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Mikey likes it

Jason Hinds

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The little pictures are great. It's like ezboard. I find that to be the coolest thing on here. The threading thingy would be nice, but I can live without it.

JJ Mohareb

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I adore it

It's sweet, much like candy, but without having to brush your teeth afterwards.

Okay, you're less likely to feel like you need a shower in bleach after eating candy, but that's a chance you have to take.

JJ Mohareb


Literary Hypernerd
Alles ist gut, ja.

I would happily trade all the advantages of the old forums solely for the ability to preview and edit posts. All the other new toys are glorious icing on the cake after that.

A Happy Forum User,

Scott L

Olof Jönsson

Tumto Lectis
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Me likey

I kinda lika these new forums. I was using flat view to begin with anyway, and the ability to make a personal profile and everything is nice. Not to mention that we might not suffer another incident like the "You are all liars!"-debacle a few months or so back...


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Mmm, flat view.

The flat view really makes it more like a conversation in each topic rather than a big conversation in each topic surrounded by little dead conversations. Or an insane barrage of posts where you're not sure what you've read if it's not showing 2000000 posts as viewed previously.



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mearls said:
The Ignore User List thing has my vote for best innovation in RPGs for 2002.

- Mearls
Hee hee, Mike, I guess you didn't get to read Chapino's post right after yours then!

Ignore User is cool. I miss having full text e-mails, that saved me so much time. And threaded views, so I could see who had posted and then clicked on my favourite RPG.NETTERS to read their comments and views first.

I miss threaded views.

Marion Poliquin

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Tuerny said:
Marion, I love your quote!
When exactly did Gentry say that and what was the context?

Also, Mike Gentry, why exactly did people start cursing you as evil?
btw, Damn your evil hide Gentry!
Sorry, but that was a while ago, about a year. This is my sig on the pyramid boards too, so that's why I still have it around. As for the why, I think you'd be better off asking the man himself. Heck, I think I'll do just that myself.
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