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[MLP FiM] Thread 13 - Trixie's Great and Powerful Stage


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New episode... Must we keep telling stories though the pictures... those would have made great episodes... just saying. This isn't the ending to lilo and Stitch.


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I was less willing to believe Angel Bunny's turn towards the light this episode than I was Discord's last episode. That bunny is evil.

Fluttershy isn't Angel Bunny's owner; she's his parole officer.

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I don't think I've seen this posted here yet.


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Well, Just For Sidekicks isn't an epic masterpiece, but I haven't had that many laughs during an episode in a while.

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Kind of sad that Peewee isn't a part of the Sparkle household anymore, though.
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Keep in mind this is a kids cartoon about ponies. Yeah. God I love this fandom.

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