[MLP FiM] Thread 14 - Zecora's Everfree Forest Hut


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Previous threads - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen.

Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another thread here so if you've got news (though please see the note below), snazzy fanart, amazing PMV's, just plain great pony music (WUBWUBWUB), all kinds of shipping, crazy theories, want to insist that [insert pony here] is in fact best pony, or just want to declare that Fluttershy is your waifu this is the thread for you :)

Here is a link to the current fanfiction thread, for everything pony fanfic related.

Current WIW threads: Sun tzu's, mine, Monsieur Meuble's and Dawgstar's.

Please mind the spoilers for the sake of everyone's enjoyment of the thread, unless it's from an aired episode keeping it hidden under black bars and sblocks is highly appreciated.
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Re: [MLP FiM] Thread 14 - Zecora's Everfree Forrest Hut

Yay new thread. Also my Fluttershy and Dr. Whooves arrived yesterday! They are awesome, there were a few moldissues with the manes, but nothing detectable from a distance, still worth it in my opinion.

Edit: Here is a pic, Zecora Glow-in-the-Dark for thread Relevance included.

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Re: [MLP FiM] Thread 14 - Zecora's Everfree Forrest Hut

And we're back, and mad love for Zecora.


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Re: [MLP FiM] Thread 14 - Zecora's Everfree Forrest Hut

Thanks for the new thread, Stryke. :) I call next one. ;) Although not sure if anyone would remember me doing that. :eek:


That's the Doctor and Ditzy with Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier. I plan on doing a Hasbroverse side-story to this one. I'm also thinking nof trying my hand at a tumblr with my many, many many toys.

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Re: [MLP FiM] Thread 14 - Zecora's Everfree Forrest Hut

Ah, new thread. Thanks Stryke!

From the old thread, it sounds like the Las vegas con debacle is even worse than first thought. From what I've been seeing, the con "organizers" severaly overestimated the attendance and thus the number of rooms to be reserved in the con block. When they didn't get nearly as many people as they thought, they ended up not being able to pay the hotel for the rooms, resulting in con goers getting slammed with bills for the full rate, and in the cases of people where were supposedly getting rooms paid for by the con, getting kicked out.:(

Very bad stuff. There are also rumors that the con runners um, did a runner and left everyone in the lurch, but I don't know if that's true. Anyway, as is the way of our people there are already auctions and stuff going up to raise money to help pay for the unexpected stuff people got slammed with.

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Her speech takes so long to get right, but in the end, it is such delight.

This is not only one of my favorite Zecora pictures, but one of my favorite pieces of fanart period. It adds just enough fine detail to make her seem "real," but kept her eyes big enough and her body proportional enough to still feel cartoony. You'd think that would make an animal seem less real, but MLP characters are defined mostly by their large eyes and small bodies, and I/we have become so accustomed to that that changing it too much looks freakish and unnatural, especially when placed next to extremely photo-realistic scenery. This is just the right balance.

That really sucks about the con. I'm sure we'll pull through though, given the insanely generous nature of brony fandom. Not only have prominent fans stepped in, but the show's staff have also taken notice and are being extra classy to try to help: https://twitter.com/MMeghanMcCarthy/status/306469434795638785
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