IC [MHRP] Voyage of the Star Witch


Bleak Academic
Validated User
Spider-Woman 2099
xp: 2; pp: 1+1-1-1=0;

Swarmed with technology, Spider-Woman curses. Every time she tries to teleport out, her line of effect is blocked. "I've had about enough of this."

A few rapid eyeblinks summon up a heads-up-display in her visual field. The words, Defensive Countermeasures?, appear in the corner of her eye in blinking red, Wall-Crawling Subsystems Will be Rendered Non Functional. "Confirm!" she shouts.

The attractor-coils of her suit's gauntlets overload, electrifying the surface of her armor and creating a localized repulsive wave around her.

OOC: Targeting the Complication on me with an Attack.

Spending 1pp and claiming an Opportunity for a Tech Master-based Resource. Shutting down my wall-crawling for an extra pp.

http://orokos.com/roll/721088: 1d10 6 1d8 5 1d8 1 1d8 3 1d10 4 1d8 6

Gonna spend another PP to keep a second die.

Got a Total of 17 and a d10 effect.
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