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Midgard Campaign Setting: Anyone have an Opinion?


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I read about the Midgard Setting earlier this year in The Kobold Worldbuilding Book, and I liked what I read. About a month ago, I saw the Midgard Campaign Setting book at my FLGS. The problem is that it's not compatible with systems I use and it cost about $60. Still, I have an itch to own it. Has anyone bought it, used material that referenced the world, or played a game in the setting?


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I've got a copy of much of the new 5e line, and a good chunk of the old one. I think there's a lot of transportable stuff. It's definitely gotten more expansive over the years. Off-hand, I dig Zobeck, with has some nice flavors (Slavic/Eastern European, Clockwork, Kobolds, Free City of Guilds). I believe I've run some games there, and a few in Margreve, the forest near Zobeck. I liked my read of Southlands as well.


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Alter_Boy Alter_Boy , It's my understanding that the Midgard Setting is a living document. As such (and I could be mistaken) that the World Book advances the timeline from the Midgard Campaign Setting. So, things like Morgau conquering/subjugating Krakova aren't in the Midgard Campaign Setting, etc. I suspect, that much, if not all, of the World Information has made its way from the Campaign Setting into the World Book, but changed to reflect the advancement in years. Plus, the Campaign Setting uses the Pathfinder 1e System which was fairly heavy on text, so I also suspect, that it swallows a large portion of the book and may not be useful to you if you're not playing with PF1e.

Take the above with a grain of salt, though, as I don't own the Midgard Campaign Setting and have only read about the first 120 pages of the World Book after skimming the whole thing. So I could definitely be wrong!

That said, I am so enjoying reading the World Book. So much so that I went ahead and purchased the Zobeck Gazetteer and Streets of Zobeck. From Kobold Press' Facebook Page, I've discovered that paring Streets of Zobeck with the Tales of Old Margreve makes for an interesting "campaign." To be honest, I just wanted to see where the monsters from the Excellent Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex lived, both books having excellent sidebars to give teasing tastes of Midgard.


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I'm generally fond of the Midgard setting, and have been lifting heavily from Kobold's Southlands adventures for a pseudo-Ancient Egypt 5e game I'm running. I've been gradually picking up the 5e books, and have yet to be disappointed.

The World Book definitely stands on its own without the Campaign Setting, and as Machpants said, it's largely systemless text. There are Pathfinder and 5e appendices, but the bulk of the 5e rules material associated with Midgard can be found in the Midgard Heroes Handbook. (Which is not the same as Midgard Heroes, a much shorter book that just has a couple races and backgrounds in it.)


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To the OP:

I wrote up two detailed Let's Reads for the Midgard Worldbook and the Southlands sister setting.

In short, I'm a big fan of both and ran games in both. It is a really cool and neat world which gives novel spins on classic concepts while also delving into new territory.

You mentioned the Midgard Campaign Setting. That was published in 2012, primarily for Pathfinder. The Worldbook is a 2018 update which is also 5th Edition D&D compatible.

Additionally, Kobold Press has published several system conversion types. The 13th Age Midgard Bestiary actually includes race options, Icons, and other stuff in addition to monster stats. There's a Swords & Wizardry Guidebook on their storefront. There's a Hero's Handbook for 5th Edition and Player's Guide for Pathfinder 1st Edition, which supplement the "core."


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The setting has a lot of stuff that I would definitely take and use for other settings (Like all the various PC races, including races which are basically Forsaken and Darkspear trolls, as well as pathfinder equivalents to Warforged and Dragonborn) but I don't think I've play the setting itself.
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