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Ok I have heard this is a good scifi game but havent heard much about what makes it good. There is some boxed set of it for 15 bucks at my local games shop (it has the players guide, GM's guide and Guide to the Galaxy or Empire or something like that) is that all I need to play or would I need to buy more boxed sets like the way Basic D&D was done.


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WonderRat said:
....is that all I need to play or would I need to buy more boxed sets like the way Basic D&D was done.
When my GM ran a Mega T game back in the day, the only additional supplement he ever used was something called the "Rebellion Sourcebook."


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It is a complete game, and a very good one. First and second printings have a lot of bugs, although it will not be difficult to find an errata in the Internet. There is no need of further books although the Megatraveller line included several supplements. The ones I have are:

Rebellion: This complements the background information. Very good
Referee's Companion: New rules in mass-combat, research, aliens, etc. A mixed bag, but still useful.
COACC: All you need to known about aircrafts. Very good if you like aviation, fair otherwise.
Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium: Very large ships, not very useful to most encounters in RPGs.
Hard Times: A detailled overview of the fall of the Imperium in a single sector. Great stuff.
The Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector. More background information, tied with Hard Times. Good.

Additionally, GDW released a few adventures, but I haven't seen them and a number of articles in their own magazine, Challenger. Finally, a small company named DGP produced a few licenced products. I heard a lot of good things about them, but I only have one: 101 Vehicles, which is pretty good.
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