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💀 Necro [Meta] Say good things about Players and Gamemasters!!!

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I wanted to ressurect this highly worthy thread for a couple of reasons.

First to say what a fantastic GM Tancred Tancred is both for their game running abilities and their understanding of RL pressures.

Then to say how amazing everyone in his Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign is. Fred Fred has proven to be a constant mark of quality in every game I've shared with him. Atlictoatl Atlictoatl who plays a magnificent bastard just the way one should. D Drewsie whose concept and execution have made me deeply happy. Not forgetting N Nick The Lemming who cannot be described, only witnessed.

Then all the players of my sadly aborted Midnight Sons game, The Watcher The Watcher
made an old Dr Druid fan very happy with a perfect portrayal that showed effort as well as ability. Shawn_Hagen Shawn_Hagen whose easy wit always enhanced and never detracted from the scenes. Unka Josh Unka Josh who brought both pathos and savagery to Morbius and bit on each pitfall in a way so hope was as satisfying for him as for me. Last but far from least is B blackthought who was willing to bring the Gonzo without losing the gritty.

There are many other wonderful folks I've been lucky enough to interact with but I'd recommend all of these highly to anyone.
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I've really enjoyed playing with TheTim, Mr Prim, Civil Savage, BlackSheep, and a bunch more of y'all... some of you I've been playing with on and off for what, a decade now? Crazy!
I have nothing but praise for the GM's I've played with, it is hard to be on that side of the digital table.


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Hands down, Iustum Iustum is easily the best GM I've ever had the privilege to play under (meatworld or digital) and I've recently discovered them to be a brilliant player as well.

Aikireikinu Aikireikinu is also a brilliant GM and the creator of some of the most amazing characters like ever.

squidheadjax squidheadjax is the epitome of stamina. I don't know how many games they're in, but it's a lot, and they bring an amazing depth and dynamic to each and every character they play.

There are plenty of other amazing folk I have played with here, but those three stand out.
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