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Michael Stackpole Resigns from GAMA Board


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Vitus, I don't think the numbers bear out what you're trying to advocate.

Board game releases at GenCon (according to BGG's GenCon Preview from each year):

Board game releases at Essen Spiel (same source)

Board game releases at Origins Game Fair (same source)

While there are certainly a ton of Kickstarter-exclusive or KS-driven releases, there's a pretty sizable inflation of the hobby industry overall, and that's borne out in the number of releases at all three of the conventions being discussed.


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Fair enough. I will grant that a lot of this comes from my perception of the last couple years of GenCon and not being particularly interested in anything that was coming out either from an RPG perspective, or a board game perspective (even when checking the BGG previews).


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I use the term "stagnate" from an industry perspective. Origins used to be when you saw all the announcements about what would be coming out and GenCon is usually when stuff was released. That place has been taken over by GenCon and Essen Spiel*. If Origins is morphing into a more "gaming-centric" Convention, more power to it. I might make the trip one year. It's an 8 hour drive, which is doable, but I'd definitely prefer to have someone with me to switch off driving duties.

* also, to an extent, the "all the big games this year get released at the Convention" is motif that's going away (probably thanks to Kickstarter). There seem to be fewer and fewer big releases at GenCon and Essen each year.
Adepticon may take over for GenCon as pertains to miniatures games.


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Again folks, Gama is still relevant no matter what the convention numbers. Origins is a money making center and good for the Hobby. Other conventions may take it place. Why GAMA is important is another convention you don't get to go to. The GAMA Trade Show is where distributors of all stripes make their picks for what will be in their catalogs for the next year and most game industry networking occurs. These things, on the large scale, are all set up at the trade show. Side or after orders are seldom done for most of the big distributors and usually only for known products (or so my friends at a distributor said); so GAMA has a hold over (or a serious impact upon) what you will see in the local game stores (for the most part). It also impact some of the online retailers as well.


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Sounds like GMA doesnt have an organisation. Boards should only setting policy and senior personnel not running things. Set the structure dont run the structure.
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