[MLP FiM] Thread 19 - Cheerilee's Truely Outrageous Schoolhouse


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"Yes I know, but honestly, that's how everypony was wearing their mane back then."

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Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another thread here so if you've got news (though please see the note below), snazzy fanart, amazing PMV's, just plain great pony music (WUBWUBWUB), all kinds of shipping, crazy theories, want to insist that [insert pony here] is in fact best pony, or just to declare that Fluttershy is your waifu this is the thread for you :)

Here is a link to the current fanfiction thread, for everything pony fanfic related.

WIW threads: Sun tzu's, Mine and Monsieur Meuble's.

Please mind the spoilers for the sake of everyone's enjoyment of the thread, unless it's from an aired episode, keeping it hidden under black bars and sblocks is highly appreciated.
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