medium driver too. 200 damage, a kill, and to still be alive at the end are my goals. Obviously that last one is kinda dependent on the match, but it's a goal.
But yeah, was so happy with that match. Couldn't believe it when I saw the score. EVERYONE on both teams was just on point and doing their jobs. Such a fun match.
Those are the ones that make the game great.
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