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Mike Burns, Illustrator seeking work


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Hi my name is Mike Burns and I am a freelance illustrator looking to expand my client pool in the gaming industry. I have done work for Savage Mojo and Headless Hydra Games. Some of the work has not yet been released but if you are interesting in hiring me and would like to see the work I did for those clients feel free to request seeing those images and I will try to get permission to show them to you.

You can see plenty other samples of my work on my portfolios site. If you're at all interested in working with me please send me an email at mrburns928@aol.com

Thanks and happy gaming!


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I'm eager to hear any feedback from potential clients and other artists as well :)
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I'm not an illustrator, but I have hired freelancers several times in the past. What I like about your art is that it's very vibrant and colorful. And each piece as a strong color theme that works well. I dig it.
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