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🎨 Creative [Media Draft] Holy Great Bat-Draft, Batman!


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So a while ago, almost four years ago in fact, we did something called the "Doctor Who Serial Draft". A group of drafters collaborated, weaving together a drastically different alternate take on Doctor Who by picking different Doctors, different plots, and retelling familiar stories through a new lens. Now, we're doing it once more, with bats.

Say Carpe, what's this "draft" thing?
As you may or may not be familiar with, it's a sort of game that we play on Other Media, usually involving picking comic book characters to fulfill different roles in an imagined alternate version of comics history. This draft is a little different. Instead of picking different comic-book teams, all the drafters will be collaborating on the story of one hero, Batman, throughout his various non-comics incarnations. Drawing off of prior example, this is best thought of as a "serial draft".

Okay, but what does "serial draft" mean?
It means that this draft runs in a very particular way, and might involve a bit more writing and commentary than mainline drafts.

Back in the 1940s, Other Media Productions (OMP) concocted a novel idea: to dramatize the popular Batman comics produced by DC. Little did they know it would begin a legacy lasting decades.

  1. We have a list of drafters, ordered randomly. Drafter #1 picks the first Batman. We'll be covering the span of the character from the 40s up through the present day, so Drafter #1 will pick an actor for this Batman, and explain a bit about what kind of Batman they are, how they approach the role, how long their tenure lasted, and what the production was like. As an example, have a look at the Doctor Who Serial Draft pick for the First Doctor, which describes the character, lays out some groundwork for the series, and leaves things open for the rest of the drafters.
  2. This Batman will set the zeitgeist of the rest of the round, and the rest of the drafters will fill in their tenure with different story elements (discussed below). Once the round wraps up, we'll move on to the next round and bid a fond farewell to the Batman of that era. Keep in mind that while you'll be bound by the Batman of the current round, if you're not a fan of one or more aspects of the character, everything is up for change with the next iteration of Batman!
  3. We then ratchet the list down by one, so that Drafter #2 begins the next round, picking a new Batman like in Step 1, following on the heels of the prior Batman. As before, you're free to set it later in the timeline and have it last as long as you feel makes sense, but keep in mind that we'll want to fit in plenty of Batman takes before 2019 in our timeline! You can give an epilogue to the previous Batman if necessary, and talk about how things may have shifted "behind the scenes", whether The Bat got handed off to another production company, lay dormant in production limbo for years, or something else!
  4. The rest of the drafters then make their picks, and so on down the line.

So, what can we pick, if we're not picking a Batman?
Borrowing liberally from the Doctor Who draft, you'll be picking story elements that fall into one of a number of categories. These story elements will belong exclusively to the Batman of the round, but may be revisted or reinterpreted in later rounds as new takes on Batman arise.

  • Stories: either full movies, episodes of a TV show, or any other narrative that fits with the established Batman. If the lead drafter outlined a Batman who did an extensive TV series, you should match that with a TV episode; if it's a cinematic Batman, movies are generally in order.
  • Locations: the iconic places of the Batman mythos in this universe; maybe there's an Arkham Central hospital, or a Pennyworth Bank. If it's anything that references a specific location, you should devote a pick to it.
  • Characters: whether villain, companion, or supporting character, if they have a name, you should use a pick for them.
  • Bat-Gizmos: from Bat Shark Repellent to the Batmobile, it's any sort of gizmo, technology, or device that Batman is famous for.
  • Miscellaneous: any of the dozens of other buckets picks could fall into: a recurring plot device, a spinoff video game, a made-for-TV movie, a major plot line/event in the Batman mythos, you name it!

Feel free to reincorporate existing picks (like characters or locations); Batman isn't the only part of the mythos to have multiple famous interpretations! The Batman story tends to come back to a bunch of famous plots and characters, so anything is game for being revisited again and again.

When you make a pick, it should hearken back to the Batman movies/TV shows/comics/other media in some respect, but that's the only requirement. You can go pretty far afield! If we have a 1950s Bat-Dracula radio serial, so be it! Also, if you're picking (or reincorporating) a character, you're encouraged to find period-appropriate actors to depict them.

Because this is a more collaborative draft, I'm going to experiment with an alternative turn structure. (If you haven't drafted before, don't worry about it. If you have, read the following closely, because it's changed from the usual.) Since it's a bit of an experiment, I'm open to changing this mid-draft if it doesn't work out.

After the lead drafter writes up a Batman, all following drafters will be free to make their pick. There will be a 72-hour window after the lead drafter's pick for the rest of the drafters to go. There's no prescribed order, and there shouldn't be many potential conflicts, but be sure to check what has been done in prior picks.

After the window closes, or after the final drafter makes their pick, the next lead drafter is on the clock. They have a 24-hour window to make their lead pick, starting the clock for their slot. If they miss their slot, the next drafter leads up, and the missed drafter gets bumped to the next lead slot. NB: this window was increased from 12 to 24 hours.


If you've got any other questions, let me know! Have a perusal through the Doctor Who draft if you like, to get a better idea of how it works!
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I crashed and burned again in the Marvel draft. I'd like to try, though.
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