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I really must be weird, or maybe just high on fumes, but I never noticed the smell was that bad, and I've just finished 6 Primaris Inceptors !


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When it comes to big regiments I love one piece metal figures with crisp but limited details and cast on bases. Quick to build, paint, and base.


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For me it depends on the material. I hate working with super-glue, metal models and (worst of all) resin models - even if the results are worth it in the end. I'm perfectly happy to glue plastic models together with model cement though.
This is kind of how I am. I really don't like working with super glue anymore. I much prefer the plastic cement, because it doesn't glue my fingers together and makes it easier to hold the pieces together while they dry. Though the fumes are bad, so I don't like using it if I can't open a window or anything. Unfortunately, I've discovered a lot of non-GW plastics these days don't work with polystyrene cement, which is annoying.

As for the OP: as someone else mentioned, I've jury-rigged plenty of arrangements from paint pots, toothpick boxes, and whatever other small objects are on the table over the years to prop things up while the dry.


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I've inhaled enough fumes in my day and typically don't use GW models (even though this post started about ghouls) so it's good to know polystyrene doesn't work on many plastic models.

Honestly I don't usually have a problem with super glue getting places I don't want it to including on my fingers. However super glue makes a great wound sealer when I get hobby nicks and cuts.

I like Gorilla's super glue line because it feels stronger than typical CA glue. Gorilla's CA glue advertises an impact resistance which I've definitely seen in practice. I used to use Loctite and after it completely hardens its extremely brittle, pieces can easily snap off even with regular usage. I don't have that problem with Gorilla super glue. I use the gel version of Gorilla CA glue because it seems to be a bit tougher, fills a bit better, and doesn't run anywhere you don't want it to go.
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