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[Miniature scenery] Tavern ...walls?

Gavin Bennett

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So, in my ever more obsessive quest to create the most perfect D+D miniatures collection, I encountered a challenge.

I'd like to make a wall for an inn or tavern diorama. I have the floorplan/gridmap tavern ("The Old Fang") from a Pathfinder comic book from a few years ago.
I have two Rusty Dragon Inn sets.

I was thinking of getting some papercraft bits to make walls around part of that, to create a nice little semi-permanent scene.
So the question is: does anyone sell papercraft walls that can be used to site a little tavern scene inside?

Or maybe something 3d printed if I were to get a bit fancier?



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If you want 3d plaster molds, my buddy uses the company below. I don't know much about the company, just that their site doesn't seem particularly user friendly.


EDIT: it looks like there are inn molds on this page listed as "Dragon Inn Mold 51" and a bunch of accessories for the inn are farther down the page as #57, 58, and 59


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What sort of walls do you mean? Like these?

These look like they could be really simply done with cardstock and a blackish-brown paint or marker (you wouldn't even need to draw the lines with a ruler ;) ), and maybe some tiny, tiny reproductions of old Tudor portraits or paintings.


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