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💀 Necro Midwest LARPing?

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Hey guys, I am from Kansas, near KC, and am looking to try out larping sometime! Does anyone here participate in anything near the Kansas City area, and if so, how is the community? How does the actual gameplay aspect of it all work?


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I don't participate, but I kinda half-follow it, ever since I dated a guy who played in Endless Adventure in college. That LARP, by the by, has. . . ended. Tempest of Tridia and Kansas City Sword Fighting LARP are still scheduling events, the former seems more rp-oriented and the latter more a mix of SCA, DIY and LARP activities. They're both fairly small.


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There used to be a huge Camarilla LARP scene in KC and the surrounding area (Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan), but I have no idea if that's still a thing. I mean, I suppose it would be MES now, but I'm not sure how strong that is compared to the community I knew.

[Edit: It looks like their website hasn't been updated since 2014, so that's not a great sign.]

[Re-Edit: The MES Wiki hasn't posted any reports from a Harpy since 2014, either.]
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Minds Eye Society eh? Interesting, I'll have to check it out. I live in Lawrence, so its not really the metro area like Johnson County, but its close enough that it doesnt really matter. KC Sword Fighting could be cool, depends how big they are though. Tempests? Interesting. I'll have to check em all out! Thanks for the help guys!

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Alliance Larp has a chapter in the Kansas area.

I haven't been to the KC chapter myself (I play in Chicago), but in all the chapters I've played at, there is lots of good stories with the players being adventurers for hire/working for the local nobles who help the kingdom stop threats to the realms.

Combat uses boffer weapons with light contact rules, and thrown packets for casting spells. You can ask on the forums if you have more questions.

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