Miniature trading... {Swap your Unwanted Minis}


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FoW stuff is gone, but the great basement purge continues. Relic Knights never took off in my area, and I could use the space.

My pledge was:
Hardback Rulebook 1
RK: Lithograph 2
Codifier Brahe 1
Wildspace Gabe 1
Darkspace Candy & Cola 1
Darkspace Ironchef 1
Darkspace Rinn 1
Darskapce Marie Claude 1
Diamondback armor + bonus Breaker team 1
Betty/Lug + bonus Pit crew 1
Black Dragons 1
Royal Wreckers 1
Black Diamond Faction Starter 1
Black Diamond Bonus 1
Noh Empire Faction Starter 1
Noh Empire Bonus 1
Boost Token set 1
Cerci Speed Circuit Faction Starter 1
Cerci Speed Circuit Bonus 1

and I also have a Sophia Drake (Black Diamond) and Harbonath the Void Reaper. (A list of the starters and bonus can be found at

I'm not looking to break them up at this point. (If no one wants the entire lot, I might break it up by faction, but no smaller.) Only looking for cash at the moment - make an offer; the worst that will happen is I say no. (IIRC, the pledge was totalled in at $230, plus another $10ish for Sophia and $45 for the Void Reaper. I'm willing to take a loss, but not too big of one.)


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I'm looking to change Warmachine factions before my local journeyman league starts up.

From Warmachine I have...

Garryth (well painted)
Chimera (stripped)
Battle Mages (stripped)
Ghost Sniper (stripped)
Soulless Escort x2 (bare)
Mage Hunter Assassin (bare)
Arcanist (bare)
Nayl (stripped)
Narn (stripped)
Retribution tokens & dice

mk2 Retribution Battle Box

mk2 Convergence Battle Box

I am looking to sell or (preferably) trade these.

I want...

Ghordson Driller
Hammerfall High Shield Corps (full strength + officer & standard bearer)
Tactical Arcanist Corps
Horgenhold Artillery Corps
Horgenhold Forge Guard (full strength)
Ogrun Assault Corps (full strength)
Ogrun Bokur

I also want the following but quite as much as the models above...

Ghordson Avalancher
Ghordson Basher
Wroughthammer Rockram
Thor Steinhammer
Gorten Grundback
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More on the chopping block:

Uncharted Seas
Human Fleet and Dwarf fleet. One dwarf ship is missing a turret. Make an offer, won't split this up. If I find the rulebook, I'll toss it in as well.

Wrath of Kings
Bought it, played a couple times, just don't have time to add another game. Looks like the full Teknes starter as well as the Goritsi KS pledge, plus rulebook. Retail at discount for the two starters and book is about $150, but make an offer - I don't expect retail for it.

(About the only stuff I want for trade is 15mm ACW figs or modern microarmor.)


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Looking to swap some things around

Converted RT-era Rhino. Make an offer on this.

Kings of War
Goblin army for sale. All NIB.
(Old) Goblin army box:
20 sharpsticks
40 spitters
10 Fleabag riders
1 Mincer
3 Trolls
Extra box of 20 spitters

$100 US for the goblin lot
Buyer pays shipping from zip code 49015.

Would be interested in the following
Bolt Action - LMK what you have
Kings of War - another army. Interested in Undead, Empire of Dust or Forces of Nature.

As always, cash works too.


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Looking to trade for 40K Space Marine, Dark Angels or Imperial Guard or cash.

Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar: Empire / Free Peoples
Basecoated black
~3000 point army, including
  • General on Griffon, Battle Standard Bearer, 3 Wizards, Warrior Priest
  • 30x Spearmen
  • 30x Handgunners
  • 20x Militia
  • 20x Greatswords
  • 16x Knights
  • 6x Pistoliers
  • 2x Cannons
  • 1x Helblaster Volleygun
  • 5th, 6th and 7th edition Army Books

Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar: Orc / Orruk
Basecoated black
  • 60x Night Goblins (2 units of 20 Spearmen, 1 unit of 20 Archers)
  • 30x Orc Arrer Boyz
  • 10x Forest Goblin Spider Riders (10)

Hordes: Legion of Everblight
Assembled but unpainted
  • Starter Box Contents (Lylyth, Blighted Ogruns, Carnivean, Shredders)
  • Legionnaires

Firestorm Armada
Mostly assembled, unpainted
  • Various ships - mostly Terran Alliance and RSN

Blood Bowl
Partially painted.
  • Vampire Team

  • Infinity Hardcover Rulebook (1st edition)
  • Inquisitor
  • Warhammer Dark Elves 6th ed.
  • Witch Hunters (Sisters of Battle) 4th ed.
  • Space Marines 4th ed.
  • Warhammer Ancient Battles
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I am looking for some of the Batman Minis game, I need rules and models, I am also looking for Guild Ball, rules and minis, and possibly Blood Bowl, hopefully one of the new box sets. I am located in Canada and will ship to the States. I can provide pictures, but most of the models are painted in some way.

What I have is:

Malifaux Lot:
Core rules
Crossroads book
Purple fate deck
Rail golem
Mei feng box
Witching stalker
Old joss
Soul stone miner
3 miners
Arsenal packs 1/2 for arcanists

Infinity Lot:
Core rules

Classified deck
JSA starter
Yu jing starter
Kuang shi box
Saito Togan
Sun tze old
Red veil minis (no terrain unfortunately)
2 keisotsu butai
They are in a small citadel/ games workshop 'ard case

Thank you for looking and I hope someone can help me out :)
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W: Marvel Universe Miniatures Game by Knight Models. Looking for everything in the line.

H: Monolith Conan board game King pledge. An assortment of Infinity models and rules. Or Paypal. Please PM if you Want to discuss a trade or sale.

Some elaboration on Infinity available.

I have the USAriadna starter set x2, the Operation Red Veil starter, special female Druze shock hacker all in box. Shrink is removed on the starters. N3 rule books.

Yu Jing loose models, some assembled.
Assortment of Aleph in blister ot loose.
More Haqq and Pan O. These are either assembled and/or painted.
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Looking for an Age of Sigmar assembled Khorgorath. Message me here with prices including shipping. It should be well assembled, in good shape, and bare plastic. Thanks.


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Looking for one of the Mantic Mars Attacks Big Stompy Robots. Can pay including shipping; willing to swap some GW orks stuff or miscellaneous Mantic goodies but postage from NZ makes that a less attractive option.


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Before I turn to Ebay or Barter Bucket or whatever, I've got the Sigmarite part of Blightwar, and looking to get rid of everything but the character. So that's 3 Vanguard-Raptors, 3 Aetherwings, 3 Vanguard Palladors and 5 Vanguard-Hunters.

I've also potentially got a Knight Questor for sale.

Anyone interested?
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