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Miniature trading... {Swap your Unwanted Minis}


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I have an unpainted 10mm War of Spanish Succession Brit army and another French army. These are nice sculpts from Pendrakon. If you desire pics let me know. They're near mint. Before I head to TMP for a sale/swap, I figured checking here could be handy. It's a total of around 250 pieces (infantry, artillery, cavalry, officers).


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Below is what I want and have...but if you want these, feel free to offer anything. I'd sell the lot for $50, including shipping in the USA.

Want: Wargames Foundry (maybe other lines) 28mm Dark Ages/Viking Age/Medieval

Have: I have a bunch of Kalistra 10/12mm (or "big 10s" as they like to call them) for sale. These were purchased to be a 1,000 pt Warmaster Empire army. Half the blisters are unopened, the other half are opened just to look at, but otherwise untouched (taped below).

Unopened Blisters (Kalistra Hordes & Heroes):
-War of the Roses Bombards H-1014
-(x2)War of the Roses Crossbowmen H-1004
-100 Years War Multi-Barrelled Guns H-909
-War of the Roses Retinue Billmen Advancing H-1009
Opened Blisters
-War of the Roses Mounted Men-At-Arms H-1005
-War of the Roses Command H-1012
-War of the Roses Retinue Billmen Advancing H-1009
Came in Bag
-100 years War Singles Scottish Highlanders H-924 (for skirmishers)

-High Elf Command 406 (for Wizards)
-Magister Militum FDW301 Dwarf Steam Tank



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Any interest in a bunch of Tyranids, most assembled but no primer (some painted but that’s the way I got a few). Includes new Codex and tyranid deck.

If any interest I will get a list together.


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Any interest in Warmahordes stuff? Selling off army lots of Khador, Retribution, Mercs and Skorne. Might be willing to trade for 40k, historics, Infinity, Hirst arts molds.

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Would anyone be interested in some 40k Space Marines? I found a few boxes in storage that I purchased back in 2012 or so and never really did anything with. This includes one unopened box of Terminators, one unopened box of Devastators, one unopened box of Tactical marines and one partially assembled box of Tactical marines.

Probably looking for PayPal. Alternatively a trade for some PicoArmor products might be acceptable (3mm scifi or moderns).


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I have a nice sized lot of painted BattleTech miniatures. The newer, clean sculpted plastics that come on integral hex bases.

I've got around 19 of them:

Blue Unit (5)

Tan / Black Unit (8)
Cicada x 2

Green Unit (6)
Panther x 2
Vindicator x 2

I am looking for $50 cash, mainly, but if you have unpainted GW 40K terrain, I'd be into a trade.



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Tomb King Howdah

I am searching for an unassembled howdah from the TK Sphinx kit. I have a set of conversion ideas to make a Chariot for my Tomb King and it will be a boss ride.

I'd also bargain for the crewmen and icon, but they're not strictly necessary.

LMK what new product you'd like in trade or there is always my friends in Paypal.



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Anyone interested in a mostly metal Eldar army (aspect warriors, no vehicles)? Or metal Death Company or 5th edition Dark Elves.


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What do these armies consist of?
What price are you looking for?
Where are you located?
Do you have pictures?
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