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[Meta] Games You'd Really Like to Play VI: Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'


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Previous thread here.

Usual deal; post the games you want to play or (sadly more rarely) run.

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It was at the tail end of the last thread - I'd love to play in a Numenera game.

And if anyone's thinking about starting a Legend of the Five Rings game, I'd be beyond interested in that.


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Mentioning it again, since the discussion spun off and created a Shadowrun game... I'd like to play in a Cyberpunk 2020 Nomad game, a desire inspired by the R. Talsorian countdown posts about Nomads I posted here. The PCs might be a very small nomad pack or a scout group for a larger one, driving around exploring the ruined interior of the US, looking for salvage, treasure or resources, dealing with the biker gangs and worse that roam the countryside, corporates looking to monetize or steal/bury secrets they uncover and so forth.

Per the sourcebook, all kinds of classes are Nomads, and a Nomad character would have the least useful special skill, since his main family would be right there around them. "I need some help!" "We're all right here already." Maybe they can have Vehicle Zen instead.


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I've been wanting to play a M&M 3E game ever since I picked up the Deluxe Hero's Handbook, and I've also developed an interest in it's default setting of Earth Prime from reading the various book over the years. However, I haven't been able to find a game that scratches the itch like I want it to.

Just saying "I want to play an M&M game" probably isn't that helpful, given much the game can cover, so I'll clarify that I'm looking to play in either a relatively straight-forward city based game, or a Hero's High game, and that ideally the game would be set in either Emerald City or Freedom City. To reference the game's 'Series Frameworks', I'd be most interested in a New Heroes in Town game in Freedom City, an Emerald City Knights game, or a Claremont/Arcadian Academy game.


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Lots of players will want to join you in such a game (including me), the trick is finding a GM to run it!
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