[MLP FiM] Thread 17 - Scootaloo's Radical Scooter Launch Ramp


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"I think we're gonna need a bigger envelope."

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Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another thread here so if you've got news (though please see the note below), snazzy fanart, amazing PMV's, just plain great pony music (WUBWUBWUB), all kinds of shipping, crazy theories, want to insist that [insert pony here] is in fact best pony, or just want to declare that Fluttershy is your waifu this is the thread for you :)

Here is a link to the current fanfiction thread, for everything pony fanfic related.

WIW threads: Sun tzu's, Mine, Monsieur Meuble's and Dawgstar's.

Please mind the spoilers for the sake of everyone's enjoyment of the thread, unless it's from an aired episode, keeping it hidden under black bars and sblocks is highly appreciated.

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I posted this on page 99 of the previous thread, but just in case you didn't see it there:

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

Pewter Ponies by SLAP Miniatures. I kickstarted that project last month and it has already been delivered. AWESOME!!
Now I just have to wait for the rest of the minis to hit their store so I can pick up the Trio of Terror and the zebra, too.

And the manufacturer already hinted at expanding the range. Insect-ponies, eagle-headed lions, goat-headed dragonsnakes - all of these have been hinted at. :)

(And just in case you're interested: Link to the Kickstarter page.


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And we can't forget this, one of the all-time great Scootapics:

The cover of "Helicopter-Tank-Castle-of-Scootaloo"


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New episode is airing, spoiler warning!

Spoiler: Show
So it seems the Everfree Forrest isn't so much 'untamed' as 'untamable.' Which we can retroactively declare has been telegraphed all along. It is "Ever Free" after all!


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Neat, some Nightmare Moon backstory! And Discord backstory! And I'm willing to bet Sombra backstory next!
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