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Miniature trading... {Swap your Unwanted Minis}


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Wanted: Heavy Gear minis from the 1/144th era, metals preferred but plastics considered. Have cash, will prefer PayPal but open to other means if absolutely needed.



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Is anyone interested in the old Legend of the 5 Rings / Clan Wars miniatures? I have a huge bin of them that I'm likely to never use.


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Looking for Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth units in full or half size quantities.
  • Temple Flameguard
  • Flameguard Cleansers
No preference regarding metal or plastic. Must be able to ship to Hawaii via USPS :)


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Have: Adeptus Mechanicus models and Codex (20 or 30 Skitarii, 4 Kastellens with 2 Cybernetic Datasmiths, 2 Armiger Warglaives, 2 Armiger Helverins, 3 Kataprhons, 2Tech Priest Dominus, 1 Onager Dunecralwer, 5 Ruststalkers... PM for a list).

Want: Primaris Marine and Space Wolf troops and vehicles.

The majority of models I have are on sprue, some are assembled but not primed, and a handful are painted. I'm hoping to get sprue, or unpainted models.


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Have some leftover Bones from KS4:

The Giant Were-Mastadon Dudse from the Lost Valley expansion.

3x Fire Giant Huntsman ( I accidently hit that repeatedly de to a glitch and did not realize until after I'd checked out :()

Hill Giants ( same reason as above)

Bloodstone Gnomes from Dark Reach Expansion (6 +1 weird little helper critter)

Winged Demons (3, one of which appears to be some form of Sophie) from Demon Add-on

Giant Were-Rat, I think from the Cave Dwellers add-on, roughly ogre sized

And, from an earlier Bones KS, an Owl-Bear and a Griffon. Would love to trade those for the ones from the Bones 4 KS, so I have some variety. ( Yes, I made the same mistake in an earlier Bones KS.)

All of these are unpainted, unprimed.

Will also be adding a set of "oriental" fantasy Bones from a combo earlier sets later today. They'd make a nice warband if you play stuff like Rangers of Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, or Ghost Archipelgo. (I just don't really own stuff similar in style and frankly they intimidate me a bit ).

Would like other Bones ( let me know what you have you aren't using) or $ by Paypal, but will consider all options.

In US. Shipping at cost or by negotiation if we're trading.
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WANTED: Flames of War US parachute infantry... eventually seeking a battalion but a company or two would be good for now


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I've got the first edition Alpha Strike and Alpha Strike Companion books. They're in very good condition--game used but well cared for.

I got the new Alpha Strike Commander's Edition, so I am looking to trade these for the plastics from either new Beginner's Box or the new $60 starter set. Thanks for any interest!
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